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A NEW LOW FOR THE PRESS IN ALABAMA-3-23-13 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


Elois Zeanah, [Hey, dummy--you misspelled her name! One of many violations of Journalism 101--did you ever attend that class?] President of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women, almost succeeded in undoing Alabama's commitment to the Common Core State Standards for public schools.[I wouldn't count your chickens before they hatch--we have not lost yet and fully intend to press on to win repeal. Interestingly, some behind the scenes...well, no sense in giving intelligence to the enemy--you'll find out soon enough and I'll write to you then.]
And she almost did it without having to name a single evil thing that "Common Core" would do. (see her arguments here.) Instead, she slyly bases her entire Anti-Core Campaign on a single kernel of truth: "Common Core comes from outside Alabama!!!" [I’m not wasting my time going over points that we have all been making for the last two years as we have fought Common Core--points you should know before you make such idiotic comments, but, that's what we have come to expect from your so called "media group." Rather, take some time and look at just one source that has more than enough information for even the slowest among you to grasp. Well, on second thought, Crowe might not get it, so someone should tutor him.]


[See attached:  It's too bad you didn't follow Journalism 101's cardinal rule--get the facts first, but then, if you did that, you’d have to write that Elois is on the mark and that wouldn't sit well with your ideological bias and the puppet masters at AEA pulling your strings to dance to their tune. On a personal level, that is really sad--if you cannot think independently and have no courage to dig further than what your masters are telling you, why be a journalist? But, worse for your profession, which in the "Age of Obama" has given up on being a "watch-dog" and has become a "lapdog," is that you and your kind are part of the reason why all of us will pay the price when liberty is lost. Perhaps you have forgotten Jefferson’s ideas about a free and unfettered press (hmmm-that assumes you ever knew anything about Jefferson--forget my last). How can you live with being a scab unwilling to tell the truth? Or, less dogmatically and more to the "great journalist" heritage, at least show both sides of the argument? If it weren't so serious, the lapdog issue would be a pathetic joke on all of you who so proudly proclaim your adherence to those old standards and then fall into the oldest trap of politicians who have ulterior motives in all they do and see the press as the ultimate enemy and so have to find ways to co-opt them and then own them--and you guys are falling for the oldest play from a bunch of communist politicians and going willingly to your own demise. Lenin said that...oh, well, once again, what's the point--you don't know history, nor do you seem to care about your own profession being used to further the ends of evil politicians--Goebbels would have been proud!] 
But so does the Lord’s Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and the Ten Commandments. So does Joe Willie Namath and Nick Saban. So does Ford and Chevrolet pickup trucks, all the pistols, rifles and shotguns that we Alabamians hold so dear, and the Immigration Reform Act Republicans are still bragging about -- a product of some lawyer sitting up in Kansas.[Wow, such sophomoric insight--and they are really paying you for trash like this? It's no wonder the paper can only afford 3 days a week]
Be assured that if the Common Core ever veers off on some godless trilateral track, our state, along with any of the other 44 states already on board, could simply opt back out of it. [Actually, its 45, but 12 are in the process of repealing too--maybe those states see the same thing that Elois has been talking about? Whoa--how could that be? After all, your "article" says she's wrong, and we "know" journalists are always "right!" but, there is that nagging doubt--shucks, why not just check out what's going on in Georgia and SC--come on, show a little spunk--get off your fanny and just see--scared? Afraid what you might find? Too bad--another lost journalistic opportunity--but, I forgot--you're really not a journalist--just someone playing at it. And, gee, we did not think to include the Trilateral folks in the list of people who favor Common Core--as it was, Obama, Bill Ayers and that crowd provided sufficient justification for anyone with half of a brain willing to look at the facts about Common Core to conclude it needs to be repealed.]


As for Elois Zeanah, I'm guessing her forbearers came from outside Alabama!!! [Wow, another irrelevancy--they must be paying you by the number of dumb-ass sentences you write--you must have a made a lot of money off of this piece--what a deal--sounds like some form of a newfangled "WPA" program (darn, there I go again, using a reference to the past that you just won't get--sorry--it won't happen again!) But, hey, wait a minute! Can we also get in on this scam? Looks like fun and requires no brains--uh, oh, that leaves all of our Tea Party folks out of contention--too bad!]
But we'll still claim her; you can't help but admire her zealotry. I just hope she'll turn her energy loose on a cause that advances public education in our beloved state. [Hmmm--now this might fit a real good "public service" cause: perhaps she should start a "school of remedial journalism" and you can be her first student and upon graduation, the level of education in the state would rise a bit if you learned anything about your profession--problematic, true enough, but then we do believe in hope.]