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WILL WE LIVE TO SEE THE DEATH OF THE WEST? 24 March 2016 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


24 March 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          World events are competing for our attention.   Here in our country we’re trying to figure out who will be our next president, meanwhile the jihadis are running around in various parts of the world blowing things up.  To top it off our President somehow got himself photographed while standing in front of a wall with a graphic of Che’ Guevara.  Then, there’s the Trump vs Cruz wife flap.  It’s all very distracting.  It nearly made me miss out on Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s latest gaffe, “I never had a physical relationship with Mrs. Mason.” 

          There’s no real reason to delve into Gov. Bentley’s issue, regardless of how remarkably similar it seems to the Clinton-Lewinsky semi-(or is that demi-) tryst.  It’s embarrassing, but otherwise pretty harmless to most people other than those who have to interact with the entrenched Montgomery crowd.  I admit to being amazed at the Governor’s denials, but then again, I am reminded of his advanced age.  He might be telling the literal truth, but because of inability, not willingness.  Okay, that’s quite enough, isn’t it?

          There’s also not much to be gained by delving into the Trump vs Cruz mud-slinging.  We should all know what’s going on there.  It’s low politics, nothing more.  It serves more to exemplify the trouble caused by independent PACs than anything else, though it never is quite that simple.  A third party lobs a grenade into Trump’s tent, but when Trump fires back, it’s Cruz he aims at.  Cruz has to respond, naturally.  It brings politics down to the gutter.  Is that really what we need right now?  I say no.

          Our President could be the victim of poor handling.  It could be he was sort of set up by Raul Castro’s people.  But, I’m thinking not.  I’m thinking he and his people knew exactly what was behind them when that now-infamous photo shoot was done.  I’m fairly sure President Obama was given a few Che’ T-shirts to bring home as souvenirs, just as I’m sure his two daughters have their own.  It causes me to grind my teeth a bit.  But, this is a strange, strange world, and things that would have caused hugely negative international commentary and criticism just ten years ago are hardly noticed today.  Such is the state of things.  It seems like bad politics, but these days, maybe it’s not.

          The bombings in Brussels were a big deal.  What’s even bigger is the aftermath.  You know, the universal hue and cry; the demands for revenge; the promises to root out the evil in their midst and eliminate it in any way possible; the angry demonstrations against the very idea of enemies of western civilization living right in the center of most large European cities.  Oh, you didn’t hear all that?  You didn’t see it?  It didn’t happen?  No?  Well, well, what’s up with that?

          No, the aftermath of the bombings was pretty much like the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, and the more recent double attack in the same city.  Yes, there were the “We are (fill in the blank)” solidarity statements.  There were the colorful light displays of support and spontaneous sidewalk memorials, accompanied with weeping and hugging.  There was the now-familiar “Oh me, oh my!” fretful response by the nervous populace.  But, there was little in the way of anger.  There was little resolve to tackle the real problem.  There was only a sense of resignation and acceptance that the western way of life is changing and there’s nothing to be done about it.  Further, it looks as if the Belgian security services are going to be the next victims of the attack.  Any anger over the attack seems to be aimed at them, not the jihadi perpetrators.   It’s curious, isn’t it?

          This is the true power of political correctness.   We now can’t look at an obvious problem and correctly identify it.  Not only that, we have no power to determine strategies to counter the problems we know are causing mayhem and anguish across much of the world today.  We can’t risk offending anyone.  We can’t risk being considered a racist or an Islamophobe, or any one of dozens of attributions of possible intolerance.  No, we can’t risk that, but we can risk our lives and the lives of countless others in vain efforts to avoid offense.

          The western world has grown to be cowardly.  The progressive forces that created the entire PC movement have succeeded in beating us down.  We are now psychologically defenseless.  Europe is crumbling, yet can’t muster the guts to save itself.  Instead, it weeps, mourns, accepts, and hopes the bad days will somehow spontaneously end.  America is next on the jihadi hit list.  Bank on it.

