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I Have A Dream, Too

by Lona Walker

August, 28, 2013

I spotted a relative across the room at a family funeral dinner that I had not seen in ages. In fact I rarely saw him unless it was a funeral. I walked over to greet him knowing full well he had been in my life all my life yet I hardly knew him. I wasn’t sure about his relationship with God and things of the Lord are my primary subject. But I knew he was fond of fine wine so that tipped me off that his church was not my church, none-the-less his God was still my God and for my mother’s sake I prayed he knew the Lord. She adored him.

But what we always had in common was politics. I was safe to strike up a conversation on the latest political events knowing the conversation would be thoroughly enjoyable. He was so knowledgeable. He had been John Ashcroft’s first campaign manager and was a heavy republican donor so he had access to all the events. That slice of him was my hero.

I grabbed a seat next to him and after some pleasant exchanges I went in for the kill. Obama had been elected for his first term only weeks before and “the church” was reeling. It was now obvious to everyone I knew how the Anti-Christ would obtain his power. We had just seen a man with little-to-no political experience sweep America off her feet.

Early on I was aware he was saying the right thing and looked the part. His charisma shined through a teleprompter. Women were fainting… people were weeping. Who was this man?

I did some research on the internet and a couple of videos popped up. They were of a young Barry Obama during his college days. His hair was long and bushy as was the style in those days. In one of them he was with a fellow student who was white and they both had large military-looking rifles. I’m not familiar with fire arms but these looked very complex. In this video the young Barry and his friend were doing a routine of sorts with them. There was a white wall behind them and they began back to back with their firearms in position. They proceeded to swing them while turning front to back marching away from each other and back again while in sync. It was rehearsed to perfection and a job well done although I could never figure out the purpose behind it. Their demeanor was odd but then again… it had been filmed a long time ago.

In the second video several male students were gathered around a picnic table at what appeared to be a public park. The table was next to a blond-brick building and the boy with the camera was going from student to student interviewing them in a fun but sarcastic type of way. He was asking them what they wanted to be when they grew up. As he was moving the camera you could see a young Barry in the background leaned against the building with one foot bent up resting directly on it and his arms were crossed in front of him. He appeared to be unconcerned about the informal interviews while lost in his own thoughts. Then it was his turn. The camera came directly in front of him as his bowed head lifted and his eyes got direct contact with the camera lens. You could then hear the voice of the student behind the camera, “Tell us Barry… What do you want to be when you grow up?” The young Barak Obama stared intently into the camera for a few seconds as the operator simultaneously zoomed in tight on his face that was framed in long black fuzzy hair spreading out about six inches. Then with an expression that I hesitate describing… he said, “President of the United States.”

The camera wiggled a bit as the student filming chuckled.   The sarcasm in his voice amped up several degrees yet he tried to maintain a professional commentary as he replied with the camera still framed tightly on young Barry’s face, “Wouldn’t that be amazing… the first black President of the United States.”

I watched them several times trying to figure out the purpose behind them. Were these good kids or rebellious kids? Was the military routine with the heavy duty riffles an act of patriotism or was there another agenda?

But I was thoroughly confused by his statement and the countenance on his face when he made it. Why wasn’t this in every campaign ad he was running? If his motives were pure this was a great story! See… since a youth he has had a dream to be President of the United States! But something was terribly off. The atmosphere as a whole was off. It wasn’t clear why these young men were even gathered together for but they were there for a reason. Something was obviously on their mind.

It was still a long shot for anyone to overcome Hilary but the campaign of Barak Obama’s quickly got traction. There was actually cause for concern.

I had told my husband about the videos and now that he appeared to be a serious contender I wanted to show them to David. When I went back to search… they were gone.   They have not surfaced since nor has there been the slightest mention that such videos exist.

I was caught off guard when the Jeremiah Wright tapes were exposed. I would never have believed it possible for intelligent people to shout and dance around a sanctuary while revival style music played in the background to what was coming out of his mouth had it not been looped and played over and over again during that election cycle. Even more shocking… the black Christians I knew were not fazed.

I was motivated more to continue my research and became acquainted with the stories of Larry Sinclair, Donald Young and Bill Ayers. But the Senator from Illinois was saying and doing all the right things. He openly proclaimed marriage between one man and one woman. He successfully dodged the abortion issue by describing it as being above his pay grade. His blunders and mishaps were neatly covered by a liberal-bias media who managed to keep attention on the wardrobe of Sarah Palin. Even the fact checking website “Snopes” turns out to be run by Obama supporter. The wind was at his back as America comfortably nestled in her padded seat enjoying a ride into the abyss. We were officially on a runaway train.

