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IS THIS THE CRAZIEST ELECTION, OR WHAT? 12 May 2016 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


12 May 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          Several past election seasons were pretty exciting, interesting, motivating, and sometimes strange, but the 2016 elections should go down in history as second only to the 1828 campaign that saw a rematch between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson.  That assumes you’re judging elections on the level of vituperation, slander, calumny and outright prevarication.  Yes, this is shaping up to be quite a year.


          It appears the candidates of the Democratic Party are near to engaging in hand-to-hand combat.  Their rhetoric against each other, while reasonably civil, is heating up and generating a lot of enthusiasm where a single candidate might have created none.   Is it possible Bernie Sanders’ candidacy is functioning as fuel to stoke a furnace that was in danger of growing cold?  After all, Hillary Clinton doesn’t generate much in the way of heat all by herself.  She’s about as wooden as they come.  As for differences in the proposed policies of the two, aside from the bloodthirsty assertions of Mrs. Clinton’s military-related utterances, the two seem very much like siblings born only a year apart.  They share the same progressive values and promise almost identical programs.  The only substantive difference between the two is the likely date when our nation would be compelled to declare its first default on a debt payment.


          It serves a constitutional libertarian nothing to dwell on the two Democrats.  A vote for either would be a vote to doom America to the scrapheap of history.  No, a rational person wouldn’t go there; they couldn’t.   Those who will either have no understanding of governance, the Constitution, or economics, or they’re just plain mentally defective.  Oh, alright, there is another category of Democratic Party voter – those who are scared.   It’s true there are many hundreds of thousands of citizens who cannot function in society as productive citizens.  It’s likely the vast majority of them will go for the “D” on Election Day because they’ve convinced themselves to do otherwise will be to opt for starvation.   That can’t happen.  Even a hard-shelled conservative wouldn’t cut the truly needy adrift.  But, those folks have been conditioned to believe it, so the point is useless to try to make.


          It seems entirely likely Donald J. Trump will be acknowledged at the Republican Party convention as its nominee for President.   It appears Mr. Trump will now have a yellow brick road leading right through the remaining primaries and the convention will be his Oz.  There’s little to suggest he won’t be nominated on the first ballot; then the convention will devolve into full party mode.  That’s party, as in a “hot time in Cleveland tonight” party.  Expect lots of drunken delegates.  If I were to be in the hall, I might think to imbibe a bit myself.  After all, what else is there to do when you just cast your vote out into a void?


          In previous musings I’ve stated that if Mr. Trump is the RP nominee I will vote for him.  I know when I do I’ll be voting on a complete unknown.   Anyone who says they understand where Trump will take America and what a Trump administration’s priorities will be is high on truly dangerous drugs.  You want the truth?   Can you handle it?  Here it is . . . Donald Trump hasn’t a clue of what he’ll do next week, much less what he’ll do as President Trump.  He intends to wing it, to play it by ear.  It doesn’t worry him.   He’s never been worried about such things.  He actually believes he can bluff, bluster, and bully his way through to a successful presidency.  Can he?   Who knows?   Perhaps.  We might get the chance to find out.


          If Mr. Trump was the kind of person to listen to advice, and if I were placed such that I could advise him, there are a few things I’d tell him to do between now and November.  You’ve heard many of these before, so I’m not really saying anything new and earthshaking here.   I’d tell him he needs to do the following:

  1. a.
  2. b.Name your National Security Advisor and Chief of Staff.
  3. c.Issue a list of people you would seriously consider as good candidates for the SupremeMake sure Ted Cruz is on that list.
  4. d.Issue refined, comprehensive policy statements on international trade, immigration, illegal drugs, energy, climate, the U.S. role in treaty organizations and the United Nations, goals for the U.S. relationships with each individual sovereign nation on Earth, transportation, taxation, currency management, crime and punishment, infrastructure, and national defense.
  5. e.Issue definitive statements regarding the administration’s policy regarding the status of the Constitution as the foundation of all U.S. law.
  6. f.Issue a policy statement declaring all members of terrorist and terrorist-related organizations operating within the United States to be enemies of the nation and subject to arrest and trial, and imprisonment if found guilty.
  7. g.Issue a policy statement naming departments, agencies and functions your administration intends toEnsure the statement includes IRS, Energy, Education, and the EPA among those named.


I’m sure I could go on for a few pages, but the list above gives you an idea of what I’d want Mr. Trump to commit to.   Because he’s a man “in the moment” and not one who likes to be held to anything short of an iron-clad contract, he’d have a very hard time with even the brief list above.   He’s just not the kind of guy who commits that way.  If you haven’t figured that out about him, you haven’t been paying attention to him.  You’ve never paid attention to him. 


