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Dear CSC Family,

As we get ready to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, a hopeful event if ever there was one, it is also true that these are indeed some very dark moments in American of history, which make it difficult to see hope in the material world that we are part of and struggling with on a daily basis. There is nothing new about Americans having to live in dangerous times during the holy time of Christmas--Washington's surprise attack at Trenton on Christmas morning came at one of the lowest points in the Revolution; Three weeks after the disaster at Pearl Harbor, FDR had to rally the country to face the dire circumstances of AXIS victories against allied defeats across the globe. The point is not to compare dangerous times--it is to reflect on how different generations have handled their own challenges.  Three years ago, in 2012, after Obama somehow won a second term, I wrote to you the following:

"If Christmas brings us hope because of the arrival of our Savior, Jesus Christ, then this Christmas season should be one that we reflect on the challenges, but also commit ourselves to not giving up because to do that is to concede to the devil his victory over the light. If we expect to get out from under the dark shadows visited upon our country, then we cannot give up hope.  CSC is committed to a message of hope for the next year because we truly believe that "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that enough good men [and women] do nothing"--Edmund Burke was right in the 18th Century and we can all see how correct he was by seeing what is happening today. We all need to stay the course--the storm will pass, but for a time, the seas will be rough--CSC will weather the storm with your help and support. The stakes are too great for us to fail and as long as we stay united and hopeful, we won't fail, despite the setback we have to endure as a result of Obama's re-election.

The theme that we could not give up, that we had to stay the course, because the stakes were so high are more salient today than in 2012. Despite how down all of us were due to Obama's victory, we rallied ourselves and hung in there helping to keep hope alive through our commitment to God and Country. In our own way, we helped the GOP take back the Senate last year, we helped mobilize Baldwin County to defeat an unjustified tax increase, and we kept pressure on the Legislature to repeal Common Core. Given where we were in November of 2012, I'm proud to say that CSC did its part not to throw in the towel when it would have been easy to do so.  But, my friends, I believe that we are facing an even graver threat today due to what Obama has done and what he has not done--let me explain.

Domestically, we have all seen how Obama has destroyed the vital God-centric core values that were part of the Founding of America--values we have believed in as part of our Judeo-Christian heritage and values that he and his followers have now labelled as bigoted; we have witnessed his incitement of racial animosities and the growth of radical street groups like "Black Lives Matter"; we have further witnessed his fanning of class divisions through not just his rhetoric emphasizing the "One Percent"(as do Bernie Sanders and Hillary!), but in the government's tilt to support various protest groups such as the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd; we have witnessed him undermine the police in our communities as seen in spreading the lies about Ferguson and the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" propaganda; importantly, he has allowed illegal immigrants to flow into the country, creating a possible terrorist threat as well as a documented health and welfare crisis for local communities, and now, he wants to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees who will not be vetted and whose ranks ISIS has said it wants to infiltrate; worse, in many respects though is Obama's releasing thousands of illegal criminal aliens from jails to prey on innocent American citizens. All of these have created a climate of hate and discontent that could easily spill over into actual violence in our streets--true enough. But how many of us do not believe that this is all part of Obama's plan to not only "transform" America, but really to destroy it?


As bad as those are, I would argue that his deliberate lack of seriousness in trying to "degrade and destroy" ISIS, tells an even worse tale about Obama's motivations and why we are facing a threat that is no different than what FDR faced in 1941,and significantly worse than what George Bush did after 9/11.  The reason it is possible to say that is that you just have to watch what Obama said and then "did not do" as ISIS grew from a regional threat to a global threat--it smacks of his being the "Manchurian Candidate" in every respect.  Despite being given intelligence about ISIS in the fall of 2013, that December he called them the "JV" team; the spring of 2014 he watched them take Mosul and was forced to help the Yazidis in the summer of 2014; he then went on TV in September of 2014 and announced he was going to degrade and destroy ISIS--last June he said on TV, he really had no plan to defeat ISIS. Then we saw the refugee crisis blow up in Europe and the attacks on Paris took place and then San Bernardino. You all saw Obama's reaction--mad at GOP for jumping on him; mad at "cable news" for hyping the attacks and scaring people; claiming "Climate Change" was a greater threat than terrorism; blaming lack of "gun control" for the ability of the San Bernardino terrorists to get guns used in the killings (even though California has some of the most restrictive gun laws!)--and on and on. Even today he refuses to do what just about every serious military strategist says is the key to protecting America from ISIS: it must be destroyed in Syria and air power alone will not do the job.


Obama has procrastinated for almost two years in coming to terms with ISIS--isn't it time we all ask why? And as we ask why, shouldn't we also be prepared to once again, as we all did after 2012, engage ourselves to fight the cancer that is Obama's approach to domestic and foreign affairs before it really is too late? Some say it may be too late--I understand why--in 2014 the GOP was given the power to stop Obama and did not do it; we just witnessed another GOP collapse, using tired excuses to weasel out of their latest perfidious actions. So, yes, the landscape looks dismal, but I would argue that we still have a shot as taking back our country with the right person in the White House--someone who will actually fight for our values and fight for America.


So, in closing, if Christmas does raise our hopes in a spiritual way, let it also raise our spirits to accept God's challenges to us as other generations did--now is not the time to give into the radical Leftists in Washington--as Tom Paine said in 1776 in his Common Sense, "The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from service to his country." We have never fell into either one of those categories and I urge you to reflect upon what Paine said and apply it to our time today. Obama has created a crisis that not only involves domestic civil unrest, he has deliberately closed his eyes to the existential threat that radical Islam poses in its many forms and has thus opened the homeland to attack. We must join the fight to stop him and elect someone who can turn the country around--that means we must remain in the fight. With God's blessing in our righteous cause, we will prevail, BUT ALL OF US NEED TO JOIIN THE FIGHT THIS TIME.


I'm sorry for having to dwell on such negative things at this joyous time, but we have always responded to challenges in the past and I know we will all respond to this one. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thanks to all of the CSC family for their support throughout last year! Dr. Lou