Common Sense Campaign TEA Party 2014
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Why should I join CSC?  

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Is CSC working for Conservative Values in AL laws ? waving flag


 CSC Upcoming Events--Two Month Calendar (click here)

CRITICAL CALL TO D.C. Elected officials TODAY! Nov. 20th 

WE MUST ACT NOW!  Two messages with each call!

1. Sessions, not Enzi, for Budget Committee Chairmanship!

2. Stop the Lawlessness of Executive Amnesty!

 Phone Calls are VERY effective-more so than emails.  Phone calls to DC are what stopped Amnesty from passing in August.  It only takes about 30 seconds to call your representative.  I suggest you call  EVERY representative  and both senators from your state.   Your message can be as simple as:  “Stop the lawlessness of Executive Amnesty!“ 


Friday, Nov. 21st, JOIN Common Sense Campaign in a protest on the steps of Congressman Bradley Byrnes' Office in Mobile, AL. [Mobile Office, 11 N. Water St., Ste. 15290, Mobile, AL MAP ] 
Phone: (251) 690-2811 We have a permit and request that you

make a sign and join us for the 45 minute protest

AGAINST AMNESTY by LAWLESS Presidential Edict!

no amnesty sign ideas

   Please join us in welcoming Frank Dillman to speak on
Initiative and Referendum,  You may go to the website
to familiarize yourself about it before the meeting, if you haven't already read about it. 
For example, would you prefer to vote on laws and amendments directly
that effect you?  This is what I & R is about, letting the people vote on issues. 

 Thursday, November 20th, 2014     6PM


5555 Grelot Rd, Mobile, AL MAP

 Several new articles worth your time:

 More excellent Articles~Steve Stone

Why is Common Core such a HOT BUTTON Issue?  

We need the following:
  • Patriots who will make phone calls to CSC members who do not have email and need to know what CSC is working on and how they can help by making phone calls to our elected officials.
  • Patriots who will do research online to further the cause of Conservatives.
  • Members to call CSC Members who can't be contacted via email.  We want ALL members to know about the Christmas Denner/Dance!
  • more...
Our planning meetings are held on the First and Third TUESDAY every month. EVERYONE who wants to work on Conservative Values is welcome!  Switched to TUESDAY because Dr. Lou is teaching on Mondays this semester.
  • The first TUESDAY, we meet at Original Oyster House, the Chart Room, Jan. 6th @ 6PM.
  • The third TUESDAY meeting at Creekwood Church of Christ, Jan. 20th @ 6PM. MAP
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We must learn from past events

Patriots must be willing to step into the fray

to protect our liberty!