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An Appeal to Mo Brooks’ Supporters 9-12-17 By Dave Gunn I know how you feel. I’ve been there more times than I care to remember. The most recent time was during the Republican Presidential Primary when my favorite candidate, Ted Cruz was had to co PDF  | Print |  E-mail

An Appeal to Mo Brooks’ Supporters

9-12-17    By Dave Gunn



      I know how you feel.  I’ve been there more times than I care to remember.  The most recent time was during the Republican Presidential Primary when my favorite candidate, Ted Cruz was had to concede that he had no viable path to the nomination and bow out of the race.


      At that point, I had a choice to make.  I could stay home on election night and allow Hillary Clinton to be elected President of the United States, or I could back a man who was not my first choice.  I felt I had to do all I could to keep the Hildebeast out of the White House, and so I did all I could to help Donald Trump.


      I have not regretted my decision.  True, Trump has not been the president that Ted Cruz would have been, but he is much better than Hillary.


      In the Alabama Senate Primary, your candidate, Mo Brooks, waged and good and honorable campaign.  On the night of the voting, Judge Roy Moore complimented Brooks for the clean and honest way in which he competed.


      It is quite possible that Mo Brooks would be in the runoff but for the scurrilous and lying attacks waged on him by Luther Strange.  Funded by the Senate Leadership Fund, the front for the McConnell/Rove Washington establishment Republicans who have sold out the Trump agenda, Strange was able to wage a campaign and smear against Mo Brooks and Roy Moore.


      Were it not for the vicious attacks that Strange made against Brooks, the runoff might well be between Mo Brooks and Roy Moore – two men of integrity and honor.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a choice between two such men?


      Unfortunately for Mo Brooks, the avalanche of lies and slanders was too much to overcome.  Unlike Roy Moore, Brooks did not have a state-wide base of support, and so was eliminated from the runoff.


      Now you have a choice.  You can stay home and let Luther Strange reap the reward of slander, or you can make Roy Moore your second choice.  Like Mo Brooks, Roy Moore takes his Christianity seriously, while Luther Strange talks Christian from one side of his mouth and talks lies and slanders from the other side.  Ask yourself: Did Luther Strange treat Mo Brooks in a Christian manner?


      Mo Brooks and Roy Moore are kindred spirits in strong conservatism.  That is why Mitch McConnell and the Senate Leadership Fund gave Strange millions of dollars to use in attack ads against both Brooks and Moore.  McConnell knows that, as Mo Brooks is a member of the “Freedom Caucus” in the House of Representatives, he could not control him like he can control Luther Strange.  Nor can he control Roy Moore, and so more millions of Washington dollars are being used to attack him.


      Perhaps you are wondering about the accusations against Roy Moore. I would be surprised if you would give them any credence at all.  After all, you didn’t believe the accusations Strange made against Mo Brooks.  Still, those who live in the light need not fear the darkness. Let’s take a look at the most serious accusations and the truth:

1. Roy Moore is accused of taking a large salary as Chief Justice of Alabama.  He did.  What is wrong with that?  He didn’t steal the money.  The salary for the Chief Justice is set by the Alabama State Legislature, not by Moore.  By the way, I don’t remember Luther Strange refusing a penny of his large salary as State Attorney General.

2. Roy Moore is accused of taking a million dollars in salary from a charity.  Judge Moore, acting as attorney for the charity, did a million dollars in work for the charity, and so is properly owed the money.  However, as the charity could not afford that much, he was not paid that much.  He did the work anyway.  By the way, the work he did for the charity, the Foundation for Moral Law, was to defend it against lawsuits by such anti-God and un-American groups as the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

3. Moore is accused of using the charity to send out campaign literature.  That is not true and Strange knows it.  The Foundation for Moral Law has only issued statements defending itself against the lying accusations that Strange has made against it.


      So Luther Strange, having knocked Mo Brooks out of the race with vicious accusations funded with millions of dollars in Washington establishment money, hopes you will stay at home and allow him to win a high office with low tactics.  He hopes that, on Tuesday, September 26th, you will give him a pass for what he did to your favorite candidate.


Will you?



[Dave Gunn is the nom de plume of Dr. David E. Gonnella, Pastor of the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama.  The opinions expressed are his own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the church or its membership.]