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Dear Mr. President 1-24-18 Stone PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Steve A. Stone
Grand Bay, AL  36541

24 January 2018

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President,

            First, allow me to congratulate you on an excellent first year as our nation’s President.  You’ve made great progress in Making America Great Again, despite all the obstacles in your path.  There’s no point in ticking off the successes you’ve had.  I’m 100% certain you could add additional successes that would double or triple any list I could create.  I look forward to greater successes in 2018 and every year of your time in office, which I hope concludes only after you’ve completed two full terms.

            My main purposes in writing are twofold.  First, to give input on the difficulties in dealing with Congress, then to share views on the current state of “the swamp.”

            Congress as a whole deserves its exceedingly low national approval rating.  I have always concurred with the famous observation of Mark Twain that “there is no distinctly American criminal class – except Congress.”  As criminals they are far more successful than any Mafia family could ever be.  After all, they make the laws, so they can engineer them to suit their own purposes, which they all too often do.  But, the principle observation I wish to convey regards the primary philosophy evident in Congress today, and for the past 30 years. 

There was a time when our nation had actual liberals.  That time is gone.  I can’t think of a single true liberal in Congress anymore, though 50 years ago it was possible more than half the members were of that school of political philosophy.  Today, the “great divide” we all observe in Congress is due to the demise of liberalism in Congress, which has been completely supplanted by progressivism.  Progressives are your enemies and mine.

            “Progressive” as a political identity is a ruse.  It’s a nice-sounding word that masks the truth that most Democrats and some Republicans are socialists of one stripe or another and many are outright communists.  Progressivism is nothing more than a handy identity for socialists and communists to hide behind as they pursue their takeover of our nation.

            The main problem with Congress today is the domination of the progressives.  They are still trying mightily to implement President Obama’s fundamental transformation of our nation.   If that transformation had continued we would soon be a nation very much like the socialist democracies of Europe, and soon after might even be worse.  Your election stymied the progressive plan.  But, it also guaranteed the scenario we see today, where Democratic Party intransigence has brought the Senate to a near standstill.  While it’s true the House is able to pass legislation, the Senate cannot do much until more conservative Republicans are elected. 

Regardless of any other attribution for the current phenomenon, it’s safe to say it’s totally related to the ideological battle between progressives and everyone else.  I’m certain you understand there is a vast difference between a liberal and a progressive; one that’s never discussed in the media.  The current divide puts progressives on one side and everyone else on the other.  Patriotic Liberals and libertarians are just as much the enemy of progressives as conservatives. It’s important for everyone, including average Americans, to understand the truth of this ideological fight.  Today I estimate less than 10% of our populace “gets it.”

            I am sending you a book on this very subject, which you might find useful.  It’s essentially a primer that explains a lot about the history and goals of the progressive movement.  It’s an easy read, and I’m sure you can have a staff member read it and excerpt any essential you might not already grasp.  The book is entitled THE BATTLE FOR AMERICA’S SOUL:  Constitutional Libertarianism and Its Number One Enemy.  The “enemy” referenced in the title is progressivism.   Look for a package with my return address on it.  It will contain the book, which I wrote in 2013.  I hope it helps everyone in the White House understand who our true enemies are and their goals.

            Another point I wish to make regards the notion of compromise.  I was taught for many years that compromise is a good thing.  It supposedly guarantees each party gets much of what they want and need, even though not all.  I’ve heard the old saying that Congress negotiates until they reach a deal no one likes, but everyone can live with.  I’ve come to the place where I now believe all that is hokum, bunk and balderdash.  It’s a scam on the people.  Now I believe compromise is an exercise where good principles are sacrificed for the sake of comity.  The need to go along and get along seems at times to surpass the needs of the people.  In more recent years I noted that every time a compromise was reached, it was the side that tried to adhere to essential principles of governance that ended up on the losing end.  When compromise is a goal with a progressive you just need to know their expectation is for you to do all the giving in exchange for them saying nice things about you for the next 15 or 20 minutes.  Some say compromise is not a dirty word.  When essential principles are sacrificed for the sake of compromise it is the dirtiest of words.

            I was very excited during your campaign when you announced you would withdraw America from the soon-to-be Trans-Pacific Partnership.  I started monitoring TPP in 2013 and realized it was being done in furtherance of globalist progressive interests and would be a huge detriment to our nation if we signed on.  The more I learned of it and observed who in America was promoting it, the more I realized it was a key initiative of progressives in furtherance of their goal of weakening America.  When you followed through with your campaign promise as one of your first directives I was ecstatic, as were many of my close friends.

