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IT’S THE BEGINNING OF A LONG, HOT SUMMER 3 June 2016 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


3 June 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,


          The weather is heating up.  So is the level of political rhetoric.  We may have thought it was hot already, but it’s likely all we’ve seen and heard to date is prelude to a verbal conflagration.  Oh, and then there are the scenes outside the rally venues.  Yes, there are those.  Stand by folks, the real heat isn’t going to be inside the arenas where candidates square off against each other, no matter how heated and nasty their rhetoric might get.  The candidates won’t be physically assaulting each other.  That action will be outside, on the streets.


          We’re already seeing the shape of future protests.  The crowds of the rowdy are growing in size and seem to be experimenting with the means of violence they intend to employ.  Throwing eggs, rotten food, and physically assaulting those they disagree with are old standbys, and are already evident. They’re also experimenting with their symbols.  Burning American flags is an old favorite.  We’re seeing it now, and it will continue.  We’re also seeing Mexican flags being waved in front of the ever-present cameras.  That also will continue.  If we’re lucky we won’t see any weapons used.  We haven’t so far, but it’s still a bit early.  If weapons are to be used we should expect Molotov cocktails, sticks, pipes, bats, rocks, bottles, and chains.   It’ll be very much like the riot scenes from the ‘60s.  Guns may appear, but those who are organizing the protests will actively discourage them.  After all, remember who the protestors are – the same people who protest gun ownership and picket outside NRA conventions.


          There are a couple of curious things about the protests that merit mention.  Those who have studied Alinsky know he was an adamant opponent of violence, except as a last resort.  His notion was to reserve any aspect of violence as the last means, certainly not the first.  He also advocated against defiling any national symbol.  He was specific in declaring an American flag should never be burned or otherwise defiled in protest.  To do so only inflames the opposition in an irrational way, which he thought was counterproductive to the overall objective of any protest.  What’s curious is how Alinsky is touted as some kind of godfather of protest movements since the 1940s, yet since the early days of the ‘60s many of his “rules” have been routinely ignored.  You don’t find that curious?  It means something.  Perhaps it means the shock troops of the left aren’t as well trained, organized, disciplined or committed as they’re given credit.  Or, perhaps there is a core group that is, but the main body of most leftist protests is comprised of useful idiots – rabble.  They’re the dolts who are there because news cameras are rolling; because it’s the latest great party and an excuse to act like a fool, to loot, to burn, to plunder and pillage.


          Also curious are the many loud right-wing protests against the progressive candidates of the Democratic Party.  Oh, you missed those?  Isn’t that odd?   We see hours of footage of anti-Trump protestors, yet not a minute dedicated to the radical right.  What’s up with that?   Am I alone in feeling dismissed by the media?  Or is it merely because the right-wing radical protest movement doesn’t exist?  What about the Tea Parties?  Oh, that’s right, despite seven years of trying the media and the activist left still haven’t managed to manufacture a legitimate image of violent racist activism among the Tea Parties.   They’ve tried mightily, but they have completely failed.  They just can’t make something from nothing.


          We are now entering the most critical timeframe of this election year.  If we are to have elections in November there’s a lot we have to weather.  To do so will take patience, discipline, and reflective thought.  It’s evident what plan the progressives intend to pursue.  They’ll continue their focus on Trump rallies, and later will shift to demonstrations outside the Republican Party convention in Cleveland.  They may or may not create a major incident at the Democratic Party convention.  It makes little sense to do so as long as the party maintains its intent to nominate an ardent progressive.  Whether the Democrats nominate Hillary, Bernie, or a handpicked other, it’ll make no difference at all as long as the picked nominee carries the right progressive pedigree and hews to that philosophic dogma.  The chances of the Democrats nominating anyone who isn’t a progressive ideologue is virtually zero.  So, protests at the Democrats’ convention in Philadelphia seem to make little sense.  Don’t waste a moment of concern in that regard.   If there are any protests there it will only be for show; to attempt to give the protest movement legitimacy as an independent and spontaneous entity, not the lapdog of the progressive left.


          If you think of Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, and other incidents of recent street violence as tests; provocations purposefully engineered by progressive activists and supported by the Obama administration; you may also want to consider the many instances where we’ve observed federal bureaucracy law enforcement and SWAT teams in action, where such action seems to be unwarranted.  You may also conclude the stage is being set for the next phase of the takeover of America by progressives.  Their desire for permanent power and their belief that control should be wrested by any means necessary makes any projection of a dire future not only possible, but probable. It’s past time to stop considering such things as conspiracy theories.  It’s time to watch, wait, and be prepared to act.


          Do you remember 12 Oct. 2013?  I do.  Last night I was reminded of the day.  It was in the context of a discussion of the subjects above, the ramping up of protests this summer.  On 12 Oct. 2013 a “computer glitch” disabled EBT cards in 17 states.  Do you remember that day now?  Perhaps it didn’t register in your consciousness.  After all, I seriously doubt many of you have ever held an EBT card, much less owned one.  So, it may have escaped your notice that no one who tried to use an EBT card for much of that day succeeded.  They would swipe and swipe the card, but the reader would only indicate the attempt to access the account was unsuccessful.  I was in Walmart that afternoon.  I’d already heard about the issue, so I knew what to expect.   I saw people still trying to use their EBT cards, and I saw their frustration.   The store managers kept their cool and explained to customers that the problem wasn’t the store and that EBTs weren’t working anywhere they were aware of.  It was described as a “bank problem of some kind.”


          There were small riots on 12 Oct. 2013.  They were reported in many places, at Walmarts and food stores.  There were fights.  There was looting.  There was chaos.  Not everywhere.  Not where I was, but in many places.  The main question about the day wasn’t as obvious then as it is now – was it a test?  In hindsight, I’m convinced it was.  And, it was a pretty successful test.  The test didn’t last a day, yet the inhabitants of the New Plantation were already reacting in a predictable way.  Decades of psychological and cultural conditioning were evidently bearing fruit. Yes, it appeared to be a great success.


