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MISSOURI MULES? OR JUST JACK-ASSES?- 11-12-15 PDF  | Print |  E-mail



11-12-15                                                                                                                                               by Dave Gunn

       The recent incidents at the University of Missouri leave anyone with a sense of propriety just shaking his head in disbelief.  Who is in charge?  Who has the courage to stand up to rabble-rousers?  How did such wimps ever rise to head up a university and a sports program?

     The genesis of this display of the inmates running the asylum is an issue that should be addressed.  It appears that some white students were using racist language towards some black students.  The black students asked the school administration to take action.  Now anyone knows that the PC oriented leadership of any state university will do all it can to root out racism (while allowing and even encouraging discrimination against Bible-believing Christians).  Of course, the people who perpetrate it must be caught before action can be taken.

     The efforts of the university administration to ferret out the offenders was not good enough for some of the black students, who began to hold protests with one even going on a hunger strike.  Demands were made.  The white president, Tim Wolfe, was told that he must identify himself as one who profited from white privilege, apologize for the police arresting violent demonstrators, and resign.

     Then about 30 black members of the football team threatened to boycott the next game if Wolfe did not comply with their demands.  The head coach, in a display of cowardice unworthy of a leader of young men, sided with the boycotting players.  What he should have done is to assemble the team, inform them that the team was all about football and not politics, and tell them that anyone who did not suit up for the game would be removed from the roster and their place given to someone who really wants to play football.  Further, if they had scholarships those would be revoked and given to others more worthy.  That is what a real man would have done.  Apparently, the Missouri head coach is lacking in the requisite testosterone to make such a stand.

     The university president, Tim Wolfe, also showed himself a wimp when, instead of telling the protesters “I am president of the university and will remain so, get used to it!” he caved in and resigned, as did the chancellor.  So the students learned a real lesson.  They learned that if they raise enough sand (a Georgia expression) they can get whatever they want.

     This has all resulted in further demands on the university that the black students  -who make up less than 10% of the enrollment – have an equal role in choosing administration officials, that a “comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum” be installed with mandatory attendance for all students, faculty, staff and administration (in other words, communist-style retraining classes), and other ridiculous demands.

     Not surprising, other college campuses are beginning to boil up with students (who apparently do not have enough academic work to occupy their time and attention)  making similar demands on their administrations.  Whether the leaders of those schools will stand up to the rabble-rousing remains to be seen, but in American academia, it is woefully doubtful.

     This is the result of a liberal mindset in education that has focused much more on the rights of students – real or imagined  - and not the responsibilities of students.  Young people, taught from kindergarten on up, to believe that they have a right to not be offended by anything, and that they can have their way by throwing temper tantrums will continue to do so until someone with a harder forehead butts heads with them.


[Dave Gunn is the nom de plume of Dr. David E. Gonnella, pastor of the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama.  The opinions expressed are his own, and do not necessarily represent those of the church or its membership]