November 4th 2008 was the day things changed for the true church… the Bride of Christ. All of the religious television networks carried on with business as usual except for INSP. They had a “Call to Prayer for America” that night. Lindell Cooley led Praise and Worship with songs like “God Have Mercy.” The title we had held as a Christian nation would be weighed in the balance that night… and found wanting.

When waltzing over the table of my relative that day at the family funeral I was completely caught off guard with what the next few moments would hold for me. After exchanging greetings I naturally went in for the intended conversation. “Can you believe what we’re into now?” I innocently said, “What a mess!” The look on his face was confusing but gave me a hint that I had just walked into a fan. “What do you mean?” He defiantly asked knowing it was our usual subject on politics. “Obama?” “Yes!” I hesitantly responded. “He’s going to be the best President this country has ever seen.” My mind was racing with possible explanations. “Is he joking? Do I play along or challenge him? Who is this man and what did they do with my uncle?” I reluctantly asked, “Are you serious?” Then his face broke out in a spontaneous red rash and with an expression of anger I had never seen before, he exploded all over me, “YOU REPUBLICANS ARE SO RACIST!” I could have been knocked over by a feather. I was in utter shock and disbelief. “Us Republicans are so racist???” He had always bled “Republican” and I did not get the memo that he had jumped the fence.” But for someone who is never quick on her toes I had an instant come-back. “What do you mean we are racist??? Your guy is half black while our guy is totally black… and WE are racist???”

At the time, Michael Steele was head of the Republican Party. It was such an oxymoron to say we were racist. For race to be injected in this political argument makes no sense to me today. America voted him in as President of our once God-fearing nation. That should have been the end of the “race” word. The Republican Party has many wonderful African American leaders and at that moment on that day one of them was head of the party. Hooray for me! I got ‘em.

He began an out-of-control rant and I had no choice but to talk over him to continue my valid point that I don’t understand race being within a million miles of this conversation. What a cop-out to use that word.

I will not argue politics with a non-believer. Why wouldn’t they want a free-frawl?   Same sex marriage and abortion on demand… even late term. Of course this guy is great! But if you know God, and you voted for Obama… explain.

I gave them all a pass the first term. Barak Obama said what he had to say and acted how he had to act to get into office. In an interview with MSNBC, Rev. T.D. Jakes said the night he was elected, “Now my son can live in a better America than I was born into.” I’m curious if T.D. Jakes would allow his grandsons to be involved in something as American as the Boy Scouts. Mine won’t be since the president “evolved” and changed his mind on homosexuality.   Is this now a “better America” than Rev. Jakes was born into? Only he can answer that.

Israel Houghton was interviewed after the first election hailing President Obama as an example of his song “The Power of One.” During the campaign for his second term Mr. Houghton was one of those who responded in support of Donnie McClurkin’s Twittter campaign as he “rallied the troops” on behalf of the President’s re-election. I was baffled at how one could sing “I am a friend of God” and support a Presidential candidate that put God up for vote on the democratic convention floor.


Donnie McClurkin was very vocal without reservation in support of a President who evolved in his homosexual stand. I watched his account closely and found him quick to reprimand anyone who would question his passionate devotion. At the same time he is very open about being delivered from homosexuality and quick to minister to those caught up in that lifestyle. It confuses me how one can cast a vote for something they have been delivered from.   Interesting enough, he was disinvited from a Martin Luther King Memorial event for being an ex-gay activist.


I don’t believe I am alone in wondering what Martin Luther King Jr. would think of the condition of our nation now. I wonder if he ever dreamed of a day when a black man would be president. Surely that would only be possible when race was no longer an issue in America. Who knew the “race pot” would be stirred by the reality of that event.

My disappointment has nothing to do with race. But that makes no difference because if you are against Obamacare… you are a racist. If you believe Eric Holder committed perjury… you are a racist. If you want answers to “Fast and Furious”… you are a racist. If you wonder why Kathleen Sebelius solicited donations from companies HHS might regulate… you are a racist.  If you believe marriage is between a man and a woman… you are a racist. If you are pro-life… you are a racist. If you want answers on Benghazi… you are a racist.   If you believe Lois Lerner should lose her job without pay (lol)… you are a racist. If you wonder why Congress and the President are exempt from Obamacare… you are a racist. And I could go on…

It’s well documented why this President has been called “the food stamp President” and the devastating effect Obamacare will have on us as a whole is already evident. Nothing I have named or could name that has harmed this nation as a result of this administration has had anything to do with race. Yet race is the dominant story today as we remember a man who had a dream 50 years ago.

