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18 Nov. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          I’m breaking rank for a bit to tell you of something you need to pay attention to right now.  On Wednesday I was checking my Facebook and saw a question from Carol Gillies Walker, who went to high school with me and lived just a block away in those days.  Her question was, “Steve, have you checked out Purple Revolution?  If not, you need to.”  I replied that I hadn’t, but would.  Later in the evening I Googled “Purple Revolution” and almost fell out of my chair.

          Google that term yourself.  When you do, ignore all references to Prince, Purple Rain, or the Prince Purple Revolution tour.  None of that is germane.  Neither is a book by that title by a British politician.   Look for references to “colour (or color) revolution.”  Actually, it might help if you bone up on color revolution first, then go on to Purple Revolution.

          I won’t go into the history of these movements, other than to state they started when Reagan was president, and have continued on since.   If you understand what you read you should grasp the essential fact that the objective of most of the movements was to establish democracy in countries where autocratic or dictatorial rule prevails.  The original Purple Revolution reference (aside from Prince) relates to the first democratic vote held in Iraq.  Remember the photos of Iraqi women holding their purple-dyed index fingers in the air?   Democracy in Iraq - that was a revolution, alright!   If you look you’ll find the Orange Revolution, the Cedar Revolution, the Rose Revolution, and others with similar methods and objectives.

          Now, what of those methods?  The main method of spreading the revolutions was and is through campus activism.   Does that ring a bell?   Generally those activities have been peaceful, but provoking violence is easy, and it’s happened here and there in all those revolutions.            

          In your own searches you’ll certainly see references to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the reception last week where Bill came out wearing a black suit and shirt with a bright purple tie, while Hillary wore a black pantsuit with purple lapels and a purple shirt underneath.  They were asked about the obvious symbolism and the assembled crowd was subjected to a Clintonian dialog of confusing gobbled-gook.  The truth is, their purple garb was a signal.   The game is on!  The Purple Revolution in American has begun.

          The obvious questions to ask regard who is behind America’s Purple Revolution, who all is involved, what are the objectives, and how are those objectives going to be pursued?

          First – who is behind it?  George Soros is the name everyone outs with.  Is it him?  I’d say yes, to one degree or another.   Probably a significant degree, but there are others.  The Clintons themselves are obviously party to it.  So are the usual 60’s-era radicals who still lurk around our nation creating endless mischief.  The Obama crowd is party to it all as well.  Think of any big progressive today and he or she has some part in this grand play.

          Who all is involved?  All those useful idiots who were and are participating in unrest in our major cities are.  Those college and high school students who are supposedly protesting the presidential election are.  The professors and staffs of all the colleges and schools taking public stands against the incoming administration are.  Those in Washington D.C. in our government and in the media who are now bloviating about how stupid, archaic, and wrong the Electoral College is - yes, they are, too.  Then there are all the citizens of the country who are chiming in on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, and on their smart phones with comments that betray an astounding lack of understanding of how our government works and how elections are conducted; yes, them as well.  Lastly, there are those mayors and city councils of the so-called sanctuary cities who are posing in defiance of the promised Trump illegal alien deportation orders.   When you look at the list you might wonder, “Who is left?”  We are, aren’t we?  We and others like us; we aren’t part of the game.  But we have our own parts to plan, regardless.

          As for the objectives of America’s Purple Revolution, they seem simple enough.  They’re encompassed within the progressive concept of fairness.  The idea being pushed is how unfair the elections were.  After all, how fair is it when the biggest vote-getter can’t win the election?  Talk about rigged!  How stupid is it to have a system as dumb as the Electoral College, anyway?  Who needs that?  What do we need?  Ah, there’s where you start to get this onion-peeling exercise underway.  It’s obvious isn’t it – we need total democracy.   Yes, ladies and gentleman, the Purple Revolution is an effort to replace our current Constitutional Republic with a form of governance as close to total democracy as progressive leaders can manage.

