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27 Feb. 1017

Dear Friends and Patriots,

The Democratic Party has chosen its new National Committee leadership.  Tom Perez is now installed as the party Chairman.  He named Keith Ellison as his deputy.  The attempt to buy party unity on the cheap is obvious, but it doesn’t seem to be taking.  

Democratic African-American Women’s Caucus founder and president Leslie Wimes took to the airwaves this morning to declare the selection of Perez a victory for establishment Democrats.  Wimes, a Bernie Sanders supporter in the Democratic Primary, indicates the gambit to buy off Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporters by placing Ellison as the deputy won’t work.  “What’s he going to be doing as deputy,” she asks, “fetching coffee for Perez?”  “What other job does the deputy have?”

This is both great and troubling news.  We should all stop and reflect on this and not just double over in laughter.  This is serious business, and quite possibly deadly serious.

Think about the idea that a guy who is all but a card-carrying communist is now the head of the Democratic Party, and is considered establishment.  It signals the Democrats have swung their party’s identity so far left that it’s in danger of falling off the table entirely.   There seems to be only one position in America that’s left of Perez, and that is Ellison.  It’s Ellison who represents the party’s “extreme left,” but if it’s so extreme to Democrats, why was he in hot contention for the post, and why is he now the deputy?

The so-called “fight” among the Democrats appears to be real, if you take the statements of Ms Wimes as serious.  Their extremists, those Sanders and Warren supporters, claim the establishment is only trying to placate them while the old power and privilege games of old continue.

Doesn’t all that hot air strike you as strange?  In truth there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between those Perez represents and those Sanders and Warren people Ellison claims to front for.  Does the heat and rhetoric seem a bit contrived to you?  It does to me.  I’m thinking the entire country is seeing and hearing a disinformation campaign.  This is another psy-ops effort to convince Democrats there’s something they should be up in arms about, and to convince non-Democrats that the Democratic Party isn’t united.  I’m of the mind it’s all just another sham.  When none in the party representation appears to be remotely moderate in their histories and belief system, we may as well go all in and declare the whole party to be extreme leftist radicals.  Of course, there are countless members of that party who aren’t awake enough or knowledgeable enough to understand what’s going on.  They’re unthinking true believers.  They need help to wake up.

The dangerous part of all this is the growing number of calls to “resist” and to “fight on.”  You’ve probably seen the videos and heard the word of Ex-President Barak Obama and Ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  They are urging their cadres of malcontents to hold the line and not give in to the will of the rest of the nation.  Their rhetoric would have you believe their cause is holy and an obligation to “save the nation” from the ravages of the right, the neo-fascists who support Donald Trump.

The real fascists in our land today are those people who are following the aforementioned Ex-President and Ex-Secretary of State.  They are the people who are resorting to extreme means to silence dialog that’s not consistent with their own dogma.  They’re the ones who are demonstrating and creating chaos over every single utterance by our new President.  They’re the ones who are taking up the Maxine Waters mantra of “Impeach Trump.”  If you understand the history of the early days of the fascist movements in Europe the parallels you’ll find aren’t in what’s happening with the elected administration, but what’s happening in the media and the displaced Democratic Party machine.

We should all be very concerned.  The backers of Obama and Clinton are desperate to regain power.  Today they’re demonstrating.  Their demonstrations vary in intensity and the level of anger expressed.  The public statements of Obama and Clinton appear aimed at keeping those front-line troops energized and dedicated to their tasks.  

Please take care to note that Obama has solidly linked himself to a group called Organizing for Action and has already set up his (shades of Billy Clinton) Obama Foundation.  
          Organizing for Action (OFA) describes itself in straightforward language:

OFA is committed to mobilizing and training the next generation of progressive organizers and leaders, because real, lasting change doesn’t just happen on its own—it requires a program, it requires organizing, and it requires people like you. 

With grassroots chapters in neighborhoods across the country, OFA volunteers are building this movement from the ground up, person to person, community by community—because democracy isn’t a spectator sport. 

What you need to understand is this organization is the same one that organized the Obama ground game in the 2012 elections.  It never disbanded, but did reform into a progressive “army” center of training and coordinator of ground-level activist groups.  OFA is the grandson of the community organizing and protest training operations Saul Alinsky ran for almost 30 years.   

OFA claims more than 250 chapters and a core membership of over 30,000 members.  They further claim 5 million Americans have taken part in OFA actions for social justice, fairness, equal rights, etc.  All those numbers are hard to validate, and certainly most of the 5 million would be casual participants who might not truly understand their participation signifies their true status as useful idiots.

Here are a few of OFA’s statements that indicate their core agenda in support of those aforementioned actions:

That means turning up the heat on climate change deniers, because the stakes are too high not to act.

It means calling for lawmakers to stop standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform

We’re helping people get health coverage, and telling the stories of the millions who are seeing the life-saving benefits of Obamacare.

 We’re the ones rallying around the simple principle that love is love and that no one should ever be discriminated against because of who they are or whom they love.

We organize because too often a woman’s health care is debated as a political issue, not as a basic right.

So, let’s check the boxes:  promote social justice, fairness, and equality; go after all those climate deniers; advocate for illegal immigrants; keep Obamacare; promote LBGTQ rights, and make sure abortion stays legal and easily obtainable to anyone who asks.  Yep, I think that’s about it.

The Obama Foundation hasn’t been fully formed yet, but it looks to be a central focus for promoting the same Alinsky tactics and progressive social philosophy as the OFA.

