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THOUGHTS OF TED AND THE UTOPIANS 2 Feb. 2016 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


2 Feb. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus.  Donald Trump is not invincible after all.  It makes things all that more interesting, don‘t you think?

          Bernie Sanders finished second to Hillary by a hair.  That’s a win for him.  Think about it; Hillary was up 50 points over Bernie six months ago.  I only hope what we saw last night was evidence only of how weak Hillary has become, not how strong Bernie is.

          When I think of all of this in the context of the Constitution I’m struck by the contrast of today’s politics as compared to 1787. 

Today we’re watching an avowed socialist have an amazing level of support throughout the nation.  He’s slightly behind an ardent and self-confessed progressive.  You who understand know the difference between socialist and progressive is only a few consonants and vowels; nothing real at all.  And, many of you have enough life experience and knowledge of history and human nature to understand all utopian philosophies and economic models are doomed to failure.  None have ever succeeded and none will, and for very obvious reasons that are entirely due to how we are as humans.  It’s not natural for us to fit into a utopian construct.  We are more inclined to be wild creatures than to submit to the kind of mind and soul-numbing controls required to make such a society viable.  The fact that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have the level of support they evidently enjoy is more a testament to bad education and individual sloth and greed than anything else.  What else explains it?

We hear all the time America was founded as a meritocracy.  Many don’t give that concept a whole lot of thought, but it’s true.  What’s also true is our founding was looked upon by other nations as some part miracle and some part curiosity.  America was an experiment.  All the great powers of Europe bet against us.  Surely everyone understands why.  Then again, maybe not.  Perhaps that story is lost to most of us.

In 1787 most of the world was progressing toward the end of the middle ages.  Yes, there was the so-called Enlightenment that was supposed to mark the transition of the world from darkness to a new awakening, but politically the world was still run by potentates, kings, princes, war lords, and pirates.  The average person on the street had little and had prospects of little more.  Most, even in the merchant societies of Europe, had whatever the powerful allowed them.  What was given could be taken away.  The governments made the rules and the people followed them.  The governments were by and large made up of a ruling class of royalty or by a warrior class, and both generally ruled by some level of intimidation.  This was the reality.  America’s founding turned that reality upside down, and most nations sat up and took note.   I’m sure they did some wagering, too.  Who would have bet on the fledgling America and their grand experiment in governance?

And, you should fully appreciate the exact nature of the experiment.  America wasn’t established just as a meritocracy.   The construct of rule was completely upside down from the prevailing models.  Instead of a ruling class, our Constitution defined a society ruled from the bottom up.  The notion of “of the people, by the people, and for the people” wasn’t just novel, it was truly revolutionary.  In America the individual was the center of all political power, and the individual’s power was derived from God, not from grants of governmental potentates.  In America the government was designed to allow the people to be the power, not just to speak to it.  In America, if the people wanted something, it could happen.  Conversely, if they didn’t, it didn’t.   American was the only nation where each individual could be sovereign and determine his/her own destiny.  The government in America was designed to be the servant of the people, not the other way around.  And, it was uniquely so.

Ponder on that last paragraph and contemplate the America we know now.  Understand the power equation established by the Constitution in 1787 is almost totally erased today.  We’ve evolved, and the truth is, we started that evolution with the very first convening of Congress.  Today it’s probably safe to say we are a nation that allows more individual freedoms than most in the world, but even so, our government today hardly compares to that experimental one we started out with.  Today we are almost completely inverted.  Today we no longer have that government “of, by, and for.”  Today we are little more than subjects of a power elite, a federal government that grows more powerful and intrusive by the day.  This is not a subjective assessment, it’s the literal truth.  If you don’t believe it, you need to wake up, snap to, and look around you.  The signs are all around us.

I celebrate Ted Cruz’s victory in Iowa, and I hope he continues on and gains the Republican Party nomination.  He’s the only one in the race who seems to understand the philosophic basis for our nation’s founding.  He’s the only one who seems willing to fight to regain that idea of the primacy of the individual over the ruling elite.  The rest seem, to one degree or another, to be hostages of one faction or money interest or another.  I celebrate Cruz because he not only speaks to founding principles, he tries to influence the government to honor those principles.  I celebrate him because I firmly believe he will continue to do exactly that, no matter what happens this year and the years after.  Cruz has a vision of America that looks to the past.  Not the past we experienced, but a past improved.  His vision is of an America whose founding principles are restored so that all those who would have been denied the right to enjoy them in our nation’s earliest years will know the fullness of the American experience.

At this point, I do need to acknowledge Rand Paul.  Yes, Rand understands, too.  And, yes, Rand also speaks to those principles of freedom and liberty and of the miracle of America’s birth.  But, Senator Paul has yet to understand how to speak to those much beyond his base.  He has yet to develop the communication skills to convey his vision to those who don’t already share it.  He struggles in that respect, much as his father did, but for different reasons.

If I could hand pick the next administration, I would pick Cruz for president and Paul as his vice-president.  There are things Rand Paul could teach Ted Cruz that would help him become the next Ronald Reagan.

But, first, there are those utopians and the useful idiots of the Democratic Party to overcome.  First things first.  No matter what happens in the near future, we must all keep in mind the danger our nation is in.  If the Democratic Party prevails in the November elections you can safely bet the potential to return to any semblance of the nation our founders gave us will be darned near zero.

Today I have guarded optimism.  I’m encouraged.  But, I won’t rest on my laurels, and hope you won’t either.  This was Step 1.  There’s a long road to travel with many hills to climb.  We have to keep moving toward that shining city on the hill.  If we don’t, if we falter, we’ll never get there.

In Liberty,