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29 June 2017

Dear Friends and Patriots,

            I’m going to admit to a guilty pleasure.  Not that I love to have ice cream every single night.  Most of you might think that’s unhealthy, but some of you might be envious, too.  Not, not that guilty pleasure, but another one most of you won’t share. I love watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.  It intrigues me.  Sometimes it even fascinates me.  I find myself admiring one thing about the production that might not be noticed by most viewers.  The on-camera speaker, whoever it is and whatever the topic is, will often lead off with statements like, “What if it’s true that . . . ? “ or “If Ancient Alien investigations can be believed . . . .” or “Is it possible that . . . ?”   Those lead-in statements are the disclaimers needed to push their wild and sometimes crazy theories on us with plausible deniability.  They don’t assert most of their presentation is true.  In fact with their lead-ins they put the blame on you if you accept the information that follows to any degree at all.  They just announce the speculation then jump right into the lake.  The viewer is the one who actually does the swimming, assuming he or she does.  It’s a great way to present conspiracy theory in an honest way.  Who can say of the on-camera person believes what they’re presenting or not?  It could all be a joke.  Today’s discussion is sort of like those you’ll see and hear on Ancient Aliens.

You all must be as sick and tired of hearing about “the Russia thing” as I am.  It’s been almost a 100% phony news story from the get.  At least, we tend to think of it that way, but maybe we were a bit hasty.  Maybe there is a “there, there” after all. 

New information has surfaced that indicates President Obama was informed by the intelligence community of Russian meddling in our election process as early as June 2016.  The intelligence notifications supposedly included information that Vladimir Putin himself was materially involved in efforts to steer the 2016 presidential election in an “anyone but Hillary” direction.  Why is this news?  Because no one wanted to talk about it.  President Obama didn’t.

In October President Obama was responding to reporters’ questions regarding the potential of mischief in the election process.  He completely dismissed the idea and stated unequivocally that no such thing had ever been proven to happen, nor was there anything he knew of that would indicate it was happening then.  He went further and indicated that the American election system was so decentralized it was impossible to effectively interfere with it.  He obviously sought to reassure the American voters that the election could not be stolen – by anyone.

The day after the election of Donald Trump a curious thing happened.  All of a sudden we were confronted with Democratic Party assertions that Russian interference and possible collusion by the Trump campaign was responsible for the loss by Hillary Clinton.  The term “hacking” was used in press releases and by on-camera pontificators for days on end.  Doesn’t all that make one curious now that you know more of the truth?  Doesn’t it make you wonder what games were afoot and just how many were and are in play?

I have thoughts about this.  I’m quite certain I’m not the only one who connects dots on this story the way I do, but I haven’t heard or read anything yet that parallels my own evaluation.

Recall that I sent out warnings as early as late 2015 that the Democrats had their own plan to steal the election?  Recall that I informed everyone that the two principle manufacturers of election machines in the country were contributors to the DNC and Democrat causes?  Remember that I informed that the software creators for those machines were also known contributors to the DNC and Democrat causes?  If you do recall those warnings, then you must wonder how I could be so wrong.  If the Democrats had the election in the bag, how could Hillary not win?    My thought is if the Russians had not been interfering at some level the Democrats’ plan would have gone forward and Hillary would indeed be the President today.  But the Russians did interfere at some level and Donald Trump won.  What do you think is up with that?  What was going on?

President Obama kept quiet about the Russian involvement he’d been warned about.  He made sure his staff and all who knew kept quiet as well.  I’m sure now he’d say he did so because he believed talking about it would inflame the populace and cause a different kind of interference.  Today Obama says the Russians were interfering in Trump’s behalf, but based on Hillary’s own statements that it was a personal thing between her and Putin, I’m of the mind the Russians might have had only one interest at all – working to ensure Hillary didn’t succeed.   I’m thinking Obama understood that, so that makes the central question even more demanding of an answer – Why did he remain quiet? 

I heard one media personality speculate that Obama secretly wanted Hillary to lose and keeping quiet about the Russian interference would abet that desire.  That speculation has no legs.  Mine is better!

Think of this.  If the Russia attempts at interference were known there would be a great outcry for an investigation as early as last June.  If I’m right that the DNC had its own plan in play, how could they withstand any real investigation?  So, the administration clamped down on the whole Russia interference report and Obama waited until October to do anything at all.  Then, what did he do?  He told Putin, “Now, cut that out!” (shades of Flip Wilson!) and he quietly notified the 50 Secretaries of State in each state of the potential of Russian interference in the process.  Nothing else, and no call for an investigation.  The Democrats had at least four months to execute a “cleanup” effort.  With less than a month before Election Day President Obama managed to unburden himself of his knowledge, but do so when there was no time for anyone to do any kind of meaningful investigation.  I’m quite certain the “fixers” were busy everywhere those four months, undoing whatever they’d put into place and wiping all the fingerprints off everything – with cloths!

Today my thought is the senior Democrats are all living in fear.  They are terrorized by the thought that there’s someone in their midst who might talk.  They fear their cleanup wasn’t perfect.  They fear the entire story will come out.  

All of this ties directly to the DNC hacking episode, where there’s some certainty the Russians were the culprit.  When the FBI and NSA offer to do a forensic examination of a server to determine who was hacking and to evaluate the degree of penetration of your defenses and the response is, “No, thank you.” one has to wonder why.  What’s being hidden?  Did that server contain evidence of the DNC’s own planning and execution of their vote fraud operations?  I doubt we’ll ever know.  But, there was some reason the DNC refused to allow anyone to examine their servers.  I doubt it had anything to do with their donor lists.


I understand I sound a bit like Alex Jones.   Everything fits together, but this is a puzzle that can’t be assembled without some hard evidence.  I believe that evidence exists.   Too many people would have to die to keep this scandal a secret.  That means someday someone will start talking.  They just need to be incentivized to do so.

If the Justice Department decides to do an in-depth investigation, which I hear may be already started, they may yet find the truth and let us know just how near our country came to being completely hijacked.  But, one thing I believe you can take to the bank; it won’t be the Russians who were doing the hijacking.  

We all know this, don’t we?

In Liberty,