          And, just how is all this to unfold?  Look around you.  Look at the riots and unrest.   Look at the campus demonstrations.  Do you think those are going to just end?  Do you think those people will wake up one day and think, “This is such a waste of time,” or “I need to move on with my life”?  No, folks, that isn’t happening.  The Purple Revolution will continue as long as it’s financed, and as long as it gets attention and shows any hope of success.  The pressure brought to bear by demonstrations, riots, etc. will cause politicians to get desperate.  There’s nothing worse than a desperate politician.   Those people start looking around for someone, anyone, to compromise with.  That’s when progressives will know they’re making their progress.  That’s when we know we’re about to be sold out.  Look for activity in the streets and campuses to continue until the system appears to yield.  Then watch out for the sell-out.

          Progressives want to scrap the Electoral College.  They’re convinced they can win any presidential election if they only have to garner the most votes.  It doesn’t matter how much will it cost.  They have the bucks, and they’ll pay top dollar for each vote.  But, the Electoral College makes that a risky and expensive proposition, like in our election last week.  Yes, it was a shock to progressives, and yes, they intend to do something about it.  They have no intention to let Donald Trump go into that quiet good night.  They intend to fight every moment of every day to get what they want.   And, we all know what that is.

          If you’ve read my thoughts long enough you know I’m an absolute foe of Initiatives & Referendums (I&R).  My objection is and always has been related to their direct democracy attributes.  Universal use of I&R has been part of the progressive agenda since the beginning of that movement, and will always be until they achieve it.  Everyone who loves freedom and liberty should already be schooled in the differences between democracy and republican forms of government.  If not, you need to school up!  And you need to understand the progressives’ desire for democracy is totally due to their understanding that democracy can lead them to their progressive utopia far faster and easier than if they have to fight piecemeal for every scrap in a strong republic.  The quickest path to tyranny runs directly through democracy.  It may sound strange, but it’s something our founders understood very well.

          The near-term goal of the Purple Revolution is to create chaos and demands for reform of the Constitution.  If the calls for reform are not answered adequately, the chaos may continue and even escalate.  The propaganda of this movement will be all about fairness and ensuring the democratic principle of “one man, one vote” is invoked in America.  The election was stolen due to an obsolete concept; a relic of a primitive agrarian society.  We are living in the Internet Age, when anything can be done instantaneously.  The Constitution should be irrelevant to us today, and can either be changed or be damned.   The people want their voices heard and their votes to matter.  Yes, that’s the mantra.   Get used to it. 

          Let’s ponder on what to do about all this.  Right now, we should learn, watch, and wait a bit.  Notice the media is nearly ignoring all that’s going on right now?  You did notice that, didn’t you?  Perhaps they want us to think all is quiet and just go about our daily lives without a care.  But, caring is exactly what’s needed.  We need to care and we need to wait for opportunities to sound off.  If and when things get obviously bad, we should write the editors of our newspapers and emote a bit so they understand you don’t like what’s going on.  Maybe you should dial up local and even national talk radio hosts and fill their ears and airwaves with examples of your discontent.  You should surely send E-mail to all your legislators, even those in your state, telling them you know what’s happening.  Contact your local police chief and sheriff and appeal to them to put a stop to it all.  If you have children in college, make sure they aren’t taking part in the game, and if you find they are, don’t think of it as just them exercising their rights.  If you’re paying them to be in college, do something about it.  After all, they are on your payroll.  You see, we have lots of things we can do.  And, it all makes a difference.  This is our country and we don’t have to put up with progressive nonsense.

          It appears the Trump administration might get off to a rocky start.  Then again, perhaps I’m completely wrong.  Just maybe that purple thing the Clintons flaunted the other day was merely a fashion faux pas.  Maybe all the unrest isn’t connected.  Maybe this is just another curve ball thrown by the progressives to mask something even worse.  Or, maybe they’re just jerking our chains to see how we’ll react.  Like you, I’ll just have to wait and see.

          Stay on your toes!

In Liberty,