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4/14/16                                       by Dave Gunn


They’re Finally Admitting It


     That which Democrats have denied for almost a century they are finally admitting.  Up until now Democrats have fervently denied that much of their agenda is socialism.  Now, Democrats who support elf-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, when questioned about the wisdom of electing a man who will promote socialism as president, are telling us that we already have socialism in America.


     Those feeling the Bern point to social security, Medicare, Medicaid, unionism, welfare of various kinds, and public schools as examples of socialism already existing in America.  So what’s the problem with a little more socialism? they say.


     At least the followers of Bernie Sanders are being honest about it.  However, socialism of any kind is antithetical of the concept of liberty.  So while I don’t feel the Bern, I can smell the Bern – it is the smell of the United States Constitution finally being burned as no longer being relevant to the far-leftists of the Donkey Party.


     Having said that, Bernie Sanders has little chance of being the Democrat nominee, as the fix was in from the beginning.  The only way Sanders even has a shot at the nomination is for Hilary to be indicted, at which time the Democrat establishment will turn to someone like Joe Biden to prevent a landslide defeat under Sanders.


     Meanwhile, on the other side, Donald Trump continues to act like a spoiled brat when he loses.  Having been outmaneuvered by Ted Cruz for delegates in Colorado, Trump threw a temper tantrum, accusing Cruz, the Republicans in Colorado, and the Republican National Committee of cheating, operating a corrupt process, and various and sundry offenses.


     The truth is that the rules in Colorado were well publicized long ago.  Trump did not bother himself to learn those rules or to hire someone to learn them for him so that he could compete for the delegates.  Trump has no one to blame but himself, but like a spoiled child who loses a game, Trump blames everyone but himself for his own shortcomings.


     Haven’t we has enough of someone who was not prepared for his job and who blamed others for his lack of performance these last seven years?  Time to man-up, Trump.  If you want to be the president, start acting like a true leader.  Do your homework, and when you fail, admit it and take the blame yourself.


     Finally, Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert in North Carolina to express his displeasure with that state requiring people to use the right rest room.  Funny thing, Springsteen doesn’t like what the North Carolina legislature and governor do, so he punishes his fans who bought tickets to see him perform.


     But who knew that it would be so easy to keep Springsteen out of an entire state?  And who needs to hear his howling anyway?  Springsteen never could actually sing, and has been washed up for a long time.


     Springsteen isn’t the only far-leftist upset with North Carolina.  Apple, Google, Facebook, Pay-Pal, the National Basketball Association and the NCAA have all either boycotted or threatened economic measures against the state.  My question is this: What kind of perverts run these organizations, who want to allow men into the ladies’ rest room?



[Dave Gunn is the nom de plume of Dr. David E. Gonnella, Pastor of the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church.  The opinions expressed are his own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the church or its membership]