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30 Dec. 2017


Dear Friends and Patriots,


I leave you this year with brief summary of significant topics, some good and some bad.  There were many other significant stories, but this synopsis will have to suffice.


DONALD TRUMP IS DOING JUST FINE, THANK YOU – The second half of 2015 belonged to Donald Trump.  Back then it was something of a show.  We never quite knew if he was serious or not.  Some speculated his announcement and early campaign appearances were self-promotion to pump up his image, possibly to push some new mega-deal or something.  Who knew?  We were intrigued that he spent his own money for his campaign.  Who does that?

Then came 2016.  The entire year was Trump’s.  He dominated the media, for good or ill, all year long.  The primary debates were almost all sell-out events.  Everyone wanted to see and hear what Candidate The Donald would say and do.  Yes, he had gaffes along the way. It seemed he would take two steps back for every three forward.  It was easy to state he was his own worst enemy.  Yet, he held on, defeated all his primary rivals and emerged as the Republican Party standard bearer. 

Everything got more interesting from there.  The campaign against Hillary Clinton was waged almost the same way as against his party rivals and, ultimately, to the exact same end. Yes, 2016 was Trump’s year.  But in that year he dominated the press coverage, his rivals, and the election.  But, he didn’t wield any actual power.  He made a lot of promises, but in politics promises are dirt cheap.  We had to wait to see what he’d do once he assumed office.

We received our answer in 2017.  Once again, it was Trump’s year.  You might characterize 2015 as fanfare, 2016 as a political chess match and media storm, but 2017 was different – it was the real deal.  Trump could have passed the year dithering and playing golf every day.  Instead, he forced his political agenda along and played golf.  He kept promises, too; lots and lots of them.  Maybe electing a political neophyte is a great thing we should repeat.  Trump seemed not to understand how to broker deals with Congress, he just went about his business with energy and dedication.  His earliest success may be one of his longest lasting – the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  He bailed out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  He promised to cancel three regulations for every new one introduced, then managed to do something like twenty to one instead.  He pushed and pushed for health care reform, but Congress just couldn’t muster the courage and intellect to come through.  He sent shock waves through the world with his own approach to international diplomacy.  His message was clear – the United States of America will not be beholden to any other nation, any agreement, or any international pressures; but will pursue its own interests in the best ways it deems fit.


INTERNATIONALISM IS ON ITS REAR – Perhaps not everywhere, but certainly on our shores.   Donald Trump praised Great Britain on their BREXIT vote and encouraged other nations to join in.  He threatened to withdraw from NATO if they didn’t give us a better financial deal.   As stated, he quit TPP and no one has since heard any talk of TTIP.  Then, he signaled to the world the US was pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, declaring global warming nothing but a giant hoax.  But, it was in the United Nations that Trump’s approach to internationalism was most telling.  He appointed former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley as our ambassador to the UN, which proved to be a stroke of genius.  Ambassador Haley has been fearless in pursuing our national interests and unhesitatingly calls out other nations for their own misdeeds.  Compared to previous administrations and their often too politically correct and bureaucratic approach to dealing with the UN, the Trump administration is decidedly forthright and muscular in pressing our opinions and interests.  Even so, it’s obviously true the single greatest forces working against internationalism today are the effects of the massive migration of immigrants out of the Middle East.   And, what was Trump’s answer to that very phenomenon?  It was his so-called Middle East Travel Ban, which was ultimately upheld as completely legal by the Supreme Court.

In truth, the arrival of Donald Trump on the world scene as the 45th President of the US couldn’t have been timed any better.  He has galvanized the anti-globalists like no single person before.


RIOTS, DEMONSTRATIONS, and CHAOS – The year of protests started early on.   The Women’s March in January turned into one giant anti-Trump protest.  If you listened to the rhetoric reported during that protest you’ll understand the gathering was dominated by the people Rush Limbaugh has long referred to as “feminazis,” and had a decidedly anti-male current coursing through it.  That protest later morphed into the “Me Too” movement; more about that later.