I was very vocal during the 2008 campaign because of the urgency of what was on the line.   In 2012, I held my breath knowing there would be no excuse for so many well-known and recognized leaders of the church to support him this time.  His policies and morals were no longer hidden under a veil. I held out hope that those leaders would do the right thing. I cannot make a difference. I have no voice. This blog will be read by very few people and even less will hang to the end of my lengthy analysis. I am no one­­ (which contributes greatly to the candor with which I write). But they could have changed the entire direction of our nation if they would have encouraged those who follow their ministry to simply vote the Word… the same Word they preach.

According to the Huffington post, 42% of Protestant & other Christians voted for Obama while 57% voted for Romney. 20% of Born-again evangelicals voted for Obama while 79% voted for Romney. Black Protestant Christians voted 95% for Obama, 5% for Romney. I believe there are leaders of the church that could have made a difference. They could have influenced 4%, that’s all it would have taken.

I’m the first to agree that Mormonism is a cult. But it was the only other choice we were given. When looking at the morality of the vote, Mitt Romney was pro-life, for marriage and expressed concerns about Obamacare. It was not an idea scenario but it was all we had to begin the process of turning things around. Obama professed Christianity but his actions and opinions have proven opposite. One thing we do know for certain is that he was raised Muslim. He knows what it is to kneel on a rug facing east five times a day and pray to Allah. In his speeches to the Muslim community that have widely circulated he has a perfect dialect when repeating Muslim phrases. I’m baffled how a born again Christian would not consider this in one of the most important duties we have… voting.

I wrote and open letter to T.D. Jakes (copy below) as war raged in the Senate on Obamacare. Everyone heard the president tell Jane Sturm in 2009 that the best decision for her grandmother may have been to take a pain pill rather than have a pace maker.   Town Hall meetings across the country erupted in battle as the citizens of this country made it clear that we did not want socialistic healthcare.

In an act of desperation I wrote an open letter to Pastor Jakes begging him to make an attempt to do what he could to send a message to Washington. I received a lot of response to that letter including Perry Stone and the staff of John Hagee’s church. I only got one letter of reprimand and another one from a precious black man explaining to me why he voted for Obama. I wrote him back and told him that for his sake I was going to pray this President would be a success.

Since then the most common question I have gotten is what my response from Pastor Jakes was. The answer is “nothing.” I actually believe that letter was intercepted and doubt he ever read it. I sent it to him in every form I knew possible to prevent that from happening. But one curious side note is that several months later I noticed I had apparently been removed from his mailing list. That is a first for me. I’ve never sent a letter to any national ministry that I didn’t get back a form letter and automatically put on their mailing list but this was reversed. I had been on his mailing list for a long time before I ever heard the name Barak Obama, then suddenly… nothing.

Now we are away from the fog and have seen what is in the Health Care bill and it’s worse than anyone could have predicted. Law suits are stacking up as the full-time job is becoming a thing of the past. The confusion surrounding it has set back much of its implementation conveniently until after the mid-term elections.

The definition of marriage has been re-defined as Planned Parenthood preform a record number of abortions on the tax payer’s dime.

The fastest growing religion in America is said to be Muslims while the one single word that is heard above them all is the very word that Martin Luther King Jr. fought against… “Racist.”

After the birth of my youngest grandson I questioned the wisdom of bringing children into this place we call “the land of the free and home of the brave.” I’ve been heavy hearted at times about the future my three grandsons may face given the climate we live in today.   Then I remembered… they are tomorrows only hope. We must raise them well.

Three months after my volatile encounter with that family member over politics I was attending his funeral. He died suddenly and tragically of a heart attack.   I’ve often wondered what he would say now. I’m sorry for his loss and sorry I will never get to follow up on that conversation. I will never know why he drastically changed his position or if he would have regretted his vote.

Sitting off to the side with family at his funeral we had a clear view of those in attendance passing by in single file to pay their last respects. Among them was Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt.  It was exciting to be in the same room with him and I wanted to dash to the foyer for a photo but I knew it was not an appropriate place or time. The Congressman will never know he voted for Obama.

