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19 Aug. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          In my missive dated 25 July, entitled “What Is Important?” I took the position that our national debt is the single most important issue for the future of our country.  I still stand by that opinion.  This article is intended to reinforce the points made by revealing a bit about who exactly intends to facilitate our nation’s fiscal demise.

          Yesterday I received an E-mail from my good friend Janet Traverna, who lives in Fairhope, AL.  Janet forwarded an article by Jim Robb of NumbersUSA.  The article has some rather earthshaking statements in it that prompted me to change the orientation of today’s article.

          The gist of the NumbersUSA pitch is this:   globalist billionaires have organized and are leading the lobbying charge for open borders.  Hillary Clinton has promised to push a sweeping amnesty bill within her first 100 days if elected.  The globalist billionaires will pave the way to get legislation enacted that will not only ensure all illegal aliens currently within our border can remain in the country, but will open the floodgates for many, many more.

          Who exactly are these “globalist billionaires,” and how are they organized?  Their names are familiar to most who follow big business and politics in our nation.  Here are just some of them:

Mark Hurd

Chairman, CEO and President of Hewlett-Packard

Robert Iger

  President and CEO, Walt Disney Co.

J.W. Marriott, Jr.

Chairman and CEO of Marriott International, Inc.

Jim McNerney

  Chairman, President and CEO of Boeing

Rupert Murdoch

  Chairman, CEO and Founder of News Corporation

Julián Castro

  Mayor of San Antonio

Michael Bloomberg

  Former Mayor of New York City

Michael Nutter

  Mayor of Philadelphia

Antonio Villaraigosa

  Mayor of Los Angeles


You can find these people named and many more by going to their organization’s web site at:      The name of the organization is “Partnership For A New American Economy.”  Catchy, isn’t it?   It sounds very progressive, doesn’t it? 

          Wikipedia describes the organization as:

The Partnership for a New American Economy is a coalition of business leaders and mayors launched by Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch to influence public opinion and policymakers toward comprehensive immigration reform. "The partnership will enable Mayors and CEOs to demonstrate to policymakers the vital role that immigration plays in our economy by publishing studies, conducting polls, convening forums, and sponsoring public education campaigns." Among other goals, the partnership will pursue Congress and the White House to enact legislation which will create "a path to legal status for all undocumented immigrants now in the United States". The partnership will seek to influence "by publishing studies, conducting polls, convening forums, and sponsoring public education campaigns".

That’s Wikipedia’s take on what they know.   Would you like to see some things right from the organization’s web page.  I just know you do.  At least, you should.   Here’s what they state as their principles:

The Partnership Principles

  • Secure our borders and prevent illegal immigration through tougher enforcement and better use of technology;
  • Develop a simple and secure system for employers to verify employment eligibility and hold businesses that are not compliant, or abuse visa programs, accountable for their actions;
  • Increase opportunities for immigrants to enter the United States workforce — and for foreign students to stay in the United States to work — so that we can attract and keep the best, the brightest and the hardest-working, who will strengthen our economy;
  • Create a streamlined process by which employers can get the seasonal and permanent employees they need, when Americans aren’t filling vacant jobs;
  • Establish a path to legal status for the undocumented currently living in the United States with requirements such as registering with the federal government, learning English, paying taxes and following all laws; and
  • Strengthen federal, state, local, and employer-sponsored programs that offer English language, civics, and educational classes to immigrants.

Take a moment or two and think about what you’ve just read.  Consider the first two points.  Those are very “Jeb Bush-like” don’t you think?  Of course, sealing the border is infinitely easier to say than do.  Note they use “secure” instead of “seal.”  According to our current President our border is as secure as it’s ever been.  Tougher enforcement?  Any enforcement would be tougher, so what does that statement imply?  Better use of technology?  To do what?  And that second bullet contains something uproariously funny, if you’ve been paying attention.  Recall that Disney recently gave pink slips to a bunch of employees.  Remember they told them their dismissal was immediate unless they agreed to stay on and train their H-1B visa carrying replacements.  So, The Partnership has a principle that Disney flagrantly violated, even though Bob Iger is one of their founding members.  NICE!  I guess they aren’t concerned about little things like credibility and ethics.

     The remaining four principles above are easy to understand.  They shriek “OPEN BORDERS!”  That’s what this whole organization is really about.  That’s what globalists are really about.  The people who are principles in The Partnership aren’t concerned about petty things like the ones Michael Savage refers to as the cornerstone of any nation:  borders, language and culture.  Indeed, if you have no borders you have no claim to nation status.  If you have no recognized official language that all are taught to speak, you have constant social friction.  If you don’t guard against changes in those cultural attributes that define your nation you can bet it will eventually either dissolve into chaos or mutate into some unrecognizable other (America becomes Amerika or Lamerica).