During most of the first three quarters of the year there were protests every weekend.  Most were centrally organized and funded.  There was an overall objective – to create enough chaos and dissent to give emphasis to the “dump Trump” movement the progressives were desperately trying to get off the ground.  It was all part of the slow coup.  In the fourth quarter of the year there was a nationwide event planned that turned into a giant bust.  It appears the demonstrators don’t like inclement weather.  It’s either that or there just aren’t really enough of them to pull off an event like they wanted.  Who cares, really?  It’s good enough that the whacko professional protestors went home.


CONGRESS DITHERS, BUT FINALLY  COMES THROUGH - Congress tried, tried, and tried again to pass new health care legislation all through the year, but just couldn't pull it off.  It’s a giant failure on their part, too.  Most Republicans had been running for years on a “Repeal Obamacare” platform, but when they finally had everything set up to do just that, they changed the promise.  All of a sudden “repeal” was supplanted by “repeal and replace.” All of a sudden too many Republicans decided there were some aspects of health care the federal government needed to dictate, but they never could agree on which parts and to what extent.  They doomed themselves to failure.

No one seems to notice another thing – Congress still can’t pass a budget!   Our nation continues to operate on continuing resolutions.  If there was ever a failure to execute a basic requirement of a job, it’s Congress’s inability to formulate and pass a budget that indicates most who inhabit the Capitol Building need to be sent home.  Too many of the people there have grown too lazy to do the basics of their jobs.  It may just be me, but I don’t think a single member of Congress ran on a “Continue The Dither” platform.  They truly deserve the extraordinarily low poll numbers they receive.

If you ask a member of the House about legislation, they’ll point to the 300+ bills they passed and pushed into the Senate.  But, how many of those bills were passed just to up their count?  They know most bills die in the Senate every year, so much of their “effort” was for show; to aid House members in their re-election campaigns.  How much was worthwhile is unknowable.  Then there was that attempt to pass an impeachment bill; gee, that was dumb.

As a “hail Mary” and to claim something was done Congress finally got together to pass a tax reform law.  It’s hard to tell now how good the law is, but any tax reform is a good thing, assuming it’s real reform.  I’m assured this new law is a good one.  We’ll certainly see!   One downer attached to the law is the abysmal job Republicans in Congress did in selling it to the people.  They seemed to be content to rest on the laurels gained by finally passing a major law; they let the Democrats do most of the talking, and of course they branded the law a gift to the rich and powerful and a theft from the working poor.  It would have been easy to get out in front of all the Democrat hyperbole, but all the Republicans were too busy making plans to go home for Christmas.  What’s with those people, are they truly that stupid?


THE MEDIA ABANDONS ALL PRETENSE OF OBJECTIVITY AND PROFESSIONALISM - There appear to be more lunatics per capita in the media than in any other segment of our society.  Donald Trump's ascendency seems to have galvanized the media and so-called "entertainment industry" like nothing before.  In former days there appeared to be some pretense of objectivity.   It could be people in the media were in on the jokes on the people, especially concerning the true politics of the two Presidents Bush. As hard as the media was on those two, they've set new records in bias and partisanship in their coverage of Trump. They've succeeded mostly in outing themselves as progressive mouthpieces.  But, what a raving pack of loons!  If anyone were to try to name all the media figures, including reporters, on-camera commentators and hosts, print columnists, and guest commentators who espouse progressive ideology and hatred of all things Trump, they'd be at it for at least a couple of days.  Conversely, if you were to catalog those same kinds of people who speak well of President Trump, it might take half an hour.  It truly is that bad.  Don't expect it to get better, either.  With the media 90+% in the progressive camp, there is a war going on, and those people won't concede defeat, nor will they relent. They are in the van of the slow coup.  What we've seen this year is what we're likely to see for the duration of the Trump administration.  I predict by the end of Trump’s reign we'll mostly be ignoring most media or we'll have gone crazy from the unrelenting bombardment of lunacy.


