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THE BRITISH CHOOSE FREEDOM – WHAT’S NEXT? 25 June 2016 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


25 June 2016


Dear Friends and Patriots,


          I hope you won’t accuse me of throwing cold water on a hot topic, but do you really comprehend enough about Thursdays’ BREXIT vote to realize it as a mostly a symbolic act?  Not that it isn’t a hugely symbolic act, it is.  But, there will be great mischief played in the coming months and years, and it remains to be seen exactly how independent Great Britain is to be.  She could end up being in a “special category” status with almost identical ties to Europe and the EU as now, only with a few visibly obvious “permissions” and “omissions” that give her the appearance of full sovereignty without actually having it.  In other words, the fat lady isn’t close to singing on this issue, and any grand ball to celebrate British independence is truly premature.


          The vote itself reveals Britain as a highly fragmented society.  The financial elites, college educated, retired ex-patriots, immigrant citizenry, and the political and governmental classes overwhelmingly voted for the status quo.  It was the average, “real” Brit who said, “Enough of this!”  The question now that should be in everyone’s head is, “What’s next?”


          The people may have spoken, but history tells us the politicians have their ways to placate the people and fool them into believing they’ve been heard, meanwhile going on about their sorry business as if nary a word has been uttered.  If pressure from the “Enough!” crowd isn’t maintained at a high level over the coming months and years, those who won the vote Thursday will be ignomiously sold out.  British politicians are like politicians everywhere.  The BREXIT vote was the opening salvo of a political war.  The people’s voice was heard on that day, and the people won a battle.  Who will win the war?


          If ever a people set themselves up to be tested, it’s the British, and it’s now.  The parallels to America in 1776 are there to be made.  Will the British fight their own, as Americans did when they provoked King George III with the Declaration of Independence?  That remains to be seen.  I have yet to see a manifesto that details the demands of the people.  We can easily comprehend they don’t like the ever-declining standard of living in Britain and the yoke of the EU Commission overlords.  But, how far are they willing to pursue their independence?


          My personal prediction on this is unless the Brits who voted to exit the EU form a workable and viable political network so they can all be known to each other and work in common toward common goals, their efforts to regain national sovereignty will, at best, only partially succeed.  What they need in Britain is their own version of America’s Tea Parties.  If a coordinated national movement does arise that knits all the freedom-loving British together they may well expect the same treatment our Tea Parties received.  They can expect to be denigrated at every turn.  They can expect to become political scapegoats, blamed for all ills in society that had heretofore been roundly ignored.  They can expect to be monitored by a governmental monolith that will fight them to their last breath.


          Yesterday I heard a new term uttered by a “stayer.”  The term was “ethnic nationalism.”  The speaker declared there was an unseen force in their land that was unhealthy and spreading.  You get the drift of his dialogue?  He’s using a euphemism for Nazi.  That utterance signaled the first assault on the people.  Their motives are being denigrated.  They would have voted to stay in the EU, but for their racist, xenophobic, Nazi tendencies.  Those of us who understand British history and know the Brits as the genetic mongrels they truly are find that tactic laughable, yet most of the world will buy into it.  It’s a grand slur, but one that could work, if not fought vigorously.


          The truth of Britain is they’ve always had immigration.  One of the principals of the old British Empire was that all people of the nations within the empire were citizens of the crown.  As the empire was disassembled after World War II the principle was continued in the emergent British Commonwealth.  Citizens of a Commonwealth nation were free to travel to and establish residency in any other Commonwealth nation.  If you were to visit England in the early 1970’s, as I did, you would have found a delightful mix of people from every corner of the globe; people with one primary thing in common – they were all British citizens.  In those days there was a high degree of assimilation.  Yes, there were enclaves of newer immigrants who were learning the ropes of English society, but the goal of most immigrants was to be accepted in full as English, not to re-establish their old ways in a new land.   That was then, this is now.


          The problem with immigration in Britain today is almost a direct parallel with the situation in America.  The rise of Islamism has set Britain up for future nightmare scenarios, and the Brits are finally and acutely aware of it.  Muslims have been in Britain for eons without any fuss.  But, the Islamists are all about fuss, and the British understand they have a truly difficult problem on their hands.  Couple that with three other factors and the death of British culture is assured.


          Factor one is the low birthrate among native Brits.  As in all of Europe the birthrate among native Brits is <2.0.   A culture can only be sustained for a couple of decades once the birthrate falls permanently below 2.0.  It’s just math.  The breeding-down of native Brits guarantees their future minority status.  British culture will die if there’s insufficient numbers of Brits to maintain it.  It’s simple, really.  And, the exact same thing is happening all over Europe.


          Factor two is the inability to control who comes and goes.  One EU requirement is for completely transparent borders.  All the legal barriers that used to keep the French in France and the Germans in Germany are gone.  Britain is now home to countless citizens of other nations of the EU who have moved there and taken up residency.  Another aspect of that same EU requirement is physical residency is all that’s necessary to claim on a host nation’s entitlement structure.  If a nation becomes host to a large population of “foreigners” who do not contribute their labor or expertise to that host, they create a significant drag on the nation’s economy.  Again, it’s simple.


          Factor three is the UN.  Yes, my friends, the EU caters to the whims of the UN.  Today the UN mandates which member nations will take refugees, and how many.  Refugees are allocated.  Oddly, member nations in the Arabian and Persian worlds seem to be spared the burden of hosting refugees from the Middle East.  Syrian and Iraqi refugees aren’t welcome in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Quatar, Bahrian or Iran.  All of those nations cite security concerns as their rationale for opting out.  Isn’t that fascinating?  The Brits have become tired of being a dumping ground for Middle Eastern refugees.  They currently have no control over the issue, just as we Americans don’t, and for exactly the same reasons.  The Brits have decided to try to do something about it.  


          Now, as to the future, I am not very optimistic.  I’m a natural cynic and skeptic.  It’s my nature.  I see a future where the governmental beast that is the British government conspires with that even worse beast that is the European Parliament and EU Commission against the will of the British people.  I see a future where Britain is allowed the superficial appearance of freedom and sovereignty without actually achieving it.  I see a future full of political games designed to fool the British people into thinking they not only won the battle, they won the war.


          This will be a long and hard fight.  The British are famously stubborn and persistent.   This may be their most important fight since the Battle of Hastings.  We who are invested in the principles of freedom and liberty will do well to watch the battles closely and take lessons from them.  We should help in all ways possible, always mindful that we could well be next.   If the British do persist in their quest and succeed, a miracle will have occurred and the course of history will perceptively change.  We should do all possible here in America to encourage just such a change.


In Liberty,