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Shame on You, Mr. Marshall-3-23-13 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Dear Mr. Marshall,

Shame on you for not applauding and encouraging an open and honest debate on common core! Instead, you sink to a new low with your editorial and accompanying J.D. Crowe cartoon depicting Elois Zeanah as “xenophobic.”

I will leave discussion of the merits of common core in terms of whether common core will lead to “excellence in education” or “dumbed down sheeple” to those who have more knowledge and experience, but my common sense begs the following questions:

Xenophobic? Really, Mr. Marshall? Does presenting an evidence-based opinion that common core may not be the “good thing” that many claim it to be make Ms. Zeanah fearful of or hating anything foreign or strange?

Is there something foreign or strange about warning of the dangers of indoctrination vs. education – particularly since Common Core is the brainchild of liberals such as Bill Ayers, the founder of the Weather Underground (a self-described communist revolutionary group).


Is there something foreign or strange about the real possibility that Common Core could cost Alabama millions of dollars? According to some estimates, California is on the hook for an estimated $1.6 billion dollars. (Source:

Is there something foreign or strange to issue caution about the intrusive database associated with common core? (Source:

Frankly, Mr. Marshall, I think we all owe Ms. Zeanah a debt of gratitude for being the “Paul Revere” on the dangers of common core. That should be YOUR job!!!

Linda King

Mobile, AL