CLINTONS ARE STILL ROAMING FREE – Despite an enormous pile of actual evidence of major crimes committed by the Clintons, they remain out of prison.  None are under any kind of indictment.  None appear to be in any actual danger of ever appearing at any trial, much less paying for all their many misdeeds.  The obvious reality fuels the notion of a two-tiered justice system.  Yes, it appears true.  There is a chance of seeing all that undone, but certainly not in 2017.  I stand by my oft-stated opinion that no indictment or trial will ever come for any of those despicable people, nor many of their closest co-conspirators.  This is a major failure of America.  It’s a failure that the majority of our citizens don’t demand justice, and a huge failure of our government to allow criminals to walk among us as if they’re totally innocent victims of the mythical “vast right-wing conspiracy.”


CLINTON ALLIES ARE ALL ROAMING FREE, TOO – People who surround the Clintons seem to end up with one of two fates.  They either die under somewhat mysterious circumstances or they roam free among us.  At the end of 2017 we find ourselves asking why.  How hard can it be?  Well?


THAT “THING” IN LAS VEGAS - Does anyone understand what happened in Las Vegas?  No?  Gee, what’s up with that?  After a couple of weeks of constant media bombardment and speculation someone, or some entity, put a clamp on it all.  We’ve heard practically nothing since.  It’s easy to speculate that no one can figure out a plausible motive for the incident.  Nothing adds up.  All evidence to date points to an actual false-flag event, like Charlottesville, but was it?  With the whole thing gone dark, who can really tell?  Doesn’t it make you wonder, though?


WHAT’S UP WITH THAT MEULLER INVESTIGATION? – A special prosecutor named and assigned to investigate a charge already proven to be phony; one everyone in the FBI have always known was phony.  But, like all special prosecutors, Robert Mueller has carte blanche to do pretty much whatever he wants, and he is.  So far no one affiliated with the Trump campaign has been charged with doing anything wrong in the course of the campaign.  But, the investigation will go on and on.  It’ll end one day, when someone finally gets tired of seeing all the indictments of people accused only of lying to the FBI or of committing some minor infraction in previous years.  Everyone with any common sense already understands the pretext of the investigation – the so-called Trump Dossier is where the real story is.  We all know now that it was an ops-research scam, cooked up and paid for by Democrats to smear Donald Trump.  And yet – the investigation seems to be aimed at everyone except those who dreamed up and executed the fraud.  Is this the best we can do?  Does justice exist in our land anymore?


ME, TOO – Everyone is piling on to this movement.  When did it start, anyway?  Was it with Harvey Weinstein’s fall?  It’s odd, when you think that nothing Bill Clinton ever did set off a “Me, Too” movement.  As of today there are more men accused of various improprieties regarding women than can be counted. It seems accusing men of being bad is a fad of some sorts. Oh, there was that one woman who scrapped her run for Congress after being accused of sexual harassment by a former male aide.  Otherwise this story just continues to rain men.  How many might actually be innocent?  How many accused men will have any sort of due process? 

This movement is a logical outgrowth of the radical feminist movement of old.  This time their old man-hating rhetoric is replaced with some tangible accusations and some that aren’t.  Are “he-said, she-said” accusations to gain some kind of new Constitutional status?  Stand by!  There is some good in all this, but there’s also danger of a whole lot of bad. Just when we’ve been partially trained to accept the notion of Super-Women we’re asked to go back and re-consider women as helpless victims.  What are we to do?

This will end badly, but will cause a lot of confusion and damage first.


RUSSIA IS CONFUSED BY THE RUSSIAN COLLUSION STORY – This is sort of a funny story.  Vladimir Putin doesn’t know whether to continue to scoff about the accusation of interfering in American elections or to go ahead and claim credit.  So far there have been two substantiated material efforts – one was to place propaganda ads on Facebook; the other were the propagandizing efforts constantly viewed on RT – Russian TV. So, yes, it’s true there was propaganda interference, but all efforts were in behalf of Democrats – mostly Bernie Sanders.  The notion of any collusion by Russians in favor of Donald Trump is openly laughed at by Putin, and completely unproven.  After a year of trying no one has yet found any link between Russians and the Trump campaign.  The Russians laugh at the Mueller investigation.  They know a state-run scam when they see one.