Today was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech, “I Have A Dream.” There have been multiple ceremonies and functions to commemorate the occasion.   Fifty years later the evidence reveals we have a long way to go. But there is always tomorrow and I have a dream too. A dream that we will one day live in a nation where a person will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream that revival will sweep from my house to the White House. That race can’t be seen because it’s hidden in love. That Congressmen and Senators feel a Spirit of conviction with every vote they cast. I have a dream that college campuses will be saturated with the presence of God and young people will suddenly crave a knowledge for Godliness. I have a dream that righteousness will exalt our nation because sin is a reproach to any people. I have a dream that change will begin… let it begin in me because I have a dream, too.
An Open Letter To T.D. Jakes
Dear Bishop Jakes,


My name is Lona Walker and I have been blessed by your ministry for years.  I heard you in St. Louis at the Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference in 2007 and thoroughly enjoyed your powerful message. At that time the climate for the presidential election was beginning to stir.  As things progressed I became more curious about the opinions of our black church leaders concerning the history-making candidates.   It was obvious that Barak Obama was an impressive contender and we often commented how we could see why someone would vote for him. . .except. . .


His position on abortion alone should have been a deal-breaker for any Christian.  But the “Born Alive Bill” was more than my mind could wrap around. Then he lied about it and later admitted he lied, it caused me to wonder if the color of his skin was enough to get the “black” Christians vote.  He was found early on to misrepresent the truth on many levels such as implying that his parents met as a result of the Selma march in 1965 when actually he was born in 1961 and breaking his word on public financing, which gave him an unfair advantage over his opponent.


I know that you serve the same God I do and live by the same Word I do.  Therefore, I had to ask myself how a Christian of any color could give him their vote.  Then I watched in horror as his pastor (Jeremiah Wright) spewed horrific accusations against the very nation that Obama was seeking to lead.  I stood frozen in place watching as a Hammond organ set the tone for those who raised their hands and stood to their feet in worship as if they had just heard him praising God for the blood that was shed on Calvary so they could be saved, set free and made whole.


My Dad has been a missionary to Haiti since 1969, hundreds of black starving children have been fed, clothed and ministered to through his ministry.  As a teenager we had multiple discussions on bringing a child to the states to raise as our own.  There is a grown man at this moment in that nation that was found as an infant abandoned in a mud-filled gutter.  My father took a crash course in medication and personally administered life saving measures night after night, speaking life over his frail malnourished body.  We were told he would not survive, but he did.  We were unable to bring him to the states for lack of paperwork, but he was legally adopted and carries our family name. That kind of love left no room for racism in our lives. But listening to racial rants from a black pastor sparked emotions inside of me that felt totally foreign.  I’ve never questioned the legitimacy of the black church.  But the church where Barak Obama had placed his membership for over twenty years created an entire new level of concern for me about the racial divide in our nation and now the church.


While still processing what I had heard coming from The Trinity United Church of Christ, I purposely suppressed my confusion and continued my Christian walk as normal.  I placed a DVD from your series titled “That’s Just Life” in the player and listened to one of your anointed inspiring messages.  Suddenly I was stopped in my tracks again as I saw you tilt your head and peer across your congregation while speaking in a sarcastic tone saying something to the effect of, “Some people get us in wars we don’t belong in too”.   I heard a rumble of agreement ripple through the crowd and my heart sunk to my toes.  I resisted the negative thoughts that were bombarding my head. . .yet they still began to cascade through my mind,  “What does he say when the cameras are off?” 


What baffled me even more about your statement was that you, of all people know what day and time we are living in, who we are fighting and the spiritual implications to this war that only the Christian fully understands.  You have read the back of the book!


I immediately repented for any judgment I may have felt toward you but kept my ear to the ground desperately trying to find out if you supported a Barak Obama Presidency. 


In my quest to discover your political opinion, I found that Donnie McClurkin had been campaigning with Obama and later read an article where Israel Houghton was interviewed about a song he wrote for his inauguration title, “The Power of One”.  The ironic part was how Israel explained having a white mother and Jamaican father who abandoned her when she became pregnant.  Her family advised an abortion and she refused.  At 8 months along someone witnessed to her on the street and she became a Christian, a month later little Israel was born.  One day that tiny baby would write a song for a man who would reversed the “Global Gag Rule” making it possible for mother’s who carry “baby Israels” in their womb to get a government funded abortion anywhere in the world.  How many Israels will be sacrificed because of this President’s action?


