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14 Mar. 2016


Dear Friends and Patriots,


Bill Ayers was present in the streets last week, leading the anti-Trump Chicago demonstrations.  Chicago is his home, so that’s nothing unusual. members were there, as were Black Lives Matter, and members of the Occupy movement.  Some there were also present in Ferguson, MO. and Baltimore, MD.  Remember?  A University of Chicago group known as Showing Up for Racial Justice was also there.  Yes, it was a party.  The call went out a week before the Trump Rally.  The call was answered.

Trump had a rally in Kansas City, MO on Saturday.  Kansas City’s Progressive Youth Organization was there, protesting, along with a few of the “usual suspects.”  In Akron, OH a protestor stormed the platform while The Donald was speaking, only to be wrestled to the ground by Secret Service agents.  It’s safe to assume this will be standard for Trump appearances.  His people will announce his schedule and the pantheon of Soros-backed and other progressive protest groups will put out the word, plan, plot, then assemble to do whatever they can to derail the event, or at least gain some media attention for themselves.  Hhow hard can that be?

Regardless of Mr. Trump himself, the kinds of protests we are seeing, and likely to see in the future, are disturbing.   Similar activity happens on college campuses across the nation whenever a conservative is booked to speak to assembled students.  The whole scene should remind us that some very fundamental concepts are being challenged.  Those concepts are codified in the US Constitution’s First Amendment.


Smarter people than me note that such things rarely occur when the speakers are from the so-called left.  Ultra-liberals and progressives are seldom bothered by any of the activist groups (except for those strange occasions when Black Lives Matter people intrude on Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton).  Bill Ayers himself can speak on campuses anywhere and get applause instead of protest signs and jeers.   Likewise, Ward Churchill gets warmly welcomed by those who want to hear his almost insane babble, and ignored by those who don’t.  What’s odd about that is conservatives tend to completely ignore points of view they disagree with while those on the left won’t.


Perhaps ‘completely ignore’ is a great overstatement.  But, conservatives usually have enough respect for the right of people to register opposing views that they tend not to attempt to shut anyone up who doesn’t agree with them.  They might not like what they hear, but conservatives are more likely to stand up, turn around, and silently walk out than do anything else.


People who know of Saul Alinsky know Chicago was his home.  His presence was felt last week, though he’s been gone since 1972, a year after he published his book, Rules For Radicals.  If you’ve read that book you know the Chicago demonstrations put four of his “rules” into action:  Rules 6, 8, 9 and 12.   Rules 6 and 8 are the dominant ones for the coming months.  Rule 6 states, “A good tactic is one your people enjoy,” while Rule 8 states, “Keep the pressure on.  Never let up.”  It’s obvious that paid demonstrators enjoy what they do.  As long as they’re paid, they’ll stay at it.  Local “useful idiots” enjoy the demonstrations, riots, protests, etc. too.  After all, a party is a party, isn’t it?  And, isn’t pressure the whole point?  Bill Ayers has been applying pressure since the 1960s.  He hasn’t let up.  Why should the others?


There’s more than one way to hijack an election.  Remember the Chicago riots during the Democratic Party National Convention in 1968?  Back then the Democratic Party wasn’t so heavily infested with progressives.  If it had been, those demonstrations and riots would never have happened.  The protests then were characterized as anti-war, but were they really?  I personally don’t believe so.  I believe they were anti-Democratic Party establishment.  The demonstrations and riots were meant to pressure the party toward a more openly progressive platform.  I leave it to you to judge the success of it all. 


Today the protests are against Donald Trump.  Tomorrow they might be against Ted Cruz.  As in 1968, there’s a war going on.  Also as in 1968, the war isn’t the one we first might think of.  Back then Vietnam was the excuse, when power was the purpose.  Today the war is still over the future direction of the nation.  The progressives have almost cemented their takeover of our national government.  They want to hold on and complete their tasks.  They know either a Sanders or Clinton administration might get them to their promised land; the land Obama fell short of.  They know the Republican Party has enough progressives infiltrated into their midst to almost guarantee they can have their way.  The war is on.  The protestors are the left’s front-line troops, willing to take the blows for their cause.


This is not about Donald Trump.  This is about the right of free speech; the right of us all to speak and be heard.  If Donald Trump was not the front-runner for the Republican Party today, those same activists would still be out in the streets, just protesting someone else.


This is not 1968.  People have resources now to understand the truth and know what’s happening.  The question remaining is . . . do they have the will?


In Liberty,