     Allow me to occupy a bit more of your time.  I want to do a few more citations from the Partnership For A New American Economy web page.  Read and heed their words.  If you don’t understand what their objectives are you may not recognize them when they’re at work in your own community, which in many cases they are. 

     This is what they have to say regarding immigration and labor-intensive industries:

Immigrants working in labor-intensive industries are critical to the U.S. economy. The American workforce is becoming older and better educated, with only 7.4 percent of Americans now lacking a high school diploma, compared to over 50 percent in the 1960s. But labor-intensive workers are still needed for industries like manufacturing, agriculture, and construction. Immigrants specializing in labor-intensive industries complement the American workforce, create new opportunities for domestic-born workers, and are desperately needed by businesses.

With our true level of unemployment at or above 15%, do you believe this statement is true? 

          This is their statement about immigrants in high-skilled fields:

Immigrants play a vital role in America’s high-skilled fields. By 2018, America will face a projected shortfall of more than 200,000 advanced-degree STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) holders. More than half of all PhDs graduating from U.S. universities in many STEM fields are foreign-born, yet current immigration laws make it difficult or impossible for many foreign STEM students to stay in the United States after graduation and help fill the STEM-field workforce shortages.

Most of this is absolutely false.  Every year our colleges and universities produce more than the number of STEM graduates needed by our various industries.  We have never had a deficit, except for specific fields for short periods of time.  The myth of the deficit of STEM graduates has been perpetuated for years to justify outsourcing work to third world countries and importing talent at cheaper salaries.  Those CEOs on the list above – they all do it, as do many, many more.  Bill Gates prefers graduates of I.I.T. over those from M.I.T.  He’s not alone.  Open borders facilitates lower wage scales in developed nations.  Why do you think wages in the U.S. have been virtually flat for the past 30 years?  Could it be this game has been in play for far longer than most people understand?  Could it be that it actually started with CAFTA and then NAFTA?  Yes, it could be.       

          This is what they say about workers in agricultural fields (which was also specified under the labor-intensive category):

Farmers across the country depend on temporary labor to help grow their crops and their businesses. Immigrants help fill these vital positions, creating an additional 2 to 3 jobs for domestic-born workers in industries such as food packaging, shipping, and farming supplies. For many farms across the country, there are simply not enough native-born workers to work their fields.

While it’s true that our country has had migrant planters and harvesters for eons, those were the traditional seasonal “Green Card” workers.  That’s not what’s being discussed above.  The statement above is the justification used the most to promote blanket amnesty for all illegals within our borders.  There’s nothing there that hints at seasonal. 

          Here’s the bottom line on all this.  The billionaire class has organized into a Billionaire Cartel.  They’ve created their own lobbying organization and are using their incredible wealth to fund efforts to destroy the U.S. as a nation.  They aren’t alone.  There are similar groups all over the world, working in concert toward the same goals.  Their objective is to dissolve nation states in favor of a new global paradigm – the corporate state.  The corporate state is borderless.  The corporate state is multilingual and polycultural.  The corporate state exists for the welfare of the corporation and its shareholders.  Corporate states will eventually make their own laws and develop their own means of enforcing those laws.  Almost all people of the Earth are to be subjects of one or another corporate state.

          There are a few roadblocks to success in the corporate state model.  The fact that the United States of America exists is a roadblock.  It stands alone as the single greatest obstacle to the success of the Billionaire Cartel.  If Americans wake up to the reality of the game being played and are resolute in opposition to it, the Billionaire Cartel will fail.  If we ensure our politicians reject open borders agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership we have a chance of rejuvenating our economy.  Failing that, our economic slide into bankruptcy is a foregone conclusion.  The Billionaire Cartel will have had its way.

          Our massive debt load is the agent of America’s decline and possible destruction.   The Billionaire Cartel, acting through groups like Partnership for a New American Economy, serves as a major facilitator.

          It might help if you tell all your friends about this.  Our politicians need us to help them.  We have to watch and know.  We have to tell them what we see, hear and think.  Otherwise, they’ll listen to the voices of the Billionaire Cartel.  We have them outnumbered, but unless we all shout as one our voices may be drowned out by the sound of $100 bills dropping all around the heads of those politicians like visions of sugar plums on Christmas Eve.

          Do you want to see America continue?  Do you want your children and grandchildren to understand this nation as the special place it’s been for us and our ancestors?  If so, you need to pay heed and you need to get busy.  Stopping the Billionaire Cartel will be extraordinarily difficult.

          Know your enemy.  Name your enemy.  Develop strategies to defeat your enemy.  Or . . . capitulate.  There is no middle ground.

In Liberty,