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21 Apr. 2017

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          Today I will address three topics:  Antifa, that Russian thing, and the force that caused Bill O’Reilly to be cashiered.  I’ll endeavor to be brief. 

          “Antifa” is a term that seems to be much in vogue, just in the past two weeks.  I paid no attention to it until my great friend Dick Coffee brought it to my attention.  It’s not a big thing, and not remotely complicated.  Antifa is shorthand for anti-fascist.  All by itself that doesn’t seem odd or noteworthy.  But, when you consider who claims the mantle of Antifa and who keeps shouting about it, it’s something to tend to.

          The people who claim they’re “Antifa” are those folks who are demonstrating all over the country.  Most evident are those who are protesting would-be addresses at colleges by speakers who happen to be conservative in their politics.  Those self-proclaimed anti-fascists seem to dislike conservatives.  What’s truly odd about it all is the conservatives they are demonstrating against, and in most cases preventing from speaking on their campuses, aren’t fascists at all.  The truth is, it’s the Antifa claimants who are evident fascists.  As with all the progressives pushed for the past 50 years, the narrative, verbiage, and media coverage is all backward, or upside down.  Choose whichever suits you.  I won’t impose my preferred attribution.  I’m no fascist!

          Review your history on fascism.  Go research the tactics Mussolini and Hitler used to gain power.  Read about the Black Shirts and the Brown Shirts and how they boycotted and demonstrated against anything and everything as a means to gain press coverage and notoriety.  Do you see the parallels?  The Black Shirts and Brown Shirts were avowedly anti-communist and anti- a lot of other things, too.  Today’s Antifa people appear to be anti-First Amendment as well as anti-conservative.  They like to claim they’re all about freedom and every conceivable right, but their actions belie their claims.  They comport themselves no differently than Mussolini’s and Hitler’s minions.  They use thuggish and destructive tactics to get their way, aided and abetted by docile local police and complicit campus officials.

          When considering Antifa it’s easy to conclude the insane are running the asylum.  In fact, that’s the truth.  Our campuses are out of control.  They have been converted from institutions that prided themselves on the breadth and quality of the educational experiences they provided to nothing less than laboratories of propaganda and radical indoctrination.  Not that all colleges are that way; that would be a gross exaggeration.  But, it’s safe to conclude that all the Ivy League schools and most of the major state schools are so infected with radical ideology they seem to have little time to worry about fulfilling their educational missions.  Instead of acquiring academic knowledge the young people today are learning how to be ardent little left-wing ideologues.

          Now you know pretty much all you need to know about Antifa.  It’s yet another radical progressive scam on the unaware.  All anyone needs to do is think through what they already know about fascists and the truth about who is and who isn’t a fascist should be readily apparent.

          Moving on to the Russian thing.

          The Russian thing I want to discuss a bit is the same Russian thing that’s been kicked around ever since John Podesta got rock-stupid and gave some spear-fisherman his system password.   Podesta wasn’t hacked.  He was just stupid and allowed the theft of all his files.  He has only himself to blame.  Hillary has him to blame, too.  We can only thank our lucky stars the guy was so dumb.  

          The claim immediately after the election that the Russians “hacked the election” is still around, and still just as dumb as the first time it was uttered.  Anyone with even cursory knowledge of how elections are run in this country should ask, “How is that even possible?”  The obvious answer is, “It isn’t.”  You can’t “hack” an election unless all the voting machines are networked so that would-be hacker can gain external access to the memory chip on each machine control board.  That condition doesn’t exist, except maybe on a local level.  With the number of voting precincts in our country, is the notion of hacking anything but an ignorant pipe-dream?

          You need to understand the Democrats and media loons who keep yammering about “hacking” fully understand what the word implies and they know it’s an impossibility.  That’s evidence of their disrespect and disregard for the average citizen in our country.  They absolutely believe we’re all too dumb to understand what “hacking” really is.  They want to think we’ll all just cover our mouths in horror and murmur, “Oh, my, that’s just terrible!”  I don’t know very many people who are that totally ignorant of how hacking occurs.  Certainly no one older than three and younger than 90.  So, those who want to keep beating the “hacking” drum are constantly telling us all they think we’re stupid.  It won’t work!

          This week I heard a report of the “smoking gun” on the matter.  Supposedly two documents of Russian origin have surfaced that detail the Russian government’s strategy to interfere with and disrupt the American election.  The documents indicate a plan to use RT, the Russian Television network, and Sputnik, the Russian government-run social media conglomeration as their vehicles to sway public opinion in the US.   OMG!!!!  What is the world coming to!?  And here I thought I was going to be told there were thousands of Russian operatives spread all over the country actively strong-arming Americans into voting for every Russian’s favorite son, Donald “Boris Trumpovich” Trump.  But, no, that’s not what the plan was. 

          If the two documents are a smoking gun, those guys are smoking something else.  I’ve always said this is a tempest in a teapot thing; not a scandal but a scam.  I’m certain it is.  But the Democrats won’t let up.  They insult the intelligence of the entire nation (well, maybe there are some people in their camp who are truly stupid enough to believe the story, but how many can that be?) and continue telling the lie as if they’re winning (WINNING! as Charlie Sheen used to proclaim).  But, they aren’t.  They just look dumb, tiresome, and as if they have completely lost their minds.

          It’s true that RT was propagandizing.  Yes, I know they were.  They were and they are.  Then, and right this minute.   That’s the entire point of RT.  I thought everyone understood that.  Is there a new concept at work that escaped my attention?  Was there ever any notion that RT was straight-up objective news?  Really, who is that dumb? 

