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Agenda of The Common Sense Campaign
1. Limit the Federal Government to constitutional roles according to the Tenth Amendment.

2. Establish budget practices that severely limit deficit spending.

3. Reform, reduce, or eliminate all forms of direct taxation on the people by the Federal Government.

4. Audit the Federal Reserve.

5. Reaffirm free market principles and preserve private property rights by opposing nationalization of any industry.

6. Allow states to reform healthcare through oversight and regulation.

7. Maintain a strong national defense that includes controlling our borders.
8. Establish term limits for members of Congress; the tyranny of incumbency must be ended.

9. Cease using tax payer monies to fund public and private entities that lobby on behalf of special interests or campaign for candidates.

10. Preserve the rights of Alabamians to control the education of their children through public, private, religious, or secular schools and homeschooling. This means repealing Common Core and ensuring that the State Legislature provides proper oversight of the State Board of Education to ensure parents’ rights are not violated in this critical area.

Revised 12/1/13


The Common Sense Campaign will work closely with the Alabama Legislature to write bills to further conservative values.  Go to our website to see the progress we have made and what we are currently working on.