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You Can Be The Difference

     It is so tempting to tune out and turn away from our countries politics. You have chosen NOT

to, when you joined Common Sense. You said by your joining our organization you want to

get involved. To affect change. To restore America to the country we inherited from our


     Progressives in our state, national government and the courts have a desire for bigger

government, more spending, and a powerful court that can over ride the will of the people.

So, what can you do? The answer is there are a lot of things you can do:

     • You can vote out of office, state, local and federal officials that don't reflect your

vision on November 2nd. THIS IS THE MINIMUM.

     • Identify 10 family members, friends, neighbors who can vote (Make sure they're

registered). Arrange to get all 10 to the polls on November 2nd. Call them on November

1 to follow up. You might have an election party. Help each other to get to the polls

and vote.

     • You can call up the headquarters of a candidate you might support. Get the candidates

views and voting record. If you can support the candidate. You can:

          * Donate to the campaign

          * Get a yard sign and put it up in your yard.

          * Volunteer to help their campaign

     • Ask the candidate about helping in their phone bank. You don't have to be in the

district to make phone calls for the candidate. They can also send you a phone list.

     • Recruit others to help with donations or a phone bank. (Scott Brown had many, many

out of state-rs making phone calls and sending money).

     • Post online on forums supporting your candidate. Solicit donations for candidates.

Give phone numbers of candidates so others can easily reach the campaign and donate

or volunteer, perhaps in a phone bank.

     • Volunteer to put campaign signs up around your town.

     • Grab 100 campaign fliers and go to your local mall or shopping center. Go with a

family member. Put them under car windshields wipers. Thirty minutes and your

done. The question is how many times will you tell 100 potential voters about your


     • Walk your neighborhood putting campaign fliers on the front door.

     • Yes, but I can't afford to make long distant calls for a candidate. Yes you can if you

have DSL or cable internet connectivity. How? Buy Magic Jack. It costs $39.00. You can

now make local and unlimited long distance phone calls for $19/year or $69 for 5

years. Pays for itself in a few months. Many phone banks use toll free numbers so

there is no expense to make calls.

     • Visit PROJECT CONCORD –

- You can get good online training. Topics include:

1. Finding your state – Where every state is shown. Clicking on Alabama you find

2010 senate and house candidates for both parties. Candidate names and links

to their websites are shown.

2. Building an army of activists

3. The power of five

4. The five tasks of any activists

5. A checklist for activists

6. It's easy to go door to door

7. What is a precinct?

8. The importance of precinct committee members

9. What is the time commitment for precinct committee members?

10. How does one become a precinct committee member?

11. Gathering information-using Procinct

12. Employers guide to discussing political activism.

          *Making political endorsements

          *Type of signs employers may put up

          *Registration and get out the vote drives

          * voter guides

          *employer advocacy letters

          * what is advocacy

          *What means can I use to advocate issues

13. Voter registration forms are also available for downloading and printing.

     • Another great resource can be found on the front page of Common Sense Go to tab labeled 2010 elections. There you will find video interviews

CSC has done to vet some candidates INCLUDING:

     • Luther Strange – Alabama Attorney General Candidate

     • Martha Roby – District 2 US Congress Candidate

     • Robert Bentley – Alabama Governor Candidate

     • Joe Bonner – District 1 US Congress Candidate

Deeds Not Words

In less than 40 days America will have a chance to decide. Do we continue on the path of a

larger, dominant all powerful federal government and the courts that view the Constitution

as a document of yesterday.

We at COMMON SENSE CAMPAIGN believe our government and the courts have strayed from

the wisdom and the laws of our Constitution.

If we continue on the path the Obama regime is following, we could see an America in 2012

we barely recognize. We have already seen government control imposed on:

     • health care

     • banking

     • auto industry

     • oil and coal industries are under daily assault

The country needs your help. The time is now. The election is in about a month. You can

make a difference especially in this “off year” election where a few thousand votes can

change the outcome of an election.

Join your fellow Common Sense members. Make a difference. Take back America.

Listen to the words of George Washington. It's time for “Deeds, Not Words”

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