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14 June 2016


Dear Friends and Patriots,


          Another Islamist has struck.  This one now has the record for number of Americans killed.  It’s logical to wonder when the next attack will come, where, and how many innocents will fall.  It’s illogical to change the way you live and go about your daily business because you’re worried about it.  Terrorism is meant to provoke fear and to change behaviors.  The best way individuals combat terrorism is to ignore fear and be more aware.  It’s not easy, but necessary.


          The current story is now unfolding.  We’ll have our fill of it soon enough.  We’ll think we know the truth, when in fact we can only know part of it.  Much of the truth will remain unknown, through design or because some truths can never be known.  The design part will be because our government wants us to know some things, but not others.  They will tell us some things can’t be revealed; they’re classified.  They will say those things might reveal intelligence methods or some aspect of an ongoing anti-terrorism operation.


          One unique aspect of terrorism in America has to do with our Bill of Rights.  Terrorists use our rights against us.  They know we cherish certain rights and freedoms, like the freedom to come and go unhindered, like our freedom to purchase and keep arms, like our rights to individual privacy, like our freedom to practice any religion we choose.   Those rights and freedoms are exercised by terrorists, too.  They do so to hide among us, not because they cherish them as the rights of all Americans.  Our way of life as Americans helps to facilitate the cause of the terrorists who prey on us.


          Fighting terrorism in America poses a huge dilemma.  Are we to give up more of our rights to ensure we don’t fall prey to Islamists intent on our destruction?  We’ve already given much, thanks to the so-called Patriot Act.  The activities of the Islamists feed the old argument of security vs. liberty.  We all know Ben Franklin’s admonition on that issue.  But, what are we to do?


          It’s common sense to say we all need to be more vigilant.   We all need to keep our eyes open and our ears attuned to anything that just doesn’t seem right.  We all need to think of the need to pass our observations to local police authorities.  Potential terrorists are all over our nation today.  We all need to understand that our neighbors who seem perfectly assimilated and peaceful could be a sleeper cell, just lying in wait for their moment to activate and launch an attack.  It could happen in Omaha as readily as San Bernardino, or Wichita Falls just as much as Orlando.  There no longer is a place in this land that’s truly immune from an Islamist attack.   That being the case, we all need to accept that our protection does not lie in the U.S. military, the National Guard, or our state and local police.  Our protection lies with us, our kin, our co-workers, our friends and our neighbors.   We are on the front line!  In a fight against terrorists there is no rear area.  The enemy lives among us.  The next battleground could be a high school, a movie theater, a shopping mall, a factory, or a church in any town in our nation.   There is one watchword that we all must commit to:  SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.


          Those who are politically correct still want to tell us this is not a fight against Islam.  It’s a curious argument.  If the estimates are true, and the population of radical Islamists is about 1% of all Muslims, that means there’s well over ten million of them out there.  That’s just the radicalized ones.  What about those who would aid and abet them, just because they share the same religion and ideology?  Call them Muslim fellow travelers, if you will.   For every radicalized Muslim there could be as many as ten who would side with them as a matter of principle.  So, even though the world’s core terrorism problem may be ten million, there are many, many more who would help them and never lift a finger to help us.  Their common trait – a belief in Islam. 


Is it wise to trust a Sunni above a Shiite?  Does one of those sects view infidels any kindlier than the other?  Does one treat homosexuality or marital infidelity as lesser crimes than the other?   So, why would we trust a Saudi more than an Iranian?  Why do we consider Iran the greatest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, yet ignore the decades of Saudi financing for terrorists, including those who brought down the World Trade Center?  The PC politicians tell us it’s not a fight against Islam, yet overwhelmingly the enemies of western civilization today seem to hew to the same religion.  If the Brits, the French, the Swedes, and the Germans choose to be stupid, that’s their problem, but Americans don’t have to join them.  We can open our eyes and see, and we can let those PC politicians know what we’re seeing.


          Closely observing the activities of those among us who are potential terrorists is not racist, not xenophobic, not Islamophobic, and not a violation of their rights.  It’s just prudent.


