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13 Dec. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          The end is nigh!  Lucky for us, it’s just the end of 2016 that’s nigh, not the end of everything.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty darned happy to see 2016 go.  It was one heck of a stressful year.  It seems to have ended on sort of a high note; not as high as I’d like, but far better than it might have.

          The news has been rather irritating of late.  Most of the media seems to be enthralled in telling us the nation made a grand mistake in electing Donald Trump.  We should have expected it.  After the E-mail releases from WikiLeaks we have documented proof of how much the majority of the media leans “left” and was solidly in the camps of the Democratic Party and the progressives.  We knew it intuitively before, but now there’s no longer any question.  Their constant carping, whining, dissembling, and prevarications since Election Day shouldn’t come as any surprise.  You’d think they would understand they’re only hurting themselves, not those who supported “anyone but Hillary.”

          I note the continuing power of words to steer the conversations.  This year we heard “alt-right” for the first time.  You want to know what “alt-right” really means?  It’s nothing new.  Think “neo-con.”  It’s the same thing.  Even neo-con as used today is a revision.  It’s derived from “new-conservatism,” which is the term coined to describe the philosophic camp of Barry Goldwater in 1964.  Somehow new conservatives morphed into neo-cons, with a much darker and sinister visage.  Neo-cons are the KKK, the White Aryan skinheads, the American Nazis, and any number of other groups lumped in to the same bucket with the generic label of “radical right.”  Alt-right is the same animal.  Of course, when it suits them, progressives lump religious groups into the mix.  Don’t forget, if you believe in traditional marriage that makes you a radical and an obvious supporter of the alt-right.  All just a bunch of haters.  And don’t forget this, as well – the alt-right is where all the domestic terrorists live.  Yes sir, the alt-right is something all should fear.  The fact that it’s mostly a phony construct of progressive media propagandists shouldn’t get in the way of your rational need to fear for your lives.  Nope, you should stop going out at night and never again walk down a deserted street.  Those alt-right domestic terrorists are lying in wait, ready to jump on you and beat you to a bloody pulp, or worse.   It happens almost every day.  At least, it does in the media’s perverted dreams, not in my reality. 

          Even more recently we’ve learned about “fake news.”  Gee, I remember when I was a kid and would look at the “National Enquirer” or “Globe” at the local convenience store.  They had great stories about how Hitler was hiding out on some Polynesian island along with Amelia Earhart.  In later years, it seems Elvis managed to find that island and joined them.  Now, that was real fake news.  Today’s fake news is what we used to call wild speculation.  In earlier times such wild speculation wouldn’t be printed by reputable newspapers or spread by the network news folks.  That was then, and this is now.  Today it seems the New York Times and Washington Post print lots and lots of fake news, even as ABC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC broadcast it.  It’s only called fake news when the media gets caught spreading provable falsehoods.  Then, all of a sudden, they’re the victims of the Russians and their insidious campaigns to make American institutions look stupid.  Oh, yeah!  And, to think, I always thought they did a magnificent job of looking stupid all by themselves.   But, now I know it was Vladimir Putin up to his old KGB tricks who’s the real culprit here, not our innocent media heroes.   Yes, friends and neighbors, not only do you have to concern yourself every waking moment with worries of those alt-right people, now you have to figure out if the news you’re consuming is real or ersatz.  So, what’s new?

          Oh, yeah, the Russians!  It seems those accidental purveyors of fake news have all decided old Vlad and his merry men have been playing tricks with our election process.  Not only have they been flooding our digital media with all kinds of fake news, they’ve even interfered materially with our election process.  Yes, indeed, the CIA has gone on record stating positively that the Russians “could have” been messing around with our elections.  They don’t say exactly how, and they can’t point to any incident or location where it might have happened (that’s classified info, you understand) but they’re reasonably certain such a thing could have happened, and if so, then it was the Russians doing the dirty deeds.  Personally, I’m of the mind that a mountain is being made of a dimple.  The Russian intelligence people are always playing one game or another in our country, just as our intelligence people are always doing the same to them.  That game has been going on for at least 100 years.  There’s little new or newsworthy there.  To hear our media tell it, though, this is a major concern for all of us.  Our precious election process is under attack from without!  I’m thinking not.  There’s just too much about this rationale that shrieks “Sore Losers!”  Let’s just not do that.

