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22 Sep. 2016


Dear Friends and Patriots,


       My, my, things do seem to be warming up, don't they?

       For a long while I predicted a "hot" summer.  It wasn't nearly as hot as I feared.  Sometimes being wrong is a great thing.  But, now it appears autumn might be our season of excessive heat.  Recall that I linked provocations and organized chaos to the elections.  I stated my belief that if Hillary's campaign appeared to falter events would prove interesting, and the plans to steal or even cancel Election Day would be put into play.

       The summer didn't seem to warrant chaos.  Hillary's polling lead seemed secure and The Donald made gaffe after gaffe.  It was the Republican Party in panicked disarray, not Hillary and the New Progressive Party (née the Democrats).  But, The Donald began exhibiting a bit of message discipline and Hillary's own desultory campaign style began to backfire.  The constant, obviously provable accusation of "LIAR!" was beginning to take its toll, and the prevarications only seemed to multiply, with questions of health thrown in for added emphasis.  Then Hillary decided to toss a very large segment of the population into the same basket, declaring us all “deplorables.”  That was a fine move, huh?  The coup de grace quickly followed - the cough/flu/pneumonia saga, which would have been avoided entirely by any normal person.

       Today it appears Hillary's camp is actually stealing some of The Donald's own words.  Imitation in this instance isn't flattery; it's another sign of desperation.

       Desperation is a dangerous emotion in a Clinton.  Stories have long been told of people who expired during periods of Clintonian desperation.  They've never been conclusively proven, but do you know of anyone not in the Mafia or Russian politics with as many rumors of untimely death attached to them?  I certainly can't prove any of those many stories.  Well, maybe the Benghazi one.  I think anyone who understands how decisions are made in Washington and who understands the official responsibilities of the Secretary of State knows the truth of that sorry episode.  But, there have been no charges pressed against Hillary by an entity with legal standing.  To Hillary, no charge equals no crime committed.  What's all the fuss?  What difference does it make, anyway?

       Desperation.  Yes, if you are watching events in Charlotte you should see desperation on display.  Progressives need to do something.  The Donald scored big with his "What do you have to lose?" question.  Yes, the usual race-baiters whined that Donald insulted an entire minority class, yet their fear was evident.  How does one answer to pure facts of $20T "invested" over the span of 50 years with no measurable improvement in the lives and livelihoods of the targeted population?  Now, the scenes of The Donald parading around with well-known black people, visiting inner city neighborhoods and speaking in black churches - isn't that just plain scary?  He's actively working inside Hillary's back yard.  It’s driving progressives crazy.

        Another point Republicans have hammered home, another irrefutable fact, regards Chicago, the home planet of progressivism.  The statistics on shootings and murders in that town are staggering.  Yet, there are no demonstrations there.  Little children die, but because the killers share the same skin hue as the victim, the incidents merit no protest, no march, no riot.  No one dares to answer the why of it all.  We know, don't we?  But, there's no mileage there, which betrays the truth of the so-called Black Lives Matter movement.  


       The protests are political set pieces, intended to inflame, provoke, and motivate.  With black community interest in the election waning, there's need for stimulation.  It's all about votes.  It has always been about votes.  Trump is right on this.  It should be obvious, but nobody likes to be reminded they're being played for suckers, and the vast majority of minorities who dwell on the New Plantation have been just that for the past 50 years.  They realize it.  They realized it back when that other Clinton was president; you know, our first black president.  What did he offer them except words?  The welfare reforms of the 90s; they were part of the Contract With America, not Clinton's actual doing.  Bill Clinton always takes credit for welfare reform when facing an audience that views it as positive, but is equally quick to duck and point at Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey if the audience appears hostile.


       My slightly fractured crystal ball tells me we'll see no phony crisis go to waste during the next two months.  We'll see all of Alinsky's rules in play.  We'll see many more embarrassing data breaches and hear slanders by the hour.  We'll also hear hints of voter fraud.  How hard is that with early voting and lax rules on absentee ballots?  How hard is it with the spiffy new digital electronic voting machines?


        What can end this nation-wide scam?  Julian Assange might help out.  Many of us are waiting on his October Surprise.  Continuously looping a video track with Hillary's top 100 lies and other sins 24/7 might help, too.


          Polls indicate softening in Hillary’s numbers.  The Donald is picking up a point here and there, steadily gaining nationwide and outpointing Hillary in several battleground states.  The Democratic Party will pull out all the stops in their efforts to get voters to the polls.  They’ll empty out the nursing homes, ambulatory care facilities, and retirement villages by providing free bus transportation.  They’ll send other busses to roam through public housing areas, broadcasting party messages through loudspeakers and offering rides to polling sites.  There’s really nothing new there.  They’ve done it before.  If Republicans want their share of those votes, they need to adopt the same strategies.


          Republicans need to commit to doing everything possible to get all the votes they can.  Are there enough out there?  I think so.  I also believe there are far more crossover votes than anyone except The Donald claims.  We’ll all see, won’t we?


          Meanwhile, I don’t plan on getting much sleep for the next six weeks.  You shouldn’t either.  National events are likely to be disturbing and compelling.  The possibilities of a Clinton presidency are disturbing on an entirely different level.  It’s a scenario fraught with peril.  Many believe a Clinton presidency would spell the end of our republic.  We know the progressives are intent on finalizing their plan to make our nation a socialist paradise, just as they’ve done in Britain, France, Germany, and all those other Edens of the world.  Who can sleep with so much at stake?


          One other thing you need to think about.  As bad as things are in our nation today; as bad as they might be under a Clinton regime, this is still the best country on Earth.   What does that say about the state of our planet?


          If we can’t save ourselves what chance do we have to help any other country?   America, WAKE UP!


In Liberty,