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NATIONAL Patriotic Weekend


If we want to stop liberalism/communism/socialism/progressivism/stateism, we, the Patriots of America, must match and exceed the efforts the leftist enemy puts into destroying America!

Sadly, the fire of tyranny burns strongly in the so-called "liberals", who could not be farther from the root word, liberty, in their beliefs..
Liberals are in a word, the most tyrannical thinking political group the United States of America has ever seen.

What is even more unfortunate, is the lackadaisical attitude the patriots of America have toward getting anything done... 
Far, far too many are waiting for someone else to do something...

Most conservativees are waiting for "The One" to arrive in DC with much fanfair and save the day...They never came, and they never will...

The fact is, as much as people don't want to hear it, if WE THE PEOPLE don't find a way to get off our collective lazy, instant gratification craving, reality tv watching, time wasting butts, this nation is DONE.

Do you think that the Founding Fathers WANTED to fight in the dead of winter, get hung, starved, beaten, tortured, their familes murdered, and their lives utterly and completely altered forever??   I THINK NOT!  They did what NEEDED to be done, regardless of whether or not they wanted to do it or not!

So, the question to everyone in America is this...
Will you do the actions necessary to save this nation, or will you simply make excuses when it all comes crumbling down?

If you choose to stand, gather everyone you know with their AMERICAN Flags and signs voicing discontent with D.C., and make that stand on March 27, 28, 29, 30! Be VISIBLE from 12:30-1:30PM

March 27 & 30th at Montgomery State House Steps, or your town if you cannot afford to travel! Be VISIBLE from 12:30-1:30PM
March 28-29, STAY IN YOUR TOWN AND PROTEST LOCALLY AT A City Hall,  OVERPASS with a sidewalk, or large intersection!  Be VISIBLE from 12:30-1:30PM  When you have a large group planning to attend, call TV stations, newspapers, and plan to take photos.  Send the photos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  We will post them here.

This is intentionally SIMPLE so that YOU, ME, and ANYONE can do this!  Just take a flag and a sign, take some pictures, bring everyone you can!  If you have nothing but yourself, just bring yourself...