          If your intent is to create maximum chaos, how would you do it?  If you had people in key places in the media and could control much of the obvious national conversation, what conversation would you promote?  If you had the means to provoke great numbers of people in a way that would overwhelm local law enforcement resources in short order, wouldn’t that help set the stage you want?


          There has been talk for years about the idea of a pretext to declare martial law in America; to abort the 2016 general elections due to an atmosphere of chaos in the land.  Let’s get down to it and discuss this.  Call it an intellectual exercise if you want, but let’s acknowledge the fear that’s real in our nation today.  If we acknowledge it, discuss it, and understand the potential, perhaps we can gather enough momentum to forestall it from happening at all.  We might just be able to throw a log in the path of the progressive plan and save our nation.  And, it won’t be all that hard to do, either.


          First, I want to dispel the idea of martial law.  I don’t see that happening at all.  There’s really no need.   There’s a better way; one that takes advantage of all those new federal agency law enforcement and SWAT teams.  The better way is to create chaos at some level in many places in the nation, all at the same time.   It would seem a repeat of the incident of 12 Oct. 2013 might work for that purpose, especially if it persisted for a few days.  Once the local law enforcement is overwhelmed, which wouldn’t be very long at all, they would appeal to the state governors for assistance.  Governors could declare martial law, and would mobilize the National Guard units in their states for riot control duty.   They would be partially successful, but because the chaos might be in many places within states, and in several states, it wouldn’t take long at all for the locals and state forces to be overwhelmed.  The governors would have no choice but to ask for federal assistance. 


This is the point where you need to pay closer attention.


The U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, empowers Congress to
“. . .
provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and repel Invasions."  Later in the Constitution, in Article II, Section 2, Clause 1, you find the ". . . President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States." The term “martial law” is not used in the Constitution, but Supreme Court rulings have resulted in interpretations that provide for the declaration of martial law by the President or Congress.  Yes, folks, the President can legally declare martial law.  But, he doesn’t have to, and he probably doesn’t want to.  After all, do you think President Obama enjoys the level of loyalty within our armed forces to make a military takeover of America a sure thing?  I think not.  He has the authority, yet he really doesn’t have the personal power.


There is another way, though.  We have a thing called the National Response Framework, which is administered by FEMA.  The execution is done under a document entitled the National Incident Response Plan as part of the National Incident Management System.  The National Incident Response Plan has state and local analogs, the various state and local Incident Response Plans.  These are nothing new.  They’ve been in existence for many years and most first responders at local, state, and federal levels are trained in incident management under the common structures defined in the Incident Response Plans.  One feature is a systematic handoff of responsibility and authority as the magnitude of an incident grows. 


Think of a forest fire.  When it’s small a local town may activate its response plan and manage the response using guidelines of the plan and local resources.  If the fire isn’t contained quickly enough to prevent overwhelming those local resources the town may appeal to the governor for assistance, which would activate the state’s Incident Response Plan.  If the fire can’t be contained by combined state and local assets and/or if it grows to the point it spreads across a state line, the governor (or governors) may appeal to FEMA for federal assistance.  For FEMA to respond and have access to the federal budget the President has to issue a declaration of an “Incident of National Significance.”  Once the declaration is issued, the entire incident is managed according to the National Incident Response Plan and any federal asset can be brought to bear to control the situation.  We’ve seen this in action several times.  Hurricane responses are sometimes handled as incidents of national significance.  Think of Katrina and Ike.  Major floods and fires are as well.  The Macondo Oil Spill (commonly referred to as the BP Oil Spill) was, too.  But because of the flexibility built into the plans, any incident that requires significant governmental responses can be managed according to the Incident Response Plans.


Now think of that future scenario where EBT cards are disabled for a few days.  We know from the 2013 “test” that unrest will quickly ensue.  It’ll start in the major urban areas, then spread to smaller locales.  It’ll quickly mushroom and within a very short time, less than a week, become a national incident.  The President will have two options, declare martial law and mobilize the military as a posse comitatus, or organize a law enforcement force under the guidelines of the National Incident Response Plan.  As inferred before, there’s little trust and love between our President and the U.S. military.  Remember 2 July 2008, in Colorado Springs, when he stated in a speech on his future policies, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”  Well, we have that civilian security force now, and there’s a growing chance we’re going to see it used.   The National Incident Response Plan will be the vehicle used to manage and direct all those federal agency law enforcement and SWAT teams in their activities.


Once it’s all in place, do you think it would make sense to hold a national election?  What?  With the whole nation in chaos?  Wouldn’t that just be insane?


If such a scenario is played out, how would we stop it?  How would we prevent de facto martial law?  First, remove the media.  Remove the cameras.  Get the attention of law enforcement focused on the perpetrators of violence.  Never let an incident get out of control.  Get average citizens organized by local police to patrol their neighborhoods and business areas. Corral the hot-heads and appeal to those who understand the danger of the situation and are willing to help restore and maintain order.  Don’t let things escalate beyond being a neighborhood problem.  It’s not easy, but it’s doable.

I don’t deal in conspiracy theory.  What you’ve just read isn’t a reaction to anything other than my own concern over events I see and hear about in the news.  It’s also my response to those who buy into the notion of the invocation of martial law and suspension of this fall’s elections.  The concern is evident, and it’s real.  I don’t disagree with the concern, just with the scenarios being kicked around.  I also disagree that there’s nothing that can be done if things do get bad.  There’s plenty that can be done, but we have little time to ensure those things we can do are planned and ready.  


Time’s a’wastin’!


In Liberty,