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4 July 2016


Dear Friends and Patriots,


          Today we celebrate our nation’s birthday.  I apologize for not having this celebratory note out before today, but I didn’t want to add another note of idle chatter to an Internet full of such missives.  You all know I consider myself a patriot.  You all know I consider the founding of our nation to be something of a miracle from God.  And, you all know I consider our Founding Fathers to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, assemblages of humans in our world’s history.   So, forgive me if you consider me in need of forgiveness, but I didn’t actually think I needed to post an article for today.  But, I was wrong.


          Last night I was perusing my In-Box to see who had loaded it up with tripe and who had posted something of value.  My tripe to value ration is about 20:1 on a good day, and this one was no exception.   I hadn’t checked my mail in a few days, and I also had a couple with videos that I’d saved from a week or so ago, waiting on time and patience.  These days I’m woefully short of those commodities, and most of the time I don’t actually watch videos.  Last night was different.  My very good friend Dick Coffee had posted a video concerning BREXIT.  Since BREXIT is on everyone’s mind these days (or should be) I decided I should roll the video and see what had captured Mr. Coffee’s imagination so.  The link below is to that video:


          I encourage everyone who’s reading this to access the video and watch it to the end.  It’s almost 20 minutes long, and full of facts and factoids.  If expanded a bit it would make an excellent documentary on its subject area.   BREXIT is not something easy to grasp.  Heck, freedom isn’t a subject easy to grasp.   But, if you watch the video you’ll get a much firmer understanding of realities of the European Union that are rarely mentioned.  I won’t detail them here, to do so would be redundant.  The whole point of this note is to interest you in the video.  Suffice it to say that we rebelled against the rule of England’s King George III for far less than the British have suffered under the EU.


          Why discuss BREXIT on our nation’s birthday?  Because it’s 100% germane.  Our current government is intent on allying our nation with others in so-called trade partnerships that will have the exact same effect on America as the EU has on Britain.  The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are no more trade pacts than the EU.  They’re further steps on the road to globalization, the erasure of national borders.  I don’t want to flog a dead horse, so I won’t rant on about those two agreements.  Suffice it to say they’re designed to lead us to the place Great Britain is trying very hard to leave. 


          Our revolution was fought to rid Americans of the yoke of tyranny.  If you examine the EU today and the potential constructs of TPP and TTIP, what you should see are the mechanisms of the exact same kind of tyranny Americans died to eliminate.  It’s amazing that all those ancestors had clear-enough vision and understanding of the nature of freedom and liberty to believe dying was a preferred state to institutional slavery.  Are we as clear-eyed?  Are we as resolute?   Will we stand tall and demand our rights as free citizens of America, or will we be passive in our acceptance of the “inevitability” of globalization and the multiculturalism that it brings with it?  Will we see the thing we call “The American Way” die and be replaced by a drab, guaranteed existence of near misery, living just above the level of poverty?


          Make no mistake about this.  The video’s main point is made crystal clear.  The ultimate goal of globalization is to eliminate the middle-class.  The vision of the future is a bi-polar economy with the 1% or so elites who own and run everything on the planet, and the 99% of the rest of us living as we are dictated to live.  This is the true vision of Agenda 21 (or Agenda 3030 if you will).  This is the real New World Order the elites of the European Commission strive so mightily to achieve.  This is the reason they’re in such a snit in Brussels today.  They are seeing the first tangible challenge to their march toward global domination in 70 years.  They understand if Great Britain can’t be reined in, and soon, the NWO deal may be delayed for decades, and could even be off the table. If Great Britain succeeds, TPP and TTIP have little chance of being approved by the US Congress. 


          Today is America’s birthday, the day we celebrate the birth of real freedom and liberty on our continent.   Today is a great day to ask ourselves a few simple questions.  Do we want the freedoms and liberty our forefathers secured for us, the freedoms and liberty granted to us by God, or do we want something less?  Do we want to follow in the footsteps of the globalists and renounce our birthright?  


          Well, do we?


In Liberty,