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26 Aug. 2017


Dear Friends and Patriots,


            Those of you who know me best know I’m a Texan, and always will be.  That hurricane named Harvey looks to be doing some major damage there.  I know I wouldn’t want to be down on that low ground with a storm whipping around me for three or four days.  Even Katrina, as devastating as she was, came and went.  Hold on tight, my Texan friends and kin.  This is a storm for the ages.  I hope you’re all on high ground now.

            I saw that Sebastian Gorka departed the White House yesterday.  I’m thinking he’s correctly perceived the shift in the balance of power among senior White House staff and realizes he’d soon be all alone, if the departure of Steve Bannon hadn’t already made that so.  Whether he was dismissed or he walked away doesn’t matter.  He’s now in a better place.  He no longer as to hew to any talking points in his on-screen commentary regarding situations at the top of our government.  I’m thinking he’s going to give us more startling evidence of the slow coup than we can comfortably handle.  I’m thinking the one who’s being isolated and boxed in is President Trump.  If he won’t resign and they can’t impeach him, they’ll put him in a virtual cage where the only means he has to rule is via his daily Twitter blasts.  One day those may even be faked and Trump will be a  prisoner in his office.  This is getting to be serious business.  The entire plan to Make America Great Again may be off the rails today, and Trump may just be unwilling to realize it.  Bannon and Gorka realize help must come from outside.  We need to be an active part of that help.  Got it?

            Lots of good things are being done by the President.  I do like the emphasis to purge the bureaucracy of unnecessary regulations.  His cabinet has been doing a pretty good job as far as I can tell.  We need a whole lot more of that.  I like the cheerleading for the military.  Trump does that well, but perhaps they need spare parts today much more than they need better morale.  In fact, spare parts alone will help with morale.   Air Force and Navy pilots don’t like hangar queens.  Ship captains don’t like getting underway with their fire control systems tagged out because the one circuit card they need to fire missiles is still at the manufacturer’s warehouse until it can be paid for.  Army guys don’t like seeing their tanks and other rolling stock sitting in the repair queue while common things like bearings and oil filters are backordered.  That $50B the President promised is not nearly enough.  I know.  I’m still in the biz.

            The problem of the military today is readiness.  Readiness is part material and part human.  It may be that the human cost of readiness is what’s really behind the recent crashes of aircraft and the two collisions between our DDGs, the FITZGERALD and McCAIN, and merchant ships.  We can easily blame individuals involved for inattention and lack of expertise, but what if essential training is being backed up due to lack of funding to hold that training.  Then who can we assign the ultimate blame to? And, let’s just not get into the whole LBGTQ thing.  We’ll be here all day long.

            The slow coup is picking up speed.  It’s not as slow as it was back in March and April.  The mainstream media reminds me of my dogs on clear nights when all the critters are on the move in the woods – they’re baying incessantly.  Hopefully more and more people will just get tired of it all and stop watching and listening.  This may be one time I’m grateful for the World Series.  Maybe a bit of “besoball” will help soothe those angry beasts out there. 

            America is not in a great place today.  At least, to hear the media tell it.  The absolute truth of it is exactly the opposite.  Jobs are being created at an increasing rate.  Corporate investments are up, but because corporations are still waiting on relief from a new tax bill, not as much as we should see in a future with lower corporate taxes.  The unemployment rates and labor participation rates are improving.  Some states are now reporting a tight labor market.  The stock market is showing weakness this week, but that comes after an historic new high, so it’s to be expected.  Overall most Americans are more encouraged about the state of the nation than they’ve been in years.  We just need to fix a few things so that feeling will spread wider.  Maybe someday those living on the left and right coasts will catch the fever and stop whining about everything.  It’s odd when you think of it – the people in our land who are actually doing the best are the ones whining and carrying on the most.  Does that tell you anything?  If you’re a parent, you know a brat when you see one.  We have several million spoiled brats who need something better to do with their time other than incessantly complaining and participating in intrigues against Donald Trump.

            Our Congress has been on vacation.  The good thing about that is they can’t hurt us much when they aren’t in session.  Soon, though, they will return and assume their former “do-nothing at all” posture.  If there’s a place in our nation for some really radical thought, it’s Congress.  These professional politicians are almost literally killing us.  I have little hope for anything either good or useful from them this year.

            The “statue thing” is still the topic of the day in many parts of the country.  Please understand it for what it is.  The progressives work hard to figure out what will rile the rest of us up the most, then that’s exactly where they go.  Today it’s those statues and monuments that memorialize Southern Civil War dead.  Once they’re done with that, they’ll have something else to prod us with.   They have think tanks involved in doing nothing but building a prioritized list of mock grievances to roll out in sequence.  The entire scam is to keep us diverted on meaningful, but largely unimportant things while they work behind the scenes to build that birdcage for the President.  You, know, the one he’ll be Tweeting from soon.  While we guard our heritage sites from the useful idiots and fellow travelers and their handlers, we must keep in mind it’s actually the side show, used only to drain emotional energy from us, while pumping up their foot soldiers with mindless drivel.  The real show we should all be trying to understand every day is and always will be in Washington D.C.