          Until we elect a government that’s not so enamored of political correctness, we’re stuck with about 800,000 people who are of little use to us.  I’m talking about the U.S. government.  They’re fully in the pocket of Islamists and pro-Islamists.  Today our government willingly considers a church-going Baptist who owns guns to be greater threat to society than a Muslim who attends a mosque where radical theology is preached.  The same government considers all combat veterans who served in the Middle East and Afghanistan to be potential terrorists.  And, yet, the same government seems confused about the general lack of trust between it and the people of this country.   Maybe it’s just me, but I find that just a bit strange.  I know who my friends are, and I don’t recognize the U.S. government as a friend; not a single part of it.  We are the only ones who can change that.  November is our next opportunity to do so.


          Our government is now on an anti-gun tirade again.  Terrorist incidents seem to be perfect opportunities for such tirades.  The Orlando attack seems to be yet another occasion to rail on about “assault rifles.”  It’s another curiosity.  I’m pretty well schooled when it comes to guns.  I know the only substantial differences between an AR-15 and a Ruger Rancher Mini-14 are in style and caliber.   Politicians created the term “assault rifle.”  It was done purposefully to differentiate a class of long guns for the sole purpose of excluding them from sale and ownership.  Even those who use that term understand there’s little but style involved, yet if they can use the term to leverage themselves into a position of greater control over the gun industry, that’s just great!  Dishonest, but great.


          Here’s my take on the Orlando incident, just from the perspective of the AR-style rifle the attacker used.   Everyone involved was lucky!   No, I don’t suggest the 49 dead are lucky, except in one respect.  Their bodies are intact.  If guns weren’t available in Florida the attacker would have resorted to another means to wreak havoc.   He may have chosen bombs.  Instead of 49 dead there might have been 200.  What would the politicians blame then?  There are many, many ways to construct powerful bombs with commonly available materials and some basic knowledge of chemistry.   You might ban an “assault rifle” but can you ban all the products that could potentially be used to create a bomb?  There’s another thing we know about the attack on Pulse, the night club in Orlando.  We know all the doors were locked except for the front entrance.   If the attacker had reconnoitered the building and knew that as well, what would have prevented him from showing up with a container of gasoline, which he could have thrown through the door and lit ablaze?   If he’d chosen fire as his weapon he could potentially have killed all of the more than 300 people inside.  If the terrorist had been less interested in his own “glorious” death the outcome of the attack could have been much worse.


          So, here it is, my friends and fellow patriots; this is what this is about.   The only way to stop a terrorist attack is by being vigilant and by reporting anything you see or hear that seems out of the ordinary.  Banning a style of rifle won’t do anything except take one option off the table for the terrorist, and it might be the least harmful option.  Wasting time observing people who obviously are no threat is of no use to us.  Our government knows who threatens us, yet they persist in maintaining the PC lie that profiling is a violation of individual rights – even if it’s the only thing that really works.   Israel knows who its enemies are, and that nation profiles people every minute of every day.  It’s only in secular-progressive America where people can be brainwashed to the level of stupidity where they’ll willingly advocate for greater rights for those who would kill them all without a care.


          I’m not stupid, and I don’t think any of you are.  I know my enemy is a radicalized Muslim.  I don’t fear a radicalized Christian.  I don’t fear a radicalized Jew.  I don’t fear a radicalized Hindu or Buddhist.  It’s only the Muslim that considers me an infidel.   It’s only the Muslim that considers death the rightful fate suitable for infidels.  It’s only Muslims that believe all homosexuals should be put to death, that honor killings are honorable, that infidelity is a capital crime, that the world should only have one religion – Islam.  Does that make me a bigot?  I don’t think so.  In fact, I believe those facts argue that Muslim are bigots if they adhere to their belief to the point of exclusion.  As a Christian I believe all are worthy of redemption, even Muslims.  But, those who would kill me because I’m Christian . . . those are my enemies. 


I don’t trust my government to protect me from my enemies.  I trust you.


In Liberty,