          There was a great YouTube video released recently that showed a female reporter and her cameraman being assaulted by a group of Muslim men.  It happened in one of the so-called “No-Go” zones in Stockholm.  The reporter wanted to prove that most of the concern about Muslims and Muslim enclaves in Sweden were unwarranted.  She and her cameraman were escorted by police up to the boundary of the “No-Go” zone, where the policeman halted.  He told the reporter that if he went further it would be seen as a provocation and might cause a confrontation.  The intrepid reporter evidently thought that was ridiculous and proceeded on into the enclave.  She didn’t get far before being confronted by several young men who demanded to know what she and her cameraman were doing.  She tried to explain, but the men kept shouting for her to leave; to go back where she came from.  The cameraman had his gear rolling while a couple of the men began to kick and hit at him, shouting for him to get out.   The reporter, still wanting to prove that all was well, was replying with, “Why are you hitting him?  Why are you doing this?  We aren’t harming you.  We aren’t doing anything; why are you angry at us?  We’re trying to be nice.”   She didn’t get it.   She couldn’t.

          Here’s the big-boy, non-PC explanation of what’s going on, what the West is failing to understand, and what we ought to be doing about it.

          What we’re seeing is the Hijra.  The Hijra is the process of conquering territory in the name of Islam.  Instead of conquering by sword the Muslims are conquering by exploiting obvious weaknesses in western ideology.  They are using our way of life and our Western philosophy against us.   They know our way is predicated on others understanding, appreciating and adopting our values.  Otherwise, it just doesn’t work.   That was the scene in Stockholm.  The reporter couldn’t understand the reaction she provoked by her presence.   She didn’t comprehend that she represents western values that are not welcome in a Muslim-controlled enclave.  Most of Europe is like that.  They fail to understand.  After all, they’re trying to welcome the Muslims.  They’re not doing anything to harm them.  Surely they can see and appreciate that.

          The current Hijra started many years ago as peaceful, but has obviously entered a new phase.   The catalyst is the civil war in Syria and the rise of ISIS.  The Islamists believe their time is now.  They’ve stepped up their pressure on the West.   Their numbers are swelling and will only increase more rapidly if nothing is done to prevent it.  Gone are the days when most of the growth of Muslims in Europe was from their high birthrate.  Now their growth is augmented by direct immigration.  Europe will soon be teeming with foreign Muslims who have no inclination to assimilate and adopt any aspect of western culture.   Their intent is to turn Europe into a part of an Islamic caliphate, just as much of it was 1,000 years ago.

          What’s so hard to understand about this?  Isn’t it obvious?  One might think so, yet there seems to be endless debate in Europe over the nature of the phenomenon they’re experiencing and any sensible reaction to it.

          My friends, we must examine history for our answer.  We must look back to the period 700 and 1100 A.D. to understand how the first Hijra was accomplished.  Then, look at the years between 1200 and 1500 A.D. and examine the forces that evolved in Europe and the Muslim world that created conditions that saw a near-complete expulsion of Muslim overlords.  Only when we do will we see the clear path to saving western culture.

          One thing history tells us is Hijra and Jihad are two forces that will not compromise.   Those concepts are embedded as core principles of the Quran.  It’s the Quran that teaches Muslims the world will eventually be theirs, and theirs alone.  It’s the Quran that tells them how it should be done, and the Quran that defines all those in their path as either apostates or infidels.   It’s the Quran that dictates that all apostates and infidels are worthy only of death.

          The current phase of the present Hijra, the terror attacks, are aimed at breaking the will and treasuries of the West.  The goal is to demoralize us all to the point of surrender, and to bankrupt us if we don’t.  In this kind of fight the terrorists have the upper hand.  They are able to move among us at will, thanks to our own cultural sensitivities.  They can plot and plan, and strike whenever and wherever they want.  We mostly react.  And most of the time we react in the wrong way.

          Most of the terrorist plots that have been foiled were uncovered due to a mistake made by one of the plotters.  Many times they figure out what they did wrong, and they learn.  These are not dumb people.  As time goes by it’s harder and harder to figure out what they’re planning and how they move people and resources.  And, ever more often, they go undetected until they strike.

