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1 Apr. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          Today is April Fools Day, but this note is no joke.  We are being played for fools, but rest assured, I’m not one to engage in such things.  Life is hard enough already.  We need to do things to knock off foolishness, not encourage more.

          Today I noted an article today in the on-line postings from The Washington Post about the Trump protesters in Janesville, WI.  The article was writing by David Weigel, whose sympathies obviously lie with the protestors.  Even so, it was worth reading.  I’m a great advocate of reading the works of “the other side.”  How else can you understand and know how to counter their points of view?


Quoting a transgender protestor who goes by the name of Z! Haukeness, the article appeared to validate the context of the gathering:

“The goal of shutting down Trump and making sure his hate
speech is not aired is still the goal today,” said Haukeness.
“This is a good example of hate speech, not free speech, and
you can see that from the crimes that have been born out of this.”

Isn’t that nice?  These people don’t see themselves as fascists, yet they talk like fascists and use fascist tactics.  I assume they know nothing about the First Amendment.  I assume if they do, they somehow think there are exceptions and it’s their side deserving of the exceptions, not the people they don’t like.

          It would all be unnerving if it wasn’t so predictable.   These protests are mostly planned events, populated by people who spend their free time going from protest to protest, much like the Dead Heads of yore and those who followed Fish everywhere for a few years.  They’re joined by some who do it for a living.   Even the article hinted at the truth of that:

Many of the activists had already gained experience, either in
the Black Lives Matter movement or in the pro-labor protests
against Gov. Scott Walker dating back to 2010.

Yes, the Black Lives Matter movement; the son of the Occupy movement and the New Black Panthers; grandson of The Weather Underground and the Students for a Democratic Society.  They’re all the same.  They’re all part of a whole. There’s nothing new here.  Just the same old anarchists, communists, useful idiots, and progressive zealots doing their thing.   The article even states as much in one paragraph:

. . . A group of anarchists and communists from Rockford, Ill., had driven to Janesville with no extraordinary training. . . .

          That’s an interesting observation there at the end of that sentence, “ . . . with no extraordinary training.”  It hints at another truth; the truth that among these protest groups are trained, professional agitators who are organizing pre-protest training sessions to indoctrinate their crowd in the rudiments of Saul Alinsky’s tactics, his Rules For Radicals.


          I’ll keep this very short today.  I know your patience is wearing thin.  But, you’ll need all the patience you can muster going forward.  The protests today are just warmups for the big show.  There’s something very special being planned for Cleveland and the Republican convention this summer.  It’ll be the Big Bang.  Today it’s warm-ups, training sessions, and little exercises to show the useful idiots how much fun it is to provoke their perceived adversaries into a frenzy.   At the convention it’ll be Show Time.  All the tactics they’re learning now will be on full display.  Then, something big will happen.  Something will happen that will provoke them into their own state of frenzy.  When it occurs, look out.  The riots in Ferguson and Baltimore might end up looking like picnics in comparison.


          We are reliving history.  Those of us who remember the Democratic Party National Convention in 1968 know we’ve been down this same road before.  If it plays out the way the organizers want, we’ll see a near-carbon copy of those Chicago riots.   Then again, perhaps we’ve learned to pay attention to history. Perhaps we’ve learned how to interdict certain chaos.  Perhaps.  But, I’m thinking not.


          Watch, listen, and make sure everyone you know understands and also watches and listens.  The best way to negate the effects of the coming chaos is to understand it’s coming and to make it known you won’t fall for it like those in 1968 did.


          That’s all for today.  Thank for listening, assuming you did.

In Liberty,