            Now, I’m thinking it’s time for my main message of today.

            Last week, while listening to the morning NPR broadcast to understand more about the true nature of the slow coup, I heard of the moves made by most social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to remove accounts and postings by individuals and groups identified with the so-called Alt-Right.  They’ve branded all of them as white supremacists, racists, criminals, haters, sub-humans, and a bunch of other pejoratives besides. We’re talking about groups like those White Aryans, KKK, neo-Nazi groups, etc. who seemed to be in evidence in Charlottesville.  Yes, they’ve been systematically removed from most social media sites as of last week.  Do I care?  Should you care? Heck yes I care, and you should as well!

            The ACLU issued a statement on this subject, warning of the so-called “slippery slope” toward censorship.  It’s sort of a hallow warning, really.  The ACLU doesn’t give a fig if those sites and individuals are booted.  Their warning is to point out the truth that if one group is banned, tomorrow it might be another, then another, and there’s no rational point where such censorship will end.  Once started, where does it cease?  It’s the main point of that ancient Greek Pandora story.

            Having said that, there is the truth that all those World Wide Web-based companies are private, and the First Amendment protections many of us cherish do not apply.  If they want to boot anyone from their presence, they have every right to do so.  They know it.  We should know it.  So, no law has been broken, unless you count the need for common sense as some kind of law.

            We don’t need to pine for the fate of hate groups.  Who needs them, anyway?  Oh, that’s right – we do need them.  If we don’t have examples of extreme hate around, who takes their place as examples of what not to be?  Yes, that’s right, another corps of sites that espouse things not quite so hateful.  All of a sudden they become the extremist presence, and quite possibly the next target for elimination.  That’s how that works.  Eventually, if not stopped you may one day find there’s only one point of view represented on any social media at all; that of the progressives and their many shills.  You may think it won’t happen in our “free” society.  Italians and Germans thought so, too, back when Mussolini and Hitler were their nation’s up and comers.  Beware of censorship.  It’s the most direct path to tyranny.

            I’m also mindful of the fact anyone can still find Islamist sites on social media.  You can still find Al Qaeda and ISIS recruiting and propaganda sites, as well as those spouting pro-Sharia dogma.  You can still find videos of beheadings, murders of gays, floggings, stonings, and religious-justified killings of wives and children.  Yes, those are acceptable, but White Power groups are not.  You can still find sites where American black radicals preach the gospel of hatred of whites and advocate for the random killing of policemen.  You can still find sites where the New Black Panthers advocate for race war.  Yes, those are acceptable, too, but not anything to do with the KKK.  Evidently the practice of free speech in social media only excludes those groups who are assigned “white privilege.”  Don’t you find it all just a tad curious?

            The social media sites will tell you our intel agencies and the FBI actually want those radical sites left up so they can properly monitor their activities.  If that’s true, it’s a plain dumb argument.  If the companies that host those sites truly object, they can axe them at any time, just as they’ve done now to the KKK.  Do you think they should?  It’s a valid question.  What is the most destructive presence on social media today?  Should it be banned?  Should social media practice censorship to one degree or another?  Should they at least prohibit and ban all presentations of anything that might represent a violation of law?  How should all this be done, if it should be done at all?  This is serious stuff, my friends.  This is a 100% First Amendment conversation.

            Now, one last thing you should know and consider.  All of a sudden there are words being uttered by some of the richest people in the world – those who control the social media empires, that suggest the federal government should begin imposing rules; to start regulating social media so they won’t have to make hard choices.  That will take them off the hook, since the standards they would adhere to will be imposed instead of arbitrary (from their point of view, at least).  So, they are now asking to cede freedom so they can get themselves off the hooks on which they so willingly placed themselves.  They understand the perversion of their actions and want us, with our government acting as our proxy, to impose limits on our own freedoms in response to their violations of the spirit of the First Amendment.

            Social media companies are playing us, my friends.  They’re playing us in a very big and fundamental way.  We can complain, but because they’re private businesses they can just ignore us.  What they want now is some degree of regulation.  That’s the last thing they should ever suggest, but because they believe we have a progressive-dominated bureaucracy and will eventually return to total rule by progressives they are willing to take the risk.  After all, they’re all part of the same philosophical camp.

            That’s all I want to share today.  It’s actually a bucket-full, don’t you think?


            MAGA, Baby!

 In Liberty,