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8 July 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          I have long maintained the 2016 general election will be stolen.  I’m convinced if there’s a need to do so there will be voter fraud on an unprecedented scale.  Not just dead folks voting, though that’s the most reliable block of voters the Democrats control.  No, there are many other ways, including rigged voting machines, software code that counts a vote in the ‘R’ column as a ‘D,” ballots from solidly red districts that mysteriously disappear, absentee ballots that can’t be found, etc.  There are many, many ways to steal an election.  In the upcoming election we should expect every possible game to be played simultaneously.  Then, again, it may not actually be necessary.  Just as there are many ways to rig an election, there are many ways to ensure a candidate legitimately wins.   Let’s think about that for a bit.

          Clinton doesn’t actually need to get more than 50% of the total votes in any state.  She certainly doesn’t need a majority nationwide.  The system doesn’t work that way.  Remember, folks, there’s that thing called the Electoral College, and it exists to do the actual voting for President, not you and not me.  Do you think it possible that votes can be bought among the electors?  If any is for sale, you can bet the asking price will be paid.  But, even so, getting electoral votes requires a majority of votes cast, not 51%.  A state’s electors can be assured with as little as 34% in a three-way race.  So, Clinton doesn’t need to try to buy any electors.  She needs only to outpoint all her opposition in enough states to guarantee a win.  How hard is that? 

Think about this:  the progressives (in the guise of the Democratic Party) have been buying votes for decades now, in the form of entitlements.   Conventional wisdom indicates most voters don’t vote based on principles, they vote their wallets.   The thought has always been that voters on entitlement programs will vote for candidates most likely to continue those programs.  We all know somewhere north of 45% of the households in American benefit from one form of entitlement or another, which progressives take as indicative of their natural power base.  In English, that means the Democrats believe they have a lock on the vast majority of those voters who receive government entitlements.  If the presidential race does end up being a three-way contest Hillary may have already won.  That is, if people behave as they are predicted to and the majority of those >45% vote to guarantee their payola.

If the race ends up being two-way there’s a slightly different way to examine the possibilities.  The Democrats have a solid lock on 20% of the electorate.  Those are the die-hard liberals and progressives, the “ideological left.”  Those people would rather cut a hand off than to vote for any Republican, or any other party other than the Democrats.  Conversely, about 35% of the nation identifies as conservatives of one kind or another, the Christian right, Tea Party members, etc. and they are 100% reliable Republican voters in a normal election year.  When you add those two percentages together you see about 55% of the electorate is pre-committed.  They will vote one way, and one way only.  The remainder, 45% are fringe party adherents and those who consider themselves to be independents.  You might think the battleground of the candidates would be focused upon those 45%, but if you do, you’ll be wrong.

Even though 45% is a very large number, that fact misleads.  Most of those who identify as independents make up their minds quite a long time before Election Day, and usually the final committed vote split is somewhere around 46% or 47% for each of the major parties.  At the end, there are somewhere between 4% and 6% who are truly undecided.  We all hear those numbers kicked around, but we don’t hear anyone discuss the truth of who those 4% to 6% are.  Think of it, though.  Right to the very end there are people who will vote based on the impression of the last political ad they see before they climbed into their Chevy or Kia and drive to the polling station.  There are people who play “eenie, meenie, miney, moe” in the voting booth.  There are people who squeeze their eyes shut and vote according to whichever button their finger happens to press.  Yes, that’s the 4% to 6%.  Those people shouldn’t be courted by the candidates, they should have their voting privileges suspended.  They’re really too stupid to be allowed to vote.  But, because we have no handy way to know who they are, we suffer their existence and THEY ARE THE ONES WHO DECIDE WHO OUR PRESIDENT WILL BE!  Isn’t it a great system?  All Hillary has to do to guarantee a victory is convince half of the dumbest voters in the nation to come over to her side.  It worked for Obama.  It may work for Hillary, too.

Earlier I brought up other parties.  In normal years other parties don’t skew the vote enough to matter.  Once in a while, though, things happen.  Remember a jug-eared little guy from Texas with a squeaky voice who ran in 1992.  Ross Perot ran a conservative/populist campaign that did a bit too well.  He siphoned off enough conservative votes from George H.W. Bush to guarantee the election of then-Governor William J. Clinton.  Yes, my friends, you have Ross Perot to thank for Bill Clinton’s election.  If he hadn’t run in 1992 we’d be in an entirely different mess today; possibly one we could tolerate much easier. 

Today we are seeing a stir in the Libertarian Party.  Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is running as their standard bearer again.  In a normal election he’d garner less votes than he did in 2012, when he set the Libertarian Party vote-getting record.  This year, though, we have a phenomenon that’s working very much in his favor.  That phenomenon is Donald J. Trump.  Mr. Trump has managed to provoke a schism in the Republican Party that’s working to the benefit of Gov. Johnson.  In this election year the normal calculus doesn’t work.  The Libertarians are poised to have their best year ever.  Oh, they’ll lose alright.  They have no possibility of winning.   They will be lucky if they win a single state.  But, they know that.  They know they can’t win.  They aren’t delusional.  They’ll lose, then go on to brag about getting more votes than ever in the history of their party.  It won’t matter much to them that Hillary Clinton’s path to her throne will be paved by Libertarian Party votes.  No, they’ll just party like it’s 1995, patting themselves on the back over their “success.” 

