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A Message from Dr. Lou, President of CSC-6-10-13 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


Dear Common Sense Campaign Members:

I want to begin by thanking our North Baldwin Chapter, led by Ricky Richardson, for hosting a great Town Hall meeting with Senator Trip Pittman! We had about 40 people there and they came to not only respectfully listen to what Senator Pittman said, but to challenge him on any number of issues. The fact is that all of our elected officials need to come before the people and explain what they did and in some cases defend what they did. CSC members should be proud of what we have been doing all spring in terms of holding these politicians accountable to “We the People”—if they ever believe we are not watching them, then what you have seen coming out of DC with all the scandals and more waste and abuse [$50M for IRS conferences and making absurd videos!] will be small potatoes! TRUST BUT VERIFY was Reagan’s slogan and it is absolutely true today as when he said it! If the press will not live up to its “watchdog” role, WE WILL! Again, A BIG THANKS TO RICKY and all those who helped him put on a super Town Hall as well as those who attended—GREAT JOB!

As the Obama administration [oops—the Manchurian Candidates’ Regime!] continues to melt down as more and more outrageous examples of Big Brother are revealed [note: we as Tea Party people having been ALERTING AMERICA TO ALL OF THIS FROM THE START!!] and as courageous patriots like Becky Gerritson of the Wetumpka Tea Party have so compellingly testified, our Nation is in the grips of the worst of the worst—it’s that simple! Yet, because of media bias and the “thrill up my leg” of many so- called journalists, Obama is still being protected by the mainstream [lame stream!!] press! For all of us in CSC, there is nothing new about that—BUT, perhaps the tide is finally turning as more and more revelations destroy the fictional account of Obama’s early background, his lack of accomplishments and experience in anything other than the most mundane jobs, and have given proof to the lies he told when he made such sweeping promises in both of his campaigns claiming among many falsehoods that “his would be the most transparent administration” in history-RIGHT!! What this crisis has shown is that without people like us doing what we have done for four years, there would be little very little checks on what Obama could do. Only the Alternative Media, Fox News, the Tea Party Movement and some staunch defenders of freedom in the House and Senate have prevented this communist from doing more harm. As I write those words, I’m struck by just how amazing this situation is given who Obama was, his “nothing noteworthy” resume, his communist and racist affiliations—yet, here we are on the precipice of disaster due to his policies and communist outlook—IT MUST NOT STAND! I know we have asked you to concentrate on state issues while the legislative session was going on, but NOW is the time to switch focus--hit all of our state federally elected  officials as hard and as often as we can about how they must fight to impeach Obama and clean house in DC!

And so my friends, I would say to you that this is the time for us to go further in defense of those liberties which we have seen under attack— we have been fighting for four years and we will continue the battle no matter what obstacles they throw at us. BUT, one obstacle is not external—it is right here and it demands our attention. It is that universal scourge of all groups and organizations—WE NEED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE! Although our expenses have been cut back considerably without [I hope!] losing our impact in our community, the fact is that CSC needs your support! My hope is that on June 15th, you will donate $45 to CSC’s Summer Fundraiser—we cannot do this without your help and our dues do not cover our expenses. So, not only are we asking that you contribute, but please find some of your friends who are just as mad about DC and Obama and are willing to help us defeat the DC RADICALS—THIS IS YOUR TEA PARTY—HELP US IN OUR JUST CAUSE!  Within a few days, CSC will have a PayPal link to enable easier donations and memberships. Please continue to check our website for this new and wonderful addition to CSC services.

Thanks and God Bless you, your family, the great state of Alabama, and our wonderful country, The United States of America! Dr. Lou