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Louis J. Campomenosi, Ph.D.

 Dr. Lou Campomenosi

(CSC President & Speaker) 

     Louis J. Campomenosi, Ph.D., a retired career-Marine & Gulf War veteran, is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Tulane where he is teaching a variety of political science courses on the War on Terror, the Vietnam War, International Relations, and American Government.

     Dr. Campomenosi is the founder and executive director of The Louisiana Foundation for the Study of the Vietnam War and author of a book under review at Texas Tech University Press entitled Vietnam, U.S. Policy and the New York Times: A Reinterpretation of the Times’ Editorial Coverage, 1945-65.

     Since retiring from the Marines in 1992, he has taught several courses at LSU, UNA, USM, and Tulane on International Relations, American Foreign Policy, War on Terror, American Government, American Political Philosophy and a course on Vietnam entitled Vietnam: Policy and Process. He has presented a number of papers on Vietnam and the New York Times at Texas Tech’s Center for the Study of the Vietnam War.

     Dr. Campomenosi has also participated in many panels on the Vietnam War and on American Foreign Policy; hosted a four-part television series on Vietnam that aired in Baton Rouge in 2001; participated in a debate on the Iraq War at LSU in February 2003, defending the justice of the war; and in March 2006 in another debate at USM’s Gulfport Campus argued that Iraq was a “war of necessity, not choice.”

     While at USM, he wrote several columns in the Biloxi Sun Herald about the Iraq War and one on Homeland Security with his former Tulane colleague Professor David Clinton. In addition, he has spoken at numerous local public organizations on various aspects of the War on Terror and “Threats to the Constitution”.

     More recently, as a result of losing their home in Bay St. Louis during Katrina, Dr. and Mrs. Campomenosi moved to north Alabama, where he taught at the University of North Alabama in Florence and continued to teach at Tulane by commuting once a week to teach classes there. Dr. Campomenosi became involved with the tea party movement in Florence and spoke at the first rally on April 15th, 2009 and at three more rallies before he and his wife left Florence in the summer of 2009.

     Since moving to Daphne, Dr. Campomenosi has been involved with the Common Sense Campaign on the Leadership team and also serves as a Speaker and Board member.   Lou gives well-liked Constitutional Seminars.