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Veterans Day has a special place for all patriots because we realize that without our Veterans who protected our freedom and liberty through their sacrifices in so many wars, we would not be enjoying the legacy of freedom our Founders gave to us.


CSC has had many Veterans Day events and we had hoped to have one this year, but we felt that there were so many different events taking place,  that it made more sense to take advantage of what had already been planned throughout our area. Still, I feel bad that we did not do our own Veterans Day event, simply because they have always been very special and they come from the heart and focus on CSC's own Veterans, which I think is important and has always contributed to the feeling that the program was speaking directly to our Veterans, not just an audience of strangers.


 In any event, despite not having a CSC program, I do want to make sure all of the Veterans in CSC know that we appreciate all of your sacrifices and hope that this Veterans Day finds you as hopeful for the future as we are given the beginning of a New Day in America with the ending of Obama’s presidency and his political moves to the Radical Left. This New Day will include a place where Veterans will not only be saluted on one day every year, but will be a time when they will begin to receive the tangible benefits for their service that has been such a problem due to the scandal in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). I realize our Veterans did not serve to receive “benefits,” but I also know that many have serious  medical problems as a result of their service and the VA scandal has to be taken care of once and for all so that our deserving Veterans receive what we, the recipients of their sacrifices, owe them--the sooner the VA is fixed, the better.


So, on this Veterans Day, all of us in CSC stand and salute all of our Veterans and THANK YOU for your service to our wonderful country!


God bless our Veterans, our state of Alabama, and the United States of America! Dr. Lou


PS: Please take a minute to watch this short video of an inspirational rendering of the National Anthem!