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Deeds Not Words*

The Black Robe Regiment


It was a cold winter morning on January 21st, 1776 when Reverend Peter Mulenberg, Pastor of the Anglican Church in Woodstock, Virginia began to conclude his sermon. He took his inspiration from the third chapter of Ecclesiastes, which starts with “to everything there is a season.” When he got to the eighth verse, he said “A time for war, a time for peace...and this is a time for war.” With that statement he removed his black clerical robe and revealed his colonel’s uniform. He strode out of the church followed by 300 men from his congregation who decided to join him in the fight for liberty. Peter Mulenberg typifies, but is only one of hundreds of ministers who preached regularly from the pulpit and fought on the battle field in the belief that the rights of man came from God and not any man.

Progressives sometimes called Statists or Liberals believe that government is the ultimate authority in our lives. It was the religious belief of our Founders that man's rights come from God. It is for this reason that a concerted effort over the last 100 years has been made by Progressives to reduce, minimize, erase and distort the religious roots and the foundations of our great nation. James Wilson, a Supreme Court Justice and signer of the Constitution said “Far from being revivals or enemies, religion and law are twin sisters, friends and mutual assistants...the divine law...forms a part of both.”

There is now under way a religious revival. A reawakening. A movement to return to the fundamentals that has made America the beacon of freedom throughout the world. Glenn Beck, proclaimed this awakening just a few weeks ago on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He stood on those steps with hundreds of ministers, priests and rabbi's proclaiming its formation and inviting clergy and non-clergy to join in returning our country to it's Christian foundations.

Information on joining the Black Robe Regiment can be found at . An additional resource to visit it WALLBUILDERS..... and . The sites are run by David Barton and Rick Green and “present American's forgotten history and heroes with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage.”


• Take the time to learn and read about our religious heritage. Information is readily available at your library or online.

• Teach your children about their religious heritage. Consider asking them to write a one page hand written report on the Black Robe Regiment and use it as a discussion piece. Information can be found at WALLBUILDERS and the Black Robe Regiment site among others.

• Speak to your clergy about the Black Robe Regiment and encourage their involvement.

• Encourage other members of Common Sense to join the Black Robe Regiment. Remember, you and millions of individuals like you, can make a difference when you engage in deeds not just words.

*Personal Motto of George Washington