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1/16/17      by Dave Gunn


Obama Administration Post Mortum


     While Democrats in Washington are defiant, and leftist Hollywood types are indignant, and liberal snow flake college students are traumatized, some of us are grateful to see the Obama Administration come to an end.  There will be no “third term of Obama” through the election of Hillary Clinton, so when January 20th arrives, the long night will be over and a new day will dawn on the United States of America.


     Let us look back over the last eight years of the national stewardship of Barack Hussein Obama.  Perhaps the best way to analyze the success or failure of President Obama is to match his promises and rhetoric with the results.


     Obama promised the most transparent administration in the history of America.  What we got was an administration that was secretive to the point of being Nixonian.  Freedom of Information requests were routinely denied, delayed, and fought at every turn.  Over and over the Administration stalled and denied requests by Congress for officials to testify and provide needed documents for the Constitutional oversight with which they were charged.


     We were also promised that the Obama Administration would be the most ethical in history.  What we got was the most corrupt cesspool of scandal ever to occupy the executive branch of our government.  To name just a few: [1] The Fast and Furious gun running operation, conducted by the Justice Department, wherein guns were sold to drug cartels to track their movement.  One such gun was tracked to the murder of a border patrol agent.  [2] The Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative individuals and organizations.  The cover-up on this one continues to this day.  [3] The Benghazi situation, in which our ambassador to Libya begged over and over for increased security and was denied, only to die with three other Americans in an obvious terrorist attack that was labeled a “demonstration” by the State Department.  This lie was repeated five times on network television by Susan Rice.


     Obama also said that he would take a bi-partisan approach to governing, and then the first thing he did was lock out Republicans from discussions he had with Democrats to craft both the Porkulus Stimulus and Obamacare.  Republican ideas were not even considered, as in the early years of his administration Obama had majorities in both houses of Congress and steamrolled the Republicans at every turn.


     Speaking of the Porkulus Stimulus, we were told that it would fund millions of “shovel ready” jobs.  What it did was line the pockets of every special interest Democrat group Obama could find.  Later, Obama admitted that there were no shovel ready jobs.  He simply lied about it.


     Speaking of lying, how about Obamacare?  The President said that you could keep your doctor, keep your insurance plan, and that health insurance rates would go down an average of $2,500.00 per family.  Millions of Americans lost their doctor, lost the health plan they wanted, and costs have skyrocketed.  This coming year health insurance premiums will rise an average of 25% nationally.


     What about the economy?  Obama promised jobs, and has crowed about creating 25-million jobs.  However, he does not talk about all the jobs that have been lost.  Right now almost 90-million Americans who want to work either cannot find a job or are stuck in a part-time job that replaced their full-time job.  Meanwhile, we have seen the lamest recovery from a recession in the history of our nation.


     Speaking of the recovery, Obama claimed to have pulled us out of the recession. However, all the economic indicators have shown that we came out of the recession before any of Obama’s policies went into effect.  In truth, the Obama economic plan put the brakes on the recovery and seriously weakened it.


     Obama claimed, and still claims to be a Christian.  Yet the social policies of his administration have been anti-Christian on every front.  From unfettered abortion to same-sex marriage to taking nuns to court to importing Muslim refugees while ignoring persecuted Christians, Obama has displayed an anti-Christian attitude.


     Eight years ago, I said that Barack Obama was a small man in a job too big for him.  Nothing since then has changed my assessment. I used to say that Jimmy Carter was the worst president in the history of our nation.  Barack Obama almost makes me yearn for the Carter years - - almost.




[Dave Gunn is the nom de plume of Dr.David E. Gonnella, Pastor of the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama.  The opinions expressed are his own, and do not necessarily express those of the church or its membership.]