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7 Feb. 2016


Dear Friends and Patriots,


          Sooner or later everyone reveals themselves for what they are.  If an individual tries to hide behind even the best-contrived façade, eventually they you who they really are, and most of the time they do it openly.


          Political races are tailor made for judgmental people.  The candidates put themselves out in front of the public and work as hard as they can to convince voters they are the answer to one or all of our prayers.  In this election cycle it appears the Democratic Party candidates are trying to out-progressive each other, while the Republicans appear to be smacking each other around to convince the voters each is more conservative than the next. 


          The Democrats are kicking each other in the shins, each claiming the mantle of Karl Marx.  The Republicans fall all over themselves in their zeal to invoke the memory of Ronald Reagan.  It’s quite astonishing, really.  If you stand back from it and listen to them dispassionately, you’ll conclude the Democrats tend to be more honest in their appeals.  It’s a safe bet they’ll fully promote the progressive agenda.  In the end they’re only battling over a few degrees of commitment (Bernie might be a 95% committed socialist, while Hillary is somewhere near 91%) and the rate they’ll take the nation toward a completely socialistic government.


          The Republican candidates are busy spewing a lot of hot air and posturing to see who can appear to be the most conservative while still not appearing to be hard-hearted.  One candidate after another has revealed his/her flaws, some minor and some not so.


          If you’ve followed the debates you’ll note a dearth of questions and specific answers regarding one topic in particular.  No one seems to want to leap out in front and declare how they would resolve our so-called debt crisis.  It’s the next president’s Sword of Damocles, and just as Damocles, those who would be president appear to cringe from it.  It’s a huge problem with no simple straightforward answers.


          One Republican decided to show his lack of fear.  He’s declared his fix for the problem; to take that sword away.  Governor Chris Christie knows exactly how it should be done, and he’s decided to be open about it.  Now that he has, everyone in the country needs to understand his plan.  You might accuse me of overusing Greek metaphors when I say this, but Christie’s plan is his political Achilles’Heel.


          If you research the Leadership For America Matters PAC, Inc. you’ll find out two things of great interest.  One is the PAC is backing Governor Christie, and names him as their “Honorary Chairman.”  The other thing just happens to be Governor Christie’s plan to make America solvent once again; to erase the bulk of our debt.   The plan is spelled out in a document entitled, “Honorary Chairman Gov. Christie Outlines Entitlement Reform Proposal Centered on Fairness.”


          Those who are schooled in political semantics know to be extremely cautious whenever the word “fairness” is used.  We who are true conservatives and libertarians understand the whole concept of fairness as applied to politics and economics to be a ruse; just short of an absolute scam.  When you see the word in the title of a position paper by a supposedly macho-man, hard-nosed, kick-‘em-when-they’re-down conservative Republican, you just have to pause and ask yourself what’s going on.  And, you’d be correct to ask.


          Governor Christie intends to erase deficits and debt through major entitlement reform.  How does that grab you?  It sounds like the answer to our fervent prayers, doesn’t it?  Well, hold on a minute.  You might want to get out your progressive dictionary and look up the word “entitlement” before you start to pin on that “Christie’s My Man!” campaign button.  You see, “they” don’t define entitlements the way most of the rest of us do.  Not any more they don’t.


          The heart of Governor Christie’s plan includes reforms to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Disability Insurance.  Ignored are the 67 actual entitlement programs that are in the non-discretionary budget.  Nope, that huge gravy train will still be firmly on the tracks.  The deficits and debt will be resolved the old fashioned way – by taking the money out of the hides of those who are already paying.


          Governor Christie’s plan can’t be more progressive.  It includes income caps for Social Security benefits, which is another way of saying “means testing.”  Those who have incomes between $80,000 and $200,000 would receive benefits on a diminishing scale.  Over $200,000 per year you would get nothing.  The plan proposes to raise eligibility ages, including full and early retirement age requirements.  There is an odd provision to eliminate payroll taxes for anyone still working past the age of 62, which is very curious and also very unlikely.  Another oddity is the idea of giving recipients a one-time 5% pay raise once they’ve attained the age of 85.


          Medicare is planned to follow the Social Security template.  The plan calls for Medicare payments to be assessed on a sliding scale, with seniors making up to $85,000 paying 40% of their medical costs, then gradually increasing to 90% for those who make $196,000.  Above that and you’re on your own.


          Medicaid is planned to shift to a federal per-capita allocation to each state.  Federal contributions would be block granted to each state based on the head count of those who meet the eligibility criteria.  The states would have to figure out what to do once they have the money.


          The biggest change proposed for Medicaid is to push “dual eligibles” to a single managed care program.  The population being addressed includes those who are qualified for Medicare and also meet the criteria for Medicaid.  The figures cited indicate medical costs for those who are dual eligible comprise 27% of Medicare costs and 40% of Medicaid.  Pushing those folks to a single program will supposedly save many millions of dollars.


          There are also proposals for savings in the Social Security Disability Insurance program.  Most of those savings would be due to policy changes that make qualifying for and remaining on disability much harder.


          You can find the text of this plan online at:


Please go there and read it for yourself.


          Think about this for a bit.  What kind of real conservative proposes fixing the budget problems by changing programs funded directly by the wage earners?  What kind of conservative would even characterize Social Security and Medicare as “entitlement” programs?  Didn’t the government advertise those programs as “earned benefits” as recently as four years ago?  Are these programs really the only way to deal with the debt?  Don’t we know better?  What about eliminating all functions the federal government shouldn’t do?  What about a program to halve the number of federal regulations, thereby reducing concomitant cost of those regulations?  What about examining all real entitlement programs with the aim of eliminating redundancies and changing programs to promote positive life skills and values?


          Christie is revealed.  Take that to the bank.


In Liberty,