          It’s very obvious what we’re doing wrong.  All of the West is making some of the same mistakes, with individual nations making other mistakes as a result of their own unique culture and political realities.   All in the West are guilty of allowing Muslims into our nations to fill the demand for cheap low-skilled labor.  We’re guilt of allowing them to stay on, even if they’re on expired visas.  We’re guilty of not acknowledging that most of them do not readily assimilate and adopt western ways.  We’re guilty of not understanding the negative ramifications of allowing Muslim immigrants to establish exclusive enclaves – modern ghettos.  We’re guilty of allowing guilt over past sins, such as the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, to blind us to the truth of new realities and real threats.  Before it’s too late, we have to understand our wrongs and agree on policies to make them right again.

          Western culture is already dying due to low birth rates.   You all know most Western nations have birthrates below 2.0 per married couple.  In some the rate is as low as 1.4.   You should already know in Europe the birthrate for Muslim couples is 8.0.   It’s just true that white Europeans were already on a path toward minority status by 2025.  That is no longer the case.  Unless something is done white Europeans will be a minority by 2020 and possibly even sooner.  These are just facts.  As such they only provide context when considering the real problem of Muslims and Muslim culture in the West.  But as facts they indicate a certain death of all national cultures in Europe in our lifetimes.

          Western European nations need to understand and accept their impending deaths.  Either that, or they need to create the will of their ancestors and fight back.  They need to depopulate themselves; rid their nations of Muslims.  Those Muslims who don’t already have citizenship should be sent back to their home countries.  Those who are citizens but subsequently convicted of crimes should have their citizenship revoked and be deported.  Those who won’t swear allegiance to their new country should be rejected, just as those who won’t willingly submit to the prevailing legal system.  It shouldn’t matter that their children are born in Germany, or Britain, France, or Denmark. And, it’s not Europe’s problem that there is war in the Middle East.  Let them go back and solve their problems there instead of bringing the war to the West.

          Europe finally developed the will to reject Islam, way back in the “Dark Ages.”  In that time they were aided by conflicts within the Muslim territories, as rival caliphs warred among themselves for supremacy.  Today we don’t want to see a conflagration between Sunnis and Shiites spill into Europe.  That would only complicate an already untenable situation.  No, the only path to saving western culture is the complete rejection of Muslim influence in Europe.  That can only be done by expulsion of all non-assimilated Muslims.  It has become too dangerous, both physically and culturally, to keep doing as before.  Europe must act decisively, and soon.

          Now, what about us?  What are we supposed to do?  Are we supposed to wait and hope; to pray Europe wakes up and saves itself?  I say NO.  I say we need to do the same things I recommend for Europe, and not wait.  We need to get control of our own Muslim situation before the bombing begins in earnest in our own cities.  We need to begin moving Muslim refugees back to where they came from, or at least to a Muslim country willing to host them.  We need to deport any Muslim immigrant who is convicted of a felony, whether citizen or not.  We need to stress the importance of assimilating and adopting what we call the “American Way.”   We have to stop the practice of establishing Muslim ghettos in our own cities.

          If there’s one issue on the table for the next election that is guaranteed to make or break us as a sovereign nation, this is it.   Even though the tendency is to dwell on the long-term effects of uncontrolled illegal immigration from Mexico and Central American nations, none of that poses nearly the dangers of the Muslim migrations into our country.  Hijra and Jihad are here now.  We need to understand that and push our politicians to acknowledge and deal with it.  We need to knock off the political correctness and accept the truth that a lot of people are going to have hurt feelings and a lot are going to complain of discrimination.

          If you have an accident that causes a wound and that wound subsequently develops gangrene, it certainly hurts to contemplate amputation.   But the rational person asks,  “which is preferable – living without a limb or not living at all?”  In this case, the wound might be in the Middle East, but the gangrene has infected the West.  Our time for choices is running out.   Will we accept the pain of amputation, or will we opt for our certain death?


In Liberty,