ISIS IS DEFEATED - ON THE BATTLEFIELD - ISIS was a creation of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy.  If you don’t understand that, you need to.  There wouldn’t have been an ISIS if not for the stupid undertakings of those two.  Clinton devised a policy in the Middle East that did nothing short of blowing the entire region up.  She compounded her mistakes by arming rebel groups against the Assad regime in Syria.  That effort, plus the vacuum left in Iraq by the Obama troop pull-out allowed ISIS to be created, armed with US weapons, and set loose on the region. After half-heartedly battling ISIS for five years it took Trump’s defense team less than a year to run ISIS out of town.  That’s all towns they held.  ISIS once fielded over 100,000 fighters, but so many have been killed in the past year they currently are down to less than 10,000, who are dispersed across the Middle East.  But, it would be wrong to claim victory so quickly.  As a military force, ISIS is decimated.  As a radical philosophic force they are still potent, and the rise in numbers of attacks by self-radicalized ISIS adherents is proof.  Watch out for them in 2018.  ISIS isn’t dead yet!  They won’t be after territory.  They will be after blood.


KIM JONG UN - STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS – North Korea is a boil on the rear end of humanity.  No policy salve seems to make it better, either.  President Clinton and Secretary of State Albright tried to make a deal with them.  They failed, but declared their failure a success.  President Bush 43 sort of ignored them, spending most of his time and energy chasing Islamist bad guys instead.  President Obama couldn’t figure out North Korea, so he announced his own policy – strategic patience. Strategic patience was a euphemism for “do nothing, but don’t let on.”  Now the Trump administration has its turn dealing with the looney bin referred to as “the hermit kingdom” and it appears he can’t quite figure it out either.  Trump seems to know Kim is someone who understands his position and enjoys poking all his chosen adversaries with a sharp stick.  The President’s most substantial answer to date is his announcement that the US might make an exception in our no-first-strike nuclear policy.  Yes, for the crazy, short, fat guy with the weird haircut, the US might just make an exception.  2017 was one prolonged and largely fruitless effort to de-escalate tensions between North Korea, its neighbors, and the US.  But, so far nothing has seemed to make much difference.   Even Kim’s best American  buddy,  Dennis Rodman, finally came out and admitted Kim is most likely crazy. What will 2018 bring that might cause this situation to change?  The most intelligent guess is – nothing.


FREEDOM IS STIRRING IN IRAN – In the last weeks of the year something extraordinary has been happening in Iran. It seems the people of Iran have begun to wake up and understand the cost of their own government.  It might sound odd to us, but Persians aren’t like most other peoples of their region.  They’re very sophisticated, educated, and fairly westernized.  And, it appears, they understand economics fairly well, too.  Iran has been the subject of international trade sanctions for years.  That’s made life under the rule of the Mullahs relatively difficult.  With President Obama gone and President Trump to deal with, the situation in Iran has only grown worse.  The citizens have felt the pain of material shortages and rapidly escalating prices. And, they understand it all in ways many nations’ peoples might not.  They understand each Iranian pays a tangible price for their government’s terroristic policies and strategic nuclear ambitions.  They understand they fund and provide material support to Hezbollah and the Houthi rebels in Yemen.  They know they’re backing the Assad regime in Syria.  They read of Irani weapons showing up in the hands of Palestinians on the West Bank, only to be launched against Israel.  They know all those things, and more.  And, they comprehend that they’re the ones who are paying for it all.  The people sacrifice so their government can fritter away the nation’s wealth in pursuit of hegemony in the region. It appears many people have finally had enough, and are calling for regime change.  They want freedom.  They want democracy.  They want to run their country without the mullahs.  This may end up being the greatest story of 2018.

Then again, it may be Donald Trump will have a few things to say about that.


          I could go on for several more pages, but I know most of you are tired of 2017 and looking forward to a much better 2018.  Me, too!  I’ll just leave it at that.




MAGA, Baby!

In Liberty,