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Common Sense Campaign South Baldwin Chapter

3-21-17 meeting summary

Meeting started with prayer and pledge.

Dr. Gaylon McCollough was introduced as our guest speaker.

 Here are some bullet points of Dr. McCollough’s comments:

  • Dr. McCollough grew up in Enterprise, Alabama, attended University of Alabama where he played football for Bear Bryant.  He practiced medicine in Birmingham for the first part of his career. He moved his practice to Gulf Shores 25 years ago.  
  • Alabama Republican Party is a relatively new organization.  The Democrat Party controlled Alabama politics at all elected levels for many decades so there was a limited if any opposition party.   The first elected Republican Governor was Guy Hunt and his election was the result of a split in the Democrat Party.   The Republicans won control of the state house and senate in 2010 and has maintained their majority since.
  • He got involved with County Republican Party by attending the monthly Coffee Club Think Tank.  Meets first Saturday of every month @ 8 AM in Momma Lou’s restaurant in Robertsdale.  Excellent way to get involved, meet people and learn what is going on with Party.  Dr McCollough encouraged everyone to attend, no invitation needed, just show up. 
  • Served on Baldwin County Republican Party Executive Committee.
  • Served on State Republican Party Executive Committee.
  • Served a 2 year term on Republican Party state steering committee.   
  • Met Donald Trump several years ago through the old United States Football League.  Dr. McCollough was a minority owner of the Birmingham Stallions Team and Donald Trump owned the New Jersey Generals.  Dr. McCollough attended league meetings representing Birmingham’s team so had an opportunity to meet and observe how Mr. Trump handled himself and interacted in a group setting.   He was impressed with Mr. Trump’s capacity and skill at navigating those meetings.  He has followed Mr. Trump’s business and political career since and truly believes he will be a President that is good for the people of this country.
  • Dr. McCollough attended President Trump’s joint address to Congress in February as Congressman Byrne’s guest.  It was a great opportunity to see a small sliver of how the government works. He attended a pre-speech reception and had opportunity to meet several cabinet members. He sat in the second level above the side the Democrats sit on.  Dr. McCollough said it was embarrassing to see the Democrats show disrespect to the President by hissing and booing.   Overall, it was a great experience.
  •  Dr. McCollough has written 14 books.  He mentioned three specifically, The Orwellian State of America; The Lords of Seduction; The Long Shadow of Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.   
  •  Dr. McCollough touched on how thirteen uber rich families spread across the world control the world banking systems and hence most of what happens in the world.  The next level down of wealth is referred to as the group of 300.  There are a couple of family names that we all know this group; the Bushes and Kennedy’s.
  • All profit from book sales goes to a Foundation that provides college scholarships to students studying medicine. 
  • The Books may be found in local bookstores or order online; or 
  • Dr. McCollough gave a quick overview of George Soros, the guy who funds much of the progressive left agenda in this country.  Mr. Soros was born a Jew in Germany and made his first money by turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis as a teenager.  He later made his big money when he bankrupted a London bank.
  • Dr. McCollough offered a brief discussion of healthcare primarily on problems created by Obamacare.  He did not speculate on new republican healthcare plan since do not know what will be in it.       

Dr. Lou joined our meeting after attending State Senator Greg Albritton’s town hall meeting where the Penny Tax extension and resulting reallocation of money where discussed. To recap, the penny tax was voted in by taxpayers to support county education, with 55% of money from tax going to education.  However, it carried a sunset provision that requires a new vote every five years. The County Commission recently extended the penny tax without a taxpayer vote and changed the pro-ration that goes to education to 40%.  The change in allocation requires State legislature approval.  Senator Albritton has had 2 town halls to listen to his constitution’s concerns on the issue.  Please contact your State Senator and State House member to let them know you oppose this action.  More details on the issue can be found Common Sense Campaign facebook page.  Dr. Lou reported that all who spoke at the town hall opposed the Commission’s action.   

Dr Lou is going to participate in a meeting arranged by Jackie Ziegler with new State School Superintendent Sentence.  The purpose of the meeting is to provide feedback on Common Core in the State of Alabama.  Dr Lou is asking for feedback and thoughts on common core so he can pass the feedback to Mr. Sentence. Please send your thoughts by email to Dr. Lou at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    

I want to thank Margaret McMann for setting up a facebook page for our group.  It’s called the Common Sense Campaign South Baldwin Chapter.  We are trying to get it launched so if anyone is good with facebook page work please let us know as we can use your help.  Also, if you run across good articles or want to post something please contact us. 

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 18 @ 6 pm in the Foley Library.  Deborah Love,  Executive Director of Eagle Forum of Alabama will be our guest speaker.   Deborah works out of Montgomery and will give us an update on the legislative session.  Please mark your calendars and bring a guest.