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2 June 2017

Dear Friends & Patriots,

            Did you watch the news yesterday?  Did some of you hear President Trump’s speech in its entirety?  Do all of you understand he put the entire world on notice that he is The Donald, and they need to get used to it, and that America is America and not beholden to any globalist cabal?  That’s what I saw and heard.  I hope you did, too.

            President Trump bailed out of the Paris Climate Accord (PCA).  It was easy.  Despite Jean-Claude Juncker’s assertion that it would take four years for the United States to withdraw from the agreement, President Trump dumped them in one single sentence, and dumped them hard.  After all, that accord wasn’t affirmed by the Senate.  It didn’t have the legal status of an actual treaty.  President Obama could never have gotten the Senate to affirm it, so he made what was pretty much a handshake deal.  It was a raw deal.  President Trump recognized it for what it was and said, “No thanks!  We can do better on our own.”  As you should expect, nations that have something to gain from the PCA were upset.  The golden shower that is American financial largesse had its spigot turned off.  In only a few moments many nations, chief among them Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, India, and Italy, issued statements of their continued support of the PCA, but we should expect there will be other defectors if we continue to stand clear.  There was also a hue and cry from some world leaders, some Hollywood celebs, some wealthy tycoons tied to corporations with global reach, and, as should have been expected, Jean-Claude Junker.

            Jean-Claude likes to tell everyone he’s the President of Europe.  He’s the President of the European Commission, which is the body that rules the European Union, but he’s certainly not the President of Europe and he obviously doesn’t understand his voice means nothing to any American, least of all President Trump.  For him to try to pull the wool over Trumps eyes is much like a rat terrier biting on a live oak tree.  I’m sure his teeth and gums are aching today, and deservedly so.

            President Trump may have ultimately understood the PCA for what it is:  a globalist consortium with one primary agenda – to drain wealth away from America and give it to nations the United Nations deems worthy.  Yes, the United Nations.  That PCA thing was created as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  The UNFCCC itself is a New World Order enabler and a major factor in pushing various parts of Agenda 2030 (formerly known as Agenda 21).  If anyone thinks this entire setup isn’t totally and completely dedicated to achieving the remaking of life on this planet according to the template of Agenda 2030, they need a very quick education.  If President Trump understands, then he’ll continue to disengage our nation from UN-related agreements that intrude on America’s national sovereignty, just as he did earlier when he announced the American pullout from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

            Despite all the whining and opposition from the “green” community, liberals, progressives, Democrats, and all the vast numbers of fellow travelers and useful idiots, our President landed a knockout punch yesterday.  The next question to answer is, “Will it do permanent or temporary damage?”   We shall see.

            I can’t answer for any of you out there, but as for me, it was a proud day for America and the effort to Make America Great Again (MAGA).  President Trump showed great courage and resolve.  You all have to understand his favorite daughter and his favorite and only son-in-law were lobbying hard for keeping America in the PCA.  I’m sure they’re unhappy campers today, but real patriotic Americans can only stand up and cheer.  It was the kind of guts we need in our Presidents, now, and always.

            This event was auspicious for another reason, too.  It comes just prior to the kickoff of “Resistance Summer.”  You know about that don’t you.  If not, you’re behind and my objective is to catch you up.

            Resistance Summer is summer vacation for progressive activist leaders and all their followers.  The intent is to organize, train, mobilize, and march.  There’s a nationwide call out for volunteers to gather up for the summer and to learn how to be better and more effective activists, then to hit the streets to start agitating.  That’s the word – agitate.  That’s the call signal of socialists everywhere, “Agitate, agitate, agitate.  Socialism, by any means necessary!”  Yes, that’s it!

            Resistance Summer is being called by organizations like and the Democratic National Committee.  It’s part of the world-wide progressive effort to bring chaos to American streets in the effort to get our nation to line up and march to the dictates of the globalist order.  It truly is nothing less than that.  This is no summer picnic being planned.  It’s part of a coup attempt!

            The first gatherings will be tomorrow.  They’re described as “house parties” where budding activists can sign up, catch up, and start their indoctrination and training.  The nationwide host of the house parties will be Congressman Keith Ellison, Deputy Chairman of the DNC.  He’ll welcome them via an Internet simulcast and start their orientation, then turn them over to Alinsky-trained community organizers who will teach them the fundamentals of organizing protests.  Expect Saturday to be the summer’s high point.  Unless we look hard, we won’t even know where any of those house parties will be held.  But, you can be sure they will be.

