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6 May 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          Have you been watching the goings on in West Virginia?  I’m talking about the Democratic Party candidates who are now working the state, trying to generate some sign of enthusiasm from the local population.  Good Golly, Miss Molly, those folks sure know how to spin, don’t they?  I suspect both Hillary and Bernie could spin gold out of dust bunnies.  The logic they’re trying to sell those poor miners in West Virginia is truly the stuff Orwell warned us about many, many years ago.

          Hillary’s principle tactic is completely diversionary.  Instead of admitting many thousands of coal miners are out of work due to Obama administration draconian policies intended to purposefully kill that industry, she tries to focus the miners on those evil mining companies.  Instead of taking blame for being part of an administration that has killed hope throughout the Appalachian coal mining region she tells the miners the decades of abuse by the rich mine owners is almost over.  She’s offering them a new kind of hope.  More on that later.

          Hillary ran into a sea of Trump posters in West Virginia.  The state was once solidly in the Democratic Party’s hip pocket, but once they realized President Obama’s anti-coal statements were truth and not rhetoric, they began to wake up and realize they have few friends left in the party.  West Virginia began to turn “red” in the 2012 elections.  Today there may be a tinge of blue here and there, but only a tinge.

          Mrs. Clinton didn’t help herself in that state when she was quoted in a March town hall broadcast on CNN stating that if elected she intended to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”  Maybe she thought because of the low ratings the town hall got no one was watching, and even if they did, they wouldn’t remember.  But, they did.  So now, ever the revisionist, Mrs. Clinton sort of apologizes for the statement, saying it was taken out of context and may have been a misstatement.  In other words “C’mon people, you know me better than that.  I’m here for you!  I’ve always been here for you.”

          But, she’s not.  Instead, she’s the worst kind of hypocrite; one who tries to convince you she’s not the problem.  You’re the problem because you misunderstood her.  Maybe it’s because you’re just too dumb.  How smart could a miner be, anyway?

          Bernie is no better.  He invokes the Koch Brothers and the evils of capitalism as part of the problems of West Virginians.  His spin is a little more sophisticated than Hillary’s.  He reinforces Obama’s priority of Climate Change as the nation’s number one threat.  He acknowledges miners lost jobs, but indicates they lost them because the mine and energy companies just didn’t take the actions they should have to ensure coal is still a viable fuel source.  After all, everyone understands until a clean solution is found for coal it just isn’t right to keep burning it and causing environmental destruction.  Those days just have to end.

          Being a life-long socialist, Bernie is extremely sensitive to the plight of the working man, or as in this case, the non-working man.  While he admits and regrets the situation in coal country he offers a vision of hope.  He promises to make revitalization of the region a Sanders administration priority, and to allocate several billions of dollars toward expanded unemployment benefits, job retraining, higher education grants, and “redevelopment.”  Yes, Sanders admits to taking, but only because it’s necessary to ensure the future of the world.  In return he offers all the government’s entitlements, tailored to unemployed miners’ needs.

          When Bernie talks about West Virginia investment and revitalization it’s hard not to get a picture in one’s head of a whole lot of government-subsidized ski resorts, with former miners as their employees.  Or, maybe one giant theme park, with old mines, mining train rides, and real-life hillbilly miners as park guides, ride operators, and vendors.  The possibilities of redevelopment are endless!

          Back to Hillary a moment.  You know what Bernie is putting on the table, but what are Hillary’s promises?  Surprise, surprise, they’re almost identical to Bernie’s.  In other words, the Democrats offer the same old government-funded institutional deal.  They offer handouts and tell the miners the handouts equal hope for a brighter, non-coal future.  It’s odd, when you think about it.  The miners want their livelihood back.  They want to keep living as they have for generations.  They want to work, to earn, and be left alone to work and earn.  But all Hillary and Bernie offer them is one form of welfare or another, more bureaucracy, more regulation in their lives, and more paperwork.  Because . . . it’s the right thing to do.  After all, progressive socialists want what’s best for everyone.  Just ask them.

          As with all conversations involving both Bernie and Hillary, the first question that should come to mind is . . . who’s going to pay?  But, you already know the answer to that, don’t you?

          Coal miners; oil field workers; lead, silver and gold miners and smelters . . . all who earn their living from things taken from the earth; all are targets of progressive’s plans.  If you haven’t figured out what their priorities are about by now, you better wake up.  It’s EARTH FIRST!  Humans?  We are the Earth’s enemies.  Not all of us, mind you.  Those Native Americans, Aleuts, Aborigines, and tribal Africans aren’t.  No, they’re part of the Earth.  It’s the rest of us who are the problem because of our demands on the planet.  The progressives insist we sacrifice our ways of life and livelihood.  Later, they’ll demand we sacrifice ourselves.  You’ll see.

Orwell had it right.

The hypocrisy of it all is stupefying.  It’s history’s greatest scam, right here and in our own lifetime.  The West Virginia miners are an infinitesimal part of it all.  But, they’re a great object lesson to those who pay heed.

What about you?  Are you paying heed?


In Liberty,