It’s evident the new Trump administration has no intention of slowing or backing down.  While you and I might cheer and enjoy seeing his progress toward keeping all his campaign promises, those who got kicked to the curb in the last election are slowly gearing up for a fight.  They understand that fight can’t be at the ballot boxes.  They’ve lost so badly there they need to regroup to have half a chance in any election below city councilman.  They plan to fight for control of the country in steps and stages.  We’re seeing the steps of mass organization now, through organizations like OFA and the various progressive front groups funded through the Soros network.  The street protests are not going away, though they do seem to be losing numbers in their committed street presence.  If the OFA and Obama Foundation has their way, that’s going to change very soon.  Expect to see more protests and more chaos.

The phony schism in the Democratic Party may be used as a ploy to provoke dissention and chaos.  Think of cadres of Obama/Hillary supporters appearing to square off against Sanders/Warren adherents.  If you see such a thing, don’t be fooled for a moment.  It’ll be a set-piece, a staged event to lend an excuse for whatever it is they intend to do.  The game may be to draw police in and provoke violence; to give them all an excuse to claim victimhood.  They’ll claim the mantle of defenders of the First Amendment, and the social justice rights of all.  The police can be made to look like the bad guys if they aren’t very careful and have lots of friendly cameras nearby.

What worries me is the reaction to the continued successes of the Trump Administration.  Obamacare may be totally repealed.  What will be the activists’ street-level reaction?  A new set of immigration laws may be put in place.  What will be their reaction to that?  It should be expected that as Trump and his people notch one political victory after another the reaction of the progressives will become ever more strident and physical.

Anyone who studies the realities of massive outbreaks of street chaos knows local forces get overwhelmed very quickly.  The usual backup plan is to have several police agencies working in concert.  They want to be able to out muscle any hostile crowd.  If chaos continues to grow or changes in character, any governor can activate National Guard forces to do riot control maneuvers in affected cities.  If enough cites are affected to the point a state runs out of National Guard troops, there’s a call made to FEMA and Homeland Security for help.  That’s when things can get very interesting. 

There are several scenarios at that point, and it doesn’t really do much to try to explore them all.  Suffice it to say that the Feds can do a lot in such a situation; much more that the original base of protestors can handle.  But, that’s also the point when the media can have an effect.  Depending on how the media portrays chaos in the streets, that chaos can be quickly quelled or it can snowball rapidly into all-out anarchy.

Last week a good friend sent a note regarding a current solicitation for money from the NRA, put out under Wayne LaPierre’s name.  This was my response, which I think is somewhat allied to the discussion above:

          Wayne called me last night.  He wanted money.  He always wants money when he calls.  He was saying something about how Michael Bloomberg is financing more efforts to take away the 2nd Amendment rights from good Americans.  I told Wayne that was just silly.  I told him it was just “extremist talk” and nothing more.  Everyone knows those guys are raising money to finance street protests, not to do battle in Congress. 

           I personally think we should have more street protests, and the crazier the better.  The only way most Americans are going to wake the heck up and pay attention to the fire in their living rooms is if there’s an actual fire in their living rooms.  So, let Bloomberg finance and raise money.  I say the more the better.  When enough of America catches fire people will get it all figured out and decide what they’re going to do about it.  Until then, they’ll do like they’ve done for the past 100 years and think their Congressman and Senators are going to help them while they tend to their household chores.  How silly is that?  So, there may be a reckoning coming.  It’s long overdue.  When enough people catch on and wake up it’ll be just like in November.   The people will eventually have their say, and we know already what that’ll be.    

          So, let those anti-gun folks gather with the BLM group, the New Black Panthers, the J20, and all those Purple People and have a giant party.  If it takes them rioting, looting, and burning for a month or so to get all the decent people to stop watching reality TV and football, then let them bring it on.  It may be the only way to end their stupidity.   This is what Jefferson meant by, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”  Sometimes trying to avoid certain conflict only ensures the eventual battle is much more fierce.

          I don’t advocate for violence.  I’m an advocate for letting the other side wrap ropes around their necks, then hanging themselves while we watch.  That may be coming, sooner rather than later.

          Keep your powder dry.  The left is using the word “war” in their daily rhetoric.  Their air is getting super-heated.  Eventually, if they don’t knock it off, they’ll bring that war, and it will be complete with blood and dead people.  The stupid among them don’t understand the difference between rhetoric and intent.  If they let those stupid people off their leashes, then it may well be time to turn those fools into manure and fertilize our tree.  The reality we need to understand is there are more of them than there are police and National Guard put together.  If there is a worst-case situation there need to be people standing behind our police and National Guard to take their places should they fall.  That, my friends is US.        

          Now, let’s all go to church on Sunday and pray real hard that the lunatic left fails in their campaign to overthrow the Trump administration.   We didn’t do that to Obama, and wouldn’t to Hillary if she’d been elected, so we can’t allow them to do it to Donald Trump.     

          Just as a side note:  Rush Limbaugh states there’s not enough committed commies, anarchists, and other leftist pressure group members to actually threaten the country in any serious way.   I take care to remind all that when Vladimir Lenin and his communists took over Russia there were only about two dozen hard core members of his group.  The main body of rioters that caused the Russian government to topple were just what Lenin called them and we still call them – useful idiots.   So, maybe Rush is right, and maybe he isn’t.   I hope we don’t find out.


In Liberty,