          Does this sound anti-Trump so far?  If it does, please re-read everything above.  I’m not anti-Trump.   How can one be against something so completely unknown?  Donald Trump could turn out to be exactly what those on the Trump Train want him to be.  Then again, he could turn out to be remarkably like a New York City version of President Bubba (you remember him, that guy who wants to be the First Husband now).  But, no, I’m not anti-Trump.   I think we could have wagered smarter as a nation, but if this is the will of the people, this is where we will go, and I will work to elect the guy.  But, I know when I cast my ballot that I’ll be voting to stand on the edge of a cliff, not knowing which way I’m about to jump.   On the other hand, if I opted for a “D” instead of an “R” I know I’d be leaping to my death and taking the country with me.   So, a vote for Donald is the smarter wager of the two, but the odds of winning are completely incalculable.


          I want to turn the conversation a bit and note a couple of things about third party chatter. 


Most of you know I’m no big fan of the Libertarian Party.  I’m a libertarian, and have been for decades.  But, I’ve always perceived the weakness of the LP.  Those folks are serious, but are so ineffective at messaging and cohesion that I just can’t go there.  Even now their goal is to get their vote percentage up 20% from the last election.  Think about that.  They want to run a national campaign, not to win, but to get a bigger percentage of the raw vote count than they’ve ever had.  My, my, ain’t that lofty!  Their goal is to declare victory when defeat is certain.  And, they can’t seem to comprehend why so many won’t take them seriously.  But, maybe it’s just me.  I could be wrong.   I have friends who’ll get up in my face when they read this because they darned well know I’m wrong.


The problems of the LP aren’t fixable.  I’ve talked about this before, so I won’t go into it again.  Suffice it to say the range of values represented under the umbrella of libertarianism doesn’t lend to a cohesive political party.  The core values of freedom, liberty, and non-aggression are not enough.   Sorry, my libertarian brothers and sisters.  It ain’t happening.   Meanwhile your dedication and efforts serve the interests of others.  That’s a huge downside.  Even if you took from both the major parties the LP would still serve as king maker and the election would almost certainly favor the “Ds.”  Even you shouldn’t want that.


Recently a cabal of well-known people who profess to be conservatives have been pumping up their fans over the notion of a third party effort, a “Never Hillary and Never Trump” effort.   Read The National Review if you want to know who they are.  They are people who claim the mantle of William F. Buckley, though it’s strange to think so when you examine their public and written statements.  Will they have any effect?   Some, I suspect.  But their main effect may be to convince a significant number of Republicans to skip voting for President. 


The Republican “Never Trump”ers are sincere, and I understand their point, if not their tactics.  Their idea of a third party just has no legs.  It can’t walk, much less run.  The more people consider it, the more certain the Democrats will win the election.  I understand they cluck at that notion and try to convince us we don’t understand political calculus.  But, that’s just their emotion talking.


One has to wonder why this renegade cabal of gentlefolk has been formed.  It seems sort of simple to me, though.  The erstwhile conservative pundit class is terrified they may become irrelevant.  They are used to calling the philosophic shots in the Republican Party, along with their friends and allies on the Republican National Committee.  They fear a Donald Trump presidency far more than they do either of the options to him.  They know him well enough to understand if they anger him he will go after each and every one of them personally.  This third party chatter isn’t really about the good of the nation, the government, or the people.  It’s about maintaining a status quo that has guaranteed their livings.  Hillary never paid any heed to them.  Bernie doesn’t even know they exist.  There’s just nothing to fear from either of them.   But, The Donald; he’s a force to be reckoned with, someone to fear.


I wish Donald Trump were different.  I wish he was a conservative, but he isn’t.  He never was, and he’ll never be.  He’s a populist, plain and simple.  He rouses the rabble, but he offers me little.  I wish he was a principled man, but in studying him I find little that speaks to principles, other than profit.  I wish he was a man who understands freedom and liberty, Natural Law, and Natural Rights, and the reason our Constitution was constructed as it was.  But, I’m a realist and know that Donald Trump doesn’t exist and never will.  So, I’m stuck with the one who does, and the one I’m pledged to vote for.


Does anyone out there feel like praying?  Gee, I sure do.   I think I’m going to be praying continuously that we survive these next few years.  No matter how the elections turn out, we’re in for one heck of a thrill ride.


God save us all!

In Liberty,