            Other than Congress, the battle with “the swamp” seems to be moving along well in some corridors and not so in others.  The media focus is on the fight in the Justice Department and the FBI, though I’m aware other departments are having their battles as well.  I’m extremely concerned about events and people within Justice.  The Obama administration filled the ranks of senior DoJ and FBI with progressives who are your enemies.  Those people need to be identified and purged.  One tactic I know that was used to conceal many of them was for appointees to apply for senior civil service jobs so they could gain protections.  Many senior civil servants in many departments are progressives whose allegiance is to their ideology, not to our nation.  They need to be identified and dealt with.  Until the house is swept we can expect a continuance of daily revelations that indicate the swamp creatures are still hard at work.  It took decades for many of those people to get into senior positions.  Unfortunately our nation cannot wait decades for them to go.  We need them to be gone now.

            I have faith in Attorney General Sessions and his ability and willingness to pursue subversives in our government.  But, I often fear he has too many of those people near him, and until they are purged his effectiveness will not be what either you or I want.  I trust he is pursuing active investigations into the many criminal activities perpetrated by members of the past administration, but until there’s a “reveal” of any of that, all I have is faith and trust.  Jeff Sessions was my Senator, and I know him as a fearless and honorable man.  But, if he’s constantly having to fight subversives on his staff, he needs help.  The investigations I believe are in progress are vital to the restoration of trust in our government, which is sorely lacking.  They are a vital component of Making America Great Again.   If your administration allows known criminal activity at the highest reaches of government to go unaddressed you validate the notion of a two-tiered justice system.  I’m certain both you and the Attorney General wish to put that notion to rest.  There can be only one justice system, and it must be blind.

            Recent events in the Department of the Interior tell me the battle with swamp creatures is raging there.  Secretary Zinke is doing a great job!  I’m certain he knew going in that he would be faced with radical environmentalists on his staff, and it appears he’s dealing with them.  All parts of Interior are infested with progressive ideologues and their fellow travelers.  They are pursuing their jobs consistent with the requirements of United Nations Agenda 21 (or Agenda 2030, as it is now known).  Secretary Zinke appears to understand the Agenda and seems willing to fight for the rights of Americans to avail themselves of public lands and other public assets.  His policies appear to be diametrically opposed to those pursued for the eight years previous to your inauguration.  I applaud him for his perspective, energy and zeal.  You, Mr. President, made an outstanding decision when you chose Ryan Zinke for his office.

            Rather than continue on and cite the accomplishments I see in all the departments, allow me to say I appreciate the efforts of your Cabinet in reducing unnecessary and burdensome regulations and streamlining their department operations.  Our government has become far too bloated in all regards.  It has become a burden too large for the people to bear.  I hope your Cabinet continues to work at making each part of our government more efficient, more responsive to real needs, and less intrusive into the lives of the people.

            There is one more subject regarding “the swamp” I wish to address before I close.  It regards the many members of the Muslim Brotherhood who are in all parts of our government today.  I’ve researched their intrusion into government and believe it was President George H.W. Bush who first allowed them in the front door.  I’m not complaining about Muslims.  I’m complaining about known operatives of the many facets of the Muslim Brotherhood who are on staffs in almost all parts of our federal government.   It confuses me that the truth of the Muslim Brotherhood is well known to anyone who cares to understand, yet our federal government has so far refused to act upon that truth.  In Egypt the Brotherhood is officially considered a terrorist organization.   Why are they allowed to operate openly in our nation with impunity?  It’s common knowledge the Muslim Brotherhood is a well organized criminal enterprise that exists to foster radical Islamic causes and to raise and funnel money to Islamist terrorist organizations.  It’s confusing that our country didn’t learn all it needed to know when the Holy Land Foundation was tried and convicted in 2008.  That trial revealed much of the Muslim Brotherhood network within the United States and how the organizations raised cash to fund overseas terrorist activities.  It is baffling that our government, possibly due to overzealous political correctness, ever allowed groups like CAIR and ISNA to have a voice in the formulation of any of our national policies.  I appeal to you to take a serious look at our government’s policies toward Muslim Brotherhood organizations and to determine a way to purge our entire government of dangerous Islamist ideologues.  We have enough danger from embedded foreign agents, why do we add to our danger by allowing Islamists to roam free among us?

            I will take my leave of you now, Mr. President.  I hope you have read my letter and taken it seriously.  I am but one voice out here in fly-over country.  But, I’m certain my voice is identical to many thousands.  We are behind you.  We, too, want to Make America Great Again.

In Liberty,



Steve and Dick Coffee