          I watch RT.  Yes, I do.  I don’t see anything wrong with watching it, just as long as you understand what you’re seeing and you understand how to consider and evaluate all they dish out.  There’s benefit in understanding the Russian point of view.  Just don’t let yourself get sucked in.

          There was a number put out a couple of days ago, claiming RT has two million regular viewers in the US.  Really?  Two million?  And, of those two million, how many are registered to vote? What party is most represented in that viewership?  How many actually voted?  How can some small percentage of the claimed two million sway an election?  How much of that small percentage weren’t already in the tank for a candidate, one way or another?  The whole notion of RT having an influence of significance is laughable. 

          As for Sputnik, did any of you ever hear of it before?  I did.  But, that’s all.  I’ve never run across anyone who ever tapped into Sputnik for anything.  The idea that Sputnik would be able to influence anyone here isn’t just laughable, it’s completely insane.

          The Democrats still bring up Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.  They still claim WikiLeaks is a Russian intel operation.  Really?  No one seems to have any conclusive proof.  I take care to note Assange isn’t in Moscow, or even hiding out in the Russian embassy in London.  I’m of a mind to think they just make this stuff up because they know no one can prove either way.  In this case, as far as they’re concerned, a lie is just as valid as a truth.  But, I don’t buy it.  Besides, WikiLeaks has never put out anything fraudulent.  No one has ever sued them for distributing fake documents.  Even the Democrats don’t say any WikiLeaks document is phony, they just want to divert our attention from them, hoping we’ll chase that Russian bunny down the rabbit hole of lunacy.

          I think I’m done with that Russian stuff.   Anyone out there have a better thought?  If so, run it up the flagpole and I’ll see if I can salute it.

          On to the O’Reilly thing.

          Bill O’Reilly is gone.  He’s off the air.  I suspect it’ll be a long time before we see his mug on TV again, unless RT picks him up and puts him back-to-back with “Larry King:  Not Quite Dead.”  That would be something, wouldn’t it?  NO, IT WOULDN’T!

          Do I feel sorry for Bill?  No.  Bill is rich.  Bill could have and probably should have retired a while back.  He doesn’t need Fox.  I’m sure if he’s truly into hitting on hot, buxom blondes, he’ll find a nicer and easier place to do that, now that he’s free.  After all, he can afford whatever the price is.  At Fox he was just trolling on the cheap.  Word to Bill, “Time to pay up!”

          Was Bill’s demise a foregone conclusion?  After the campaign to dislodge Roger Ailes, I thought so.  The mainstream media has been after Fox scalps for a long time.  I suspect a lot of people are sweating bullets there right now.  There are some bad boys in that building.  The New York Times and all the other leftist media, as well as the entirety of the Democratic Party machine intend to show the country’s conservatives and the Republican Party they can play dirty.  Their intent is clear.  They are going to try to pick all the top tier conservative media figures off one by one.  O’Reilly was just a scalp, but he was a giant one.  He had the highest rated cable network program for over 13 years.  But, he was knocked off his throne in the space of a few short weeks.  The word to the wise is – if O’Reilly can be taken out, anyone can.  Or can they?

          Today the news feed is full of “Hannity’s Next!” headlines.  Yes, it’s true.  They’ve even found their Little Red Riding Hood to complain that Sean was naughty to her.  As “He said, She said” occasions go, this one is pretty lame.  But the provocateurs who are behind all this understand that most people are willing to entertain bad thoughts far faster than good.  They know Americans love a salacious tale, even when it’s demonstrably false.  In claims like the current one against Hannity, there’s no actual way to prove one way or another.  I choose to believe his staff.  I know they’re in a rage.  I think it’s more than just the threat against their meal-ticket, too.  They know Sean better than anyone.  If he’s dirty, they’ll know it, and one of them wouldn’t be so quick to leap to his defense.  But, that ain’t happening.  The word here is – FAKE NEWS!  But, anyone can lodge a claim like that, and more will come.  The provocateurs will run in a whole string of complainants.  Just wait and see.

          If Hannity is next, can Rush be far behind?  Or is he behind?  I haven’t seen an attempt on Rush, but I can’t believe one isn’t all polished up and ready to go.  Just wait for it.

          This is the playbook.  If it’s not stopped we’ll have to endure months or years of this.  The objective is clear.  The Democrats, progressives, and their functionaries don’t want any positive utterance about President Trump, by anyone.  They want all public discourse in America turned to 99.9% negative regarding Trump.  They hope to drive him out of office.  They want to force him to give up and run away, back to Mar-a-Lago and his lavish parties and dust-free lifestyle.  This is how the first stage of the revolution is to be played.

          I don’t use that word lightly.  There is a slow coup attempt in progress.  It can’t be blatant; they know they won’t succeed that way.  But, there are multiple aspects of this revolution that have to be recognized, identified, studied and dealt with.  That Antifa crowd is easy.  They’re mostly the usual paid protestors who travel around the country stirring up the bone-headed and the willingly troublemakers.  They’re one part.  The media as a whole is another.  The “deep state” is a third aspect.  And there are more.  They intend to take this nation, one way or another.  You all know how they think they’ll do it, too.   They hope to do it just like they’ve always said, “By any means necessary!”

          Keep your lights on, your guns oiled, and your ammo handy.  Unless Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions can find a positive way to end this slow coup, we’re in for a long stretch of uncertainty.  That’s the best case.  We could be in for much worse.  If so, I’ll be the first to try to warn you.

          Remember all this.  It’s important.


In Liberty,