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WHO ELECTED DOUG JONES? 13 Dec. 2017 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


13 Dec. 2017

When I look at the vote totals, especially the write-ins I have to come to one conclusion - Republicans elected Doug Jones.


No one who would normally think of voting for Doug Jones would do a write-in.   Democrats rarely do write-ins.   Some libertarians did write-ins, but how many of those people do you really know?  I'm a libertarian, but not one who's dumb enough not to understand writing in a libertarian only advantaged Jones.   Independents do write-ins, too.    But if those people were already inclined to vote for Jones because he's so "decent" they voted for him, and, like Democrats, wouldn't think of doing a write-in.


That leaves two classes of voters who did the vast majority of the write-ins.  Republicans and independents who normally vote as Republicans.  Take that to the bank.


Then, there is a renegade segment of the RP who crossed over.  I don't believe that was many.  Enough?  Perhaps.  That'll take some real analysis, not this off-the-cuff stuff.  I liken those to the  "establishment" Republicans who became "never Trumpers" and threatened to wreck the party in 2016.  They were of two types - those that were die-hards for Luther Strange, and those who so detest Roy Moore they wanted to deny him the office, even if it meant voting for a Democrat.  Maybe those are all the same people; I don't know.


It's true that we have less than two years to find a credible candidate and run against Doug Jones, and our R-candidate will most likely win.  But, in the meantime the President's administration and program was just deal a serious blow.  We can't reasonably expect much out of the Senate as long as there's only a 1 seat majority and we continue to have to put up with decidedly anti-Trumpers in the Senate chamber.


The "too little, too late" endorsement of Moore by the RNC was tokenism.   It didn't factor at all.   What's up with those folks, anyway?


It all gives credibility to the charge that Republicans aren't actually interested in running the country.  I heard several commentators today espousing one version or another of that charge, mostly aimed at Leader McConnell.   We'll once again have to hear that old saw about snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.   When is this going to change?


The Democrats have almost entirely embraced progressivism as their philosophy.  Most of you know I have studied progressivism and understand it as yet another variant of communism.  Progressives want to rule the country and they want to bind us to international combines like the EU and the soon to be TPP.  So, we all should know and understand who they are and what motivates them.  The question still in the back of my mind is . . . Who the heck are the Republicans?   If we can't be Constitutionalists, capitalists, and creatures ruled by principles instead of secular humanist whims, then what are we to be?


We need a top-to-bottom look at the RP and decide who we are.  The first step in this 12-Step rehab program of the party should be to admit the truth.   Our party is more skilled at electing Democrats than we are our own.


Now, we need to get busy figuring out who'll be our champion for 2020.  And, we better be very picky about it, too.   We can win with a true conservative if they don't have a lot of odd baggage.  But, we can't take the risk of running another person on the ballot just to shake things up.   I was okay with doing this once, but I'm not actually okay with paying the price we'll be assessed.


Not a happy camper today.  Not completely surprised, though.    I'd much rather have watched the fun of Roy Moore in the Senate, teaching John McCain what "Maverick" really means.   But, I'm thinking that's just not to be.


Then again, perhaps Sec. of State Merrill will figure out there was significant voter fraud and invalidate the whole thing.   We might make some quick calculations of a strategy in that case, too.


In Liberty,