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27 Apr. 2016


Dear Friends and Patriots,

          When I banged out my last missive on Brexit it was in advance of the President’s latest grand tour.   I think when I was wrapping up my final tweaks on the piece the Prez was planting kisses on King Salman’s lips and holding hands with him like the errant schoolboy he really is.  Upon departing from his mission to pay homage to his king, the Prez showed up in London to urge our friends, the Brits, to keep pressing on with the European Union and stop all their whiny Brexit stuff.  Then he was off to The Continent to let everyone over there know he was foursquare in their corner on all their EU, internationalist, and New World Order initiatives.   He made numerous statements of support for their enlightened policies and for the upcoming Trans Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.  Yes, that’s Barack Obama!  Ain’t he a wonder?


          I just read a post that quoted my favorite Senator, Jeff Sessions.  He’s throwing down the gauntlet on the Prez on the two so-called “trade deals.”   Jeff’s eyes have been fully opened and he’s acutely aware that TPP and TTIP are little about trade and much about planning for the progressives’ hoped-for new international order.  He knows America’s future is grim if those two agreements are allowed to be put into effect.


          For the past three years I’ve studied the TPP.  It didn’t take more than my first 20 minutes to realize its intent.  TTIP took even less time.  Both of them almost shriek New World Order and Agenda 21.  They will be incredibly destructive to our national sovereignty if ever accepted.  Keeping us out of both agreements needs to be a number one national priority for all who love America, the Constitution, and the principles our nation was founded upon.  Their acceptance would guarantee our rapid death as a nation.


          Brexit has the internationalist order worried.   They think Britain is securely in their orbit and won’t escape, but because of the ongoing refugee crisis and Muslim Radical turmoil in Europe and Britain, doubt has crept into their consciousness.  That’s where Obama comes in.  He understands better than anyone that decades of progressive planning is on the cusp of realization, and Brexit can slow it down to a stop, if not reverse it entirely.  So, he went on his “farewell tour” with a message for his progressive friends in the EU.  His message was, “I’m with you, and my entire administration is with you, but you need to get those stubborn Brits in line before TPP comes up for a vote in Congress.  If the Brits bolt it’ll screw the deal and we’ll lose years of effort toward our New World Order.”   Do you think that wasn’t the message?   Go and find texts of some of his speeches and re-read them with the right filter and you’ll see for yourself.

          It may well be the United Kingdom’s referendum on 23 June is truly the most important event this year.   If the British pull out of the EU not even a Hillary Clinton presidency can move the progressive football down the field.   The game won’t be over, but it’ll have a mighty long time out.

          We have to do whatever we can to help make it so.

          I’m done.   Thanks for listening.

In Liberty,