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Kevin, It is hard to believe you are listening to reader feedback. Two years ago I send Mike Marshall, JD Crowe and Francis Coleman an email telling them if the Mobile Press Register did not reflect the values of their market in very red, conservative Baldwin  & Mobile Counties that the MPR would no longer be a daily newspaper. Obviously I was right. I no longer subscribe but got the Sunday paper free as a hand-me-down from a neighbor who called the MPR Monday to cancel his subscription. The Sunday paper of October 28 reached a new low even for the ultra bias, ultra liberal MPR. No reporting on Benghazi Libya, nothing about our Liar, non-transparent, anti-constitutional "president" or anything a conservative would want to read about; but you instead covered Donald Trumps hair (guess you did not like his 5 million dollar offer to Obama), Cynthia Tuckers ultra warped point of view - I bet 95% of Baldwin county folks could care less about what that insane racist thinks- she did a great job destroying the the Atlanta Journal! Mike Marshall's support of higher taxes. He has a long history of loving tax increases like all lib's. Feed the corrupt government at all levels! But # 1- A letter to the editor from an idiot in Gulf Shores on Romey destroying Birth Control- SURELY YOU FOLKS KNOW THAT IS AN OUTRAGIOUS LIE!  WHY DO YOU THINK WE WANT TO PAY FOR A LIAR, RACIST, SEE NO DEMOCRAT EVIL, RAISE TAXES FOR MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF OUR LIVES NEWSPAPER? Or go to the effort of reading it online?

My new prediction. The MPR will totally fail and be out of business. Where are you 
folks going to find a job,(maybe high mileage used car sales) and what are the corporate owners/bank going to do with the big building in crime ridded downtown Mobile?


  Charles Kettell

  30889 Blakeley River Rd.
  Spanish Fort, AL. 36527

"OBAMA be Lying, the Troops & ambassadors be unnecessarily Dying, while Fuel & Food prices be Skying. Unemployment, Foreclosures and Food Stamps be high flying, Obama's Change has me Crying". Democrats voting God out tells me all I need to know when I vote! Socialism Destroys our Freedom. Joe Biden is a fool!