            After Saturday we should expect an ever-escalating presence in streets all over America.  The goal may be to make Ferguson, MO to look like a cakewalk.  This time all the marbles are on the table.  The objective is clear; to increase anti-Trump pressures in the streets of America until the people rise up and demand Congress do something to make things peaceful again.  The script they wrote for themselves finishes with them triumphant, and Trump impeached.  They actually believe Congress will roll over under massive street pressure and will act to take President Trump down.

            The questions for us should be obvious.  Is there anything we can do to counter the Resistance Summer activities?  Where can we go to organize?  What kind of strategies should we employ?  What are reasonable goals for our side of this looming situation?

            What we can do is parallel the Democrats/progressives.  We can organize too.  First we need to broadcast their plans and intent to ensure people fully realize a coup attempt is being executed.  We need to hold our own meetings, our own indoctrination sessions, and our own tactical training on how to confront the “resisters.”  The nation’s Tea Parties should be the lead organizations in this effort.  We exist.  We understand what the objectives should be.  We have the ethical reputation that’s needed to deal with street-level events in ways that will bring credit to our cause, instead of condemnation.

            The strategy for us should be fairly obvious and simple.  We have to resist the “resisters.”  Resist doesn’t mean “fight.”  It just means to stand up in obvious opposition.  The press will be loving the events planned this summer.  Expect worldwide coverage.  Everyone loves a good, violent party, and the press will be there to egg them on.  What will they make of a bunch of Tea Partiers standing in the way of chaos?  What kind of negativity can they heap on actual passive resisters?  It might look bad at first, but after a bit everyone will notice there’s a group out on the streets who are acting in behalf of regular citizens, and it won’t be the “resisters.”  Let it be us!

The tactics to achieve that strategic objective are also simple.  We need to organize, and have our leaders approach local law enforcement and political organizations and let them know we have numbers and are ready and willing to augment them in their efforts to protect life and property.  Our role should be as passive barriers.  The “resisters” can’t destroy property if they have to spend their energy trying to ram their way through patriots standing in lines abreast between them and their objectives.  Learning how to do it is simple.  There aren’t enough police to do that job.  The police have enough problems just containing a large, rowdy group.  They learned that in Ferguson and Baltimore.  So, they need help.  We need to train and be prepared to give them that help.  The police need to understand we won’t be there to fight.  We might take blows once in a while, and we might endure getting slimed up by spit and other things thrown at us, but we will not stand aside and allow another CVS to be burned or another convenience store ransacked.

            Tea Party groups should lead the way.  They should contact and work with church groups in the cities where events are planned.  Nothing would look greater on the TV screens of the world than to have a bunch of mask and bandana-clad thugs being faced down by a bunch of Tea Partiers and hymn-singing church choirs.  To prevail, we have to think like the other side.  We have to visualize the camera scenes and build the images we want the world to see.  It’s really not hard at all.  Dangerous, maybe, but not hard.

            The objectives are simple:  protect life and property, but do so in a completely non-confrontational way.  That mostly means to just stand fast and be completely non-responsive to anything the other side does.  Just don’t move; don’t react; don’t answer back; and don’t get down to their level in any respect.  Just be us!  

            If we do this there are only two ultimate objectives.  One is obvious, but one may not be.  The first is to be passive barriers between the street thugs and the chaos they want to impose on people and property.  Just block them in.  That’s all.  The second objective involves influencing the nation via the media that will be present.  We have to have spokespeople ready at all times to articulate our objective to protect life and property and our ethic to do so in a completely passive way.  The best way to get the media on our side will be to be articulate, consistent, and credible.  To be credible means to enforce strict discipline.  That’s just a matter of training and individual will.  It’s not easy to stand still and unresponsive when someone spits in your face and calls you names – but we can all do that.

            This note should be read as a request of sorts to all the nation’s Tea Parties to stop sitting around lamenting over your lost membership and general lack of direction.  Resistance Summer should help you with all of that.  Don’t sit around doing nothing while the “resisters” burn the country down.  We have the means to do something about it.  To not would be tantamount to a sin.  We have to do the right thing and defend our nation and our Constitution.  We have to hit the streets.  Let’s GO!

            I have a few thousand more words to say on the subjects above, but I don’t have time to write them all, and you don’t have patience to read them.  I’m often accused of being a conspiracy theorist.  I do believe there’s a great and world-wide conspiracy afoot in the world, but I’m no theorist.  I see what I see and hear what I hear.  Today what I hear is part good (the President Trump part) but mostly bad.  The progressives can’t get over their loss of power.  They intend to wrest it back.  Always, always, always keep in mind their primary dictum:  By Any Means Necessary.   They mean it!

In Liberty,