As the Presidential Campaign progressed it became obvious that Obama was an excellent teleprompter reader, but little else.  It was apparent exactly how the true Anti-Christ will be able to take over the world as people fainted in his presence while not being able to name a single piece of legislation to which he had contributed. 


It has now been documented and established that the media was responsible for his election.  The facts and sound-bites are undisputable and speak for themselves.  There was not so much as a picture released of him smoking a cigarette until after the election, his middle name was over looked until the moment we were “had”.  The Muslim community had received very little attention until election night, then we saw the coverage of them rejoicing the election of someone they perceived to be one of their own.  The media now has so much at stake they are forced to continue to skew Obama’s actions.  But I believe the American people are beginning to wake up. 


The next morning I heard you had given an interview on MSNBC.  I looked it up on YouTube and was heart broken to hear your statement and I quote, “Now my son can live in a better America than I was born into.”


I tried to rationalize why you would have expressed such an opinion.  I realize the black community has suffered a horrendous and painful past at the hands of the white man.  That is the reason I’ve assumed you’ve been allowed to have your own television network and magazines that are exclusively devoted to the African-American race.  An exclusive white race network would be considered a racial organization and prohibited by law.  Those types of things have been perplexing yet I trust the reasoning is valid. The black friends I have are totally colorless to me.  I love them with a Godly love and have found that my life would be less than what it is without them. 


My ancestors were gamblers and horse thieves. There is no doubt in my mind that your ancestors had far more character and substance because of what they had the strength to endure.  My great-grandfather was murdered over a gambling debt. It was shortly afterward that my great-grandmother (Rosy) found the Lord allowing me a heritage of Grace. 


I was inspired at the reports of President and Mrs. Obama visiting Ghana and specifically the Cape Coast Castle where slaves were held in the dungeon under unimaginable circumstances.  The First Lady of the United States reflected on her ancestors that were held in those very dungeons awaiting an inhuman destiny.  Romans 8:28 came to mind, “For we know that all things work together for the good. . .”.  While it’s mentally painful to reflect on those that paid that price before her, still because of that sacrifice she was able to one day become the First Lady of the most powerful nation in the world.  I wonder if she could push a rewind button and go back to that place and time and had the power to change the fate of her ancestors, what would she do.  What would you do?  I can’t answer that for you, I just know that someone sacrificed and paid a price for millions of African-Americans to live in what eventually became the greatest nation on earth.


I could not begin to know what it is to walk in your shoes.  But I do know that when you and I accepted the Lord as our Saviour, we became rooted and grafted into the vine and are no longer considered to be Black or White.  But someone paid a price for us on a hill called Calvary that made you my brother and me your sister in Him.


I have heard no opinions from you since the election as I have not sought them out.  But I can only imagine your disappointment on so many levels:
  • He rushed through a stimulus bill that indebted generations to come
  • Acorn has been indicted in multiple states
  • The National Day of Prayer went unrecognized
  • Obama stated that we are not a Christian nation
  • He said that we are the largest Muslim country in the world
  • The Hate Crimes Bill protects the Homosexual but not Veterans who sacrificed for the Homosexual’s freedom, restricting you as a minister to voice Biblical truth
  • Dozens of Czars are now controlling our nation, many with questionable pasts
  • He is pushing “Cap and Trade” admitting the negative impact it would have on us
Now the first “One World” currency has been minted in Belgium with the inscription “United in Diversity” and you of all people know what that means.  You are well aware of the end of time that we are living in and the goal for a “One World Government”, “One World Currency” and “One World Religion.”


Obama has continued to blame the situation on the former administration leaving out the detail that the past two years were run by a democratic Congress and House of which he was a part, therefore he himself had something to do with the economy he “inherited.” 


Since the election of our first Black President it has been my observation that the racial climate in our nation has accelerated.  If I, being a white middle aged woman, lost my temper (as Professor Gates admitted himself) with a police officer and then proceeded to insult his mother.  I would be arrested.  Yet the President chose to weigh-in on the situation without the facts, knowing (according to his press secretary) the question was going to be asked.  Our nation is in desperate need of more than a beer summit.