The Libertarian Party has a cover story in this election.  Some of their leaders are sensitive to the idea that a vote for the LP is a vote for Hillary.  They vehemently refute that notion, stating adamantly that they’ll draw just as many disaffected Democratic Party voters as they will the Never Trumpers.  Their pitch is the LP candidacy is party-neutral, therefore no one should begrudge them their efforts.  Their rationale is indicative of their complete lack of strategic thought and comprehension of the harm a Clinton presidency will do to our nation.

If the libertarians understood political strategy they’d know they should be doing everything possible to preclude a Democratic Party victory.  Their 2016 mantra would be “Stop Hillary At All Cost.”  They would find a way to forge an alliance with the Republican Party and line their people up to vote ‘R’ on Election Day.  As part of their agreement with the Republican Party they could dictate terms, then if those terms are violated, make the agreement public and organize for a strong run in 2016.  In other words, align behind Donald Trump as a matter of strategy, then work to unseat him if he turned out to be a disaster in office.   But, that’s not what the libertarians are going to do.  Instead, they’ll play the stalking horse role yet again, just as they did in the Virginia governor’s race, and they’ll risk helping Clinton win, just as they did for Terry McAuliffe.

This is such an abnormal year it almost defies explanation.  Mr. Trump is such an abnormal candidate he, himself, almost defies explanation.  I get it.  But some out there don’t.  The schism I mentioned earlier is potentially a big deal.  It’s explainable, though.   There are those who have made their living for decades by steering the Republican Party’s thought patterns this way and that.   Those people understand they have absolutely zero influence with Donald Trump, and will not with a Trump administration.  Because the next Republican president will reshape the Republican National Committee to his own liking, the current “grey beards” of the party know their days could be numbered.  So, instead of embracing the prospect of change, they’ve decided to become party anarchists and to blow it up.  George Will has quit the party.  He’s taken his toys and left the room.  Bill Kristol has announced himself a leader of the Never Trump corps.  They’re taking their friends along with them.  What’s gotten their goats?   Their livelihood is at stake.  A Trump presidency will relegate them to a very small back room.  The American Spectator will have little influence.  The National Review will become irrelevant.  Their prognostications and pontifications will become less valued than hot air on an August afternoon.  The only thing that will matter is the opinion of President Trump.  The self-appointed heirs of William F. Buckley will have no place at the table, and they can’t deal with it.  So, they’ve become anarchists and are working to burn the Republican house down.  If they succeed, they could well sway enough votes to guarantee Hillary’s victory.  They’ll sell out the nation, then point to Donald Trump and holler that it was all his fault.  How convenient!

I don’t relish the idea that I’ll vote for Donald Trump in November, but I am absolutely certain I will.  I’m a Never Hillary voter.  To vote for Hillary is to vote for the death of my own soul.  I’d rather someone shoot me.  And, I can’t vote for Gary Johnson, either.  I have nothing personal against Mr. Johnson.  I don’t find his dope-smoking ways appealing, but my problems with him are more about his defense and immigration policies than his dumb predilections.  To me, a vote for Johnson will be a vote for Hillary, regardless of any specious assurance by the Libertarian Party that it isn’t so. 

Now, allow me to deviate from this script for a bit and discuss why we are where we are.  I won’t dwell on this much, but do wish to point out that our nation seems to have completely lost touch with the reality of principles.  I understand the notion of principles and their utility in devising a personal life philosophy is not something young people are exposed to in any academic setting.  I find our current political dilemma is directly related to the lack of understanding of and appreciation for ethical principles.  Our younger citizens have no philosophic polar stars to guide them through their lives, and that is a failing of parents throughout our land.  Instead of being proper life-mentors far too many parents worried about paying for the next X-Box, better car, bigger house, swimming pool, or other material trapping designed to induce a momentary sense of pleasure into their day. 

Our children have largely been abandoned and shunted off to become effective wards of the public school systems across the nation.  We are now seeing the results.  It’s no accident that so many of our nation’s young buy Bernie Sanders’ anti-capitalist rants.  It’s no wonder they are willing to get on camera and demand a free college ride because, after all, they are alive and deserve it.  Our young have been induced through their academic experience to believe they are owed by the rest of society, and when they don’t get, they demand.  If the progressives aren’t turned back at the polls in November we should rightfully expect the phenomenon of entitled youth to only get worse.

There is only one answer, and that is to return to the days when schools educated the youth in civic responsibilities, principles of ethical governance, and disciplined behavior, and parents reassume their proper roles as the leaders and mentors of their families.  It doesn’t take a village to raise a child.  That notion is a >120 year old progressive concept that’s never been valid.  It encompasses the idea that children are the property of the state, not of the parents who brought them into being.  If we can’t re-learn how to parent, model and mentor, this nation is truly doomed.  A vote for Hillary, regardless of how that vote manifests, is a vote to continue the corruption of the young.

Remember that the mantra of the progressives is exactly the same as that of the socialists, which is identical to the one shouted out by Marxist-Leninist communists:  By Any Means Necessary!  Don’t aid and abet them in their quest to conquer America.   Don’t cast your vote in any way that could possibly help Hillary Clinton or any member of the current Democratic Party.  Everything rides on this election.  If we get it wrong, there may never be another chance to get it right.  That is their plan.


In Liberty,