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Common Sense Campaign TEA Party 2009-2016
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Britain voted to leave the European Union.
AMERICA is in the greatest danger since she was born.
Watch the entire video and think it through.
Common Sense Campaign Tea Party Calls for Governor Bentley to Support
Anti-Common Core Candidate to be New State Superintendent of Education
Email Governor Robert Bentley: 

Call Governor Robert Bentley: Switchboard 334.242.7100     Fax 334.353.0004
Fairhope, Alabama: The Common Sense Campaign Tea Party along with Independent Tea Parties and Conservative Activists across Alabama are calling on Governor Bentley to live up to his 2014 campaign promise to repeal Common Core by taking the first step in that process by hiring a new State Superintendent who is opposed to Common Core. 


I would like greater visibility, but I work under truly serious constraints, which means that I need a different kind of help in order to reach the people that need reaching.  It means I need each of you. 
Let me repeat that.   IT MEANS, I NEED EACH OF YOU.
If you think I'm adding value to the national debate and quality to your arguments on issues of the day, please feel free to forward anything I write.  I don't care if the people on your distribution lists know who I am or not.  What matters is the U.S. of A. and our American way of life.  What matters is wresting control of our government from the progressive forces of evil and returning to a form of governance more closely resembling the one our founders intended.  What matters is fixing what is broken and ensuring freedom and liberty for the next generation and the one after that.
So, this is a plea. Next time you read something I post that you find of value, send it on to all your friends, relatives, those whose opinions you value and those you wish to influence to a better path.  Now, just in case one or two of you has an "in" with someone who can help out in this, please feel free to take what I give and use it in any way you think will help.
Most articles Steve has written in 2016, are at the following link.
In Liberty,
Steve Stone


 CSC needs the following:
  • Patriots who will make phone calls to CSC members who do not have email and need to know what CSC is working on and how they can help by making phone calls to our elected officials.
  • Patriots who will do research online to further the cause of Conservatives.
  • more...
Our planning meetings are held on 1st & 3rd TUESDAYS every month. EVERYONE who wants to work on Conservative Values is welcome!  Switched to TUESDAY because Dr. Lou is teaching on Mondays this semester.  Bring your concerns to ANY meeting. We will discuss the best way to address them.
  • "Tuesday Planning Meetings" for CSC
    • Planning meeting: Due to summer vacation which everyone needs, we will meet less frequently. Should something of great import occur, we will call a meeting via phone, email and Facebook.

    Videos found online to educate and inspire Patriots Part 2 of 2

    Molon Labe-How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom (2 hour movie)

    We Still Hold These Truths PDF  | Print |  E-mail

    We must learn from past events

    Patriots must be willing to step into the fray

    to protect our liberty!