I would like to remind you, myself and any reader of theses comments that there is another thing that is sure to come. . . an end time revival!  The one where His sons and daughters prophecy, old men dream dreams and the young men see visions.  The church needs to wake up and remember we are the salt of the earth and we have a responsibility to act like it.


My motivation for writing is to remind you that your mouth is not only to the ear of the church, but it’s to the ear of the “black church.”  I have no voice.  If you have ever heard my name it was most likely mispronounced.  I can only plead with someone of your influence to do your part in calling our nation to turn back to God. 


When I heard details of the Obama health care plan, something sounded strangely familiar.  Then I remembered, years ago as a teenager taking a tour with my family to Russia when it was run by a Communist government.  Our tour guide explained how their health system operated.  I was horrified realizing the type of existence the victims of that socialistic society endured. As many nations as I had been privileged to visit, I was never so grateful to be an American as I was after that experience.  I can distinctly recall the oppression on the faces of their citizens and feeling the obvious absence of the presence of God in that Country.  It did not surprise me to learn years later that it was during that time that the Gospel Songwriter, Dottie Rambo penned the song while on that communistic soil. . .”Holy Spirit, Thou art welcome in this place. Holy Spirit, Thou are welcome in this place.  Omnipotent Father of mercy and grace, Thou art welcome in this place.”


Now it is my nation that has this devastating health care crisis looming.  What Obama is desperately attempting to pass will have irreversible consequences.   Know that anything you have heard him say about the bill is terribly slanted and deceiving.  The fine print is where you can find the information that will send us spiraling downward at a record speed.  You have heard the sound-bite where he told a woman that under his plan her grandmother would receive a pain pill rather than a pace maker.  If you think at some point someone you love will not be told that their life is not worth the cost of the life-extending or saving measures it would take, then you are in denial. 


Oprah Winfrey will not be able to buy her way out of the heart break this could cause for those around her.  Ellen Degeneres will be faced with the sorrow of seeing so many in her community die because of the costly medications required for victims of AIDS.  I predict mothers that learn their unborn baby has a medical condition in the womb will be forced to abort it. The mother will then have an induced labor where the law will only allow the hospital to give “comfort care,” keeping the baby warm and fed, with its life expectancy between 4 hours to 2 days.  We simply can’t go down this road.


I beg you to tilt your head and peer across your congregation and confidently mention how some people do not need to dabble in our personal business such as health care. You could merely make phone calls to the numbers stored in your cell phone and get powerful black leaders to call their Congressmen and Senators.  The clock is ticking, for the sake of our nation and its helpless citizens, take a stand.  You are in a position that you can make a difference and “to whom much is given, much is required.”


Secondly, I appeal to you to stand with me in prayer that revival will cross every religious and racial barrier and we come together as the church we were meant to be, collectively calling out to a merciful God knowing that He holds the heart of the King in His hand and turns it whithersoever He will (Proverbs 21:1).  This is no longer about the right and left, but right and wrong. For the sake of our children and their children, we have to believe that God will help us be the nation that our founding fathers intended ( We’ve got to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight with weapons that are not carnal but mighty through Christ.  Let’s reflect on all that Rosa Parks was and just like her, refuse to take a back seat to the government while singing in unison, Holy Spirit Thou art welcome in this place. . .


Thank you for your commitment to your service for the Lord and may God Bless America.


Lona Walker

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Israel Houghton was interviewed after the first election hailing President Obama as an example of his song “The Power of One.” During the campaign for his second term Mr. Houghton was one of those who responded in support of Donnie McClurkin’s Twittter campaign as he “rallied the troops” on behalf of the President’s re-election. I was baffled at how one could sing “I am a friend of God” and support a Presidential candidate that put God up for vote on the democratic convention floor.


Donnie McClurkin was very vocal without reservation in support of a President who evolved in his homosexual stand. I watched his account closely and found him quick to reprimand anyone who would question his passionate devotion. At the same time he is very open about being delivered from homosexuality and quick to minister to those caught up in that lifestyle. It confuses me how one can cast a vote for something they have been delivered from.   Interesting enough, he was disinvited from a Martin Luther King Memorial event for being an ex-gay activist.


I don’t believe I am alone in wondering what Martin Luther King Jr. would think of the condition of our nation now. I wonder if he ever dreamed of a day when a black man would be president. Surely that would only be possible when race was no longer an issue in America. Who knew the “race pot” would be stirred by the reality of that event.