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I'm not sure any of you subscribes to Jim Zumwalt's blog.   He's a stalwart conservative and anti-Jihadist.  He knows of what he speaks.   He's a Vietnam-era combat vet, retired USMC Lt. Col. and a dedicated patriot.  You may have heard of his father, ADM Elmo Zumwalt.  ADM Zumwalt was appointed Chief of Naval Operations by President Nixon in Sept. 1970, the same month I started Navy boot camp in Orlando, FL.   Jim had a brother, who was made posthumously famous by ADM Zumwalt in a book that detailed his son's struggle with the aftereffects of Agent Orange exposure from his time as a ground pounder in the jungles of Vietnam.  Jim is as military as they come.

I pay attention to Jim Zumwalt.  I hope everyone will.

Steve Stone


From: Jim Zumwalt < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >;

Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2016 16:01:29 +0000

Subject: Congress Wants to Stop Obama From Meeting With The Muslim

Brotherhood in The White House


By James Zumwalt


If parental concerns over a child’s selection of friends go unheeded, tough love is needed to forbid the child from bringing that friend home. Interestingly, Congress is resorting to this measure with President Barack Obama, forbidding him from inviting to the White House a “friend” with evil intentions towards the U.S. from whom he simply will not disassociate.


In June 2011, refusing to support long-time U.S. ally Egyptian President Hosni Mubarack, Obama opted to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood. He reasoned, “The political landscape in Egypt has changed…It is in our interests to engage with all of the parties that are competing for parliament or the presidency.”


He effectively dismissed a proven ally, seeking instead to ally with a known adversary.


While the Brotherhood’s motto on its English language website appears innocuous, a more dire intent is found on its Arabic language website. The latter is more in line with its crossed swords logo and in stark contrast to the suggestion Islam is a peaceful religion.


The motto reads, “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law.

Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar!”


Ironically, while seeing evil in the continued flying of a Confederate flag—albeit representative of a by-gone era of conflict—Obama fails to see it in the logo of the Muslim Brotherhood —a message just as relevant today in its evil intentions towards non-Muslims as when the group was founded in 1928.


English readers of the Brotherhood’s website may be left thinking it only seeks limited implementation of strict Shariah Law within Egypt.  Choosing to dismiss this with a “to each, his own” nod, we lose sight of the fact the Brotherhood is active in 80 countries and has a global focus.


Spurning such Brotherhood intentions as unrealistic in a democracy, we ignore its written war plan for imposing Shariah in America. A secret strategic plan—accidentally discovered by the FBI hidden in the home of a Brotherhood agent residing in Northern Virginia in 2004—was written by the group’s Board of Directors and approved in 1987.


The document makes clear the Brotherhood’s “work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”


According to this plan, the process by which America will fall under Shariah is “civilization-jihad”—a process already well underway.


Civilization jihad involves a strategic effort, coordinated and funded by the Brotherhood, to use our own laws and beliefs—the latter heavily reliant upon political correctness—to impose its objectives upon us.  It involves establishing front companies to do the Brotherhood’s bidding. It involves raising the false flag of Islamophobia although, statistically, Muslims are among the least targeted by hate crimes. It involves the use of deception to hide its ulterior motive.


The success of Brotherhood front companies waving the false flag of Islamophobia is clear—many Americans incorrectly believe Muslims today are heavily targeted. But 2013 FBI statistics reveal hate crimes against Jews outnumber those against Muslims 60.3 to 13.7 percent.


As intended, Brotherhood front companies—by making claims of non-existing Islamophobia—successfully limit critical free speech against Islam in the U.S.—a religion seeking, as noted in the Brotherhood’s war plan, to exclude all others globally. This most recently became apparent by the FBI’s counter-extremism website failing even to mention Islam.


Today, the Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Association spreads its anti-democracy thinking via 700+ U.S. college campus chapters.


Additionally, in 2007, federal prosecutors named several Brotherhood front companies as “unindicted co-conspirators” in a criminal conspiracy case involving funding of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.


While a change in political landscape after Mubarak’s fall in February 2011 had prompted Obama to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood, a subsequent change marking the Brotherhood’s fall in July did not prompt him to end his love affair with it.


In fact, during the Brotherhood’s rule, Obama turned a blind eye to its brutal treatment of Egypt’s Coptic Christians. After it was toppled by General (now president) Abdul Fatah al-Sisi and listed by Sisi as a terrorist organization in December 2013, Obama still embraced the Brotherhood. Not even after its similar listing by Saudi Arabia and the UAE in 2014 was Obama dissuaded from inviting the Brotherhood’s leadership to the White House.


Obama’s 2011 Brotherhood embrace and repeated subsequent White House to its leadership, even as recently as last year, is unconscionable for a group which has never renounced its evil intentions against us. For those dismissing it as simply 20th century bravado, one need read the September 2010 re-declaration of war against America by the Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, Muhammad Badi.


As author and researcher Barry Rubin wrote, Badi’s sermon “endorsed anti-American Jihad and pretty much every element in the al-Qaida ideology books.” Rubin warns the sermon is “one of those obscure Middle East events of the utmost significance that is ignored by the Western mass media, especially because they happen in Arabic, not English; by Western governments, because they don’t fit their policies; and by experts, because they don’t mesh with their preconceptions.”


While the Brotherhood supposedly had renounced violence in the 1970s, Badi’s sermon suggests not.


Last month, a House committee passed a bill to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Noting a slew of nations have made such a declaration (some have also named various Brotherhood front companies), this legislation requires Secretary of State John Kerry to similarly act based on the Brotherhood’s violent teachings. Should the bill eventually become law, Obama will no longer be able to invite the Brotherhood to our White House home.


Count on Kerry to fight it. Such a bill puts the spotlight on Islam as the source of global terrorism Obama chooses misleadingly to label as “violent extremism.”



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James Zumwalt is a Vietnam combat veteran, a retired USMC Lt.Col.  His father was ADM Elmo Zumwalt, a former Navy Chief of Naval Operations, appointed by President Richard Nixon.


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