          Much is being made of Donald Trump’s refusal to criticize the Russians or Vladimir Putin.  Why, you’d think Trump was a card-carrying commie the way the New York Times tells it.  This, again, is a mountain being made of a dimple.  I admit I see Trump’s reticence in a far different light.   The man doesn’t want to prejudice his ability to leverage Putin at some future meeting.  If he came out now and declared the Russian bear to be our greatest adversary and the font of all evil in the world just how far to you think he’d get with Putin?  I’m thinking Trump is playing the smart game.  You should already know he uses insults and innuendo as tactical tools.   If he knows such tactics will work to his disadvantage at some future point in time, do you really think he’s dumb enough to do it?  He may be politically inexperienced, but in this simple regard big business and big politics work the same way.  If you’re a CEO and you think some day you might want to strike a big deal with one or another CEO, you don’t go on record saying dumb things about them.  Instead you’re circumspect and noncommittal whenever negative comments are made about other CEOs.  It works the same in politics.   There’s nothing for Donald Trump to gain by trashing Putin or even commenting on Russia’s actions.  Trump is doing the smart thing – he’s saving it for later, when it might mean something real instead of fodder for a screaming media.  Besides, why should Donald Trump ever do anything just to please the media?  It’s not like they’re his friends, or will be.

          Trump is busy making his cabinet picks.  He’s made a few that strike me as a tad odd.  Linda McMahon as Small Business Administrator is different.  I know she’s a very smart lady and has a good reputation in Connecticut, and maybe Trump made this as a serious pick.  I hope so.   Ben Carson at Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is another one.  I’d have thought Carson would make a fine Surgeon General, but I’m not sure HUD isn’t just a bit too much bureaucracy for him.  Then, again, maybe he’ll decide to dismantle a lot of HUD.  It surely needs it.  Then there’s Betsy DeVos as the Education Secretary; an ardent foe of Common Core in that job is exactly what I’d want.  She’ll do.  Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator may be a stroke of genius.  EPA needs an anti-climate ideologue, and that’s exactly what Pruitt is.  Today I heard Rick Perry agreed to the offer of Energy Secretary.  He was my predicted pick.  If there’s anything Perry understands it’s the weaknesses of the Department of Energy.   

I’m waiting to see who Trump puts up as his Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) pick.  If he’s smart, he’ll choose someone who understands how fundamentally flawed the VA is and who is willing to set about completely restructuring it.  I know if I had that job I’d pare the VA down by 80%.  That 80% of the VA’s current functions can be done better in the private sector with the government as the payment guarantor.  The biggest things wrong at the VA are inherent in its nature as a government bureaucracy.  Trump needs to find the person who knows that and is willing to fight for something much better. 

I won’t say much about Trump’s other cabinet picks and considerations.  Overall, one may quibble a bit, but I think he’s assembling an extremely strong team.  One thing you need to understand about that, too, is megalomaniac narcissistic workaholics more often surround themselves with sycophants, not the strong, independent thinking, and capable team we’ve seen proposed so far.  This is a very good sign.

          Our current President is having a very hard time these days.  Congress seems in a mood to ignore him during his lame-duck incumbency.  They’re passing legislation he doesn’t much like by veto-proof majorities.  Obama has taken to making some very strange and often contradictory pronouncements.  Trump has succeeded in getting under his skin.  Obama has decided to climb aboard the bus of malcontents who are willing to consider Trump’s election some kind of white racist backlash against him.  He always took everything too personal.  Now, he’s taking the future dismantling of his progressive “accomplishments” personal, too.  He sees his so-called legacy about to dissolve and he doesn’t like it.  He understands history will have a difficult time deciding between him and Jimmy Carter for the honor of worst President ever, and he doesn’t like the idea that Trump will be the one cementing him solidly in first place.  Too bad, so sad, I say.

          One of the best pronouncements Prez-Elect Trump uttered had to do with Christmas.  He declared “Merry Christmas” to be politically correct once again.  How about that?

          You all know why we celebrate this holiday.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  Why would anyone want to take offense?  Go and have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

In Liberty,