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TODAY IS THE DAWN OF THE TRUMP ERA 9 Nov. 2016 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


9 Nov. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

Below is the Facebook post I put up this morning before going off to work:

Today I woke up and perceived a new dawn.

To my friends who are wallowing in unhappiness - you need to stop and think a bit. Far too many of you are wailing that all is lost when in fact you haven't lost a thing. Too many are afraid for the future, when you might do better to understand that every occasion presents opportunities; even occasions you think aren't in your interest. If more of you understood the original vision of America, the one of our founders, I think you'd have a totally different appreciation for the events of the night. You might understand that we have yet another chance to get it right.

If you think social-progressivism was ever that chance, you are utterly mistaken. Will Donald Trump be as good a president as he claims? Most likely not. Will he rule as a tyrant? Certainly not. Will he bring greatness and prosperity back to America? That actually depends on what WE do almost as much as what HE does.

Those who think in terms of a dark future for America and who intend to work overtime to re-invigorate the social-progressive movement, please be on notice that many of us out here in fly-over country won't sit idly by and watch anymore. If anything, the election of Donald Trump is a signal that we are going to work even harder to steer our country back to its original vision. For those who don't know - that vision is one where the people of the nation are its rulers, not Washington. It's a vision where the people are free to think and do what they please as long as they don't negatively affect their neighbor. It's a vision where people are free to pursue any legitimate undertaking, to own property, and to speak and write without any fear their government will come calling. Yes, the vision was of a capitalist meritocracy, but not one without a social conscience. It was one where the government's intrusion into the lives of average citizens was purposefully minimized so all could enjoy their freedom to the maximum extent. That's what is meant by American Exceptionalism. We started out as a nation like none other in history and incrementally have declined. If the vision of "be more like Europe" comes to pass there will be nothing left that's exceptional, and precious little freedom.

Those who would opt for socialism or social-progressivism have no understanding of the principles of freedom and liberty. Your vision of America is not only unprincipled, but completely unsustainable. I understand you're blind to that fact, and I understand you may resent my expression. But, while you're doing that I want you to know that all things I think, say, write, and do to recapture America's original vision are for your benefit as well. I want freedom for all. I want liberty for all.

All means "ALL."

I’m not going to go into details of what set me off and compelled me to write that post.  Suffice it to say an old friend of mine put up a post that was so hyperbolic and hysterical I thought I needed to pour a little oil on the waters. 

This morning I listened to an interview on the radio.  The interviewee was a black female author of some note.  She declared the election of Trump to be an international disaster and stated it was due to racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Fox News watching white people who just can’t let go of their many prejudices.  Now, that comment got my attention, and I’m afraid my steering wheel took quite a beating.  If anyone was looking at me, I suspect I looked like I was having some kind of fit, which I guess I was.  The same lady went on to attribute the election of Trump (she used the word “blame”) on racist college educated white women, who were showing their true level of ignorance and intolerance.  My fit only worsened.  I know a truth.  The truth is Trump could not have won the election if he hadn’t garnered a far bigger share of black and Hispanic votes than the network media projected.  Like it or not, Trump was elected by the people of our nation.  He’s going to be our President.  Everyone’s President.  Even poor, confused Democrats who are having trouble absorbing the reality of today.

          If I could survive two elections of Barack H. Obama and not lose my mind over it, I fail to understand why there are people in our land who believe their lives are about to be ended, the Earth is going to stand still, and the progress of humanity is being set back 1,000 years.  But, there are.  If you know people like that, who are having a breakdown over Trump’s triumph, please reach out to them with kindness and explain to them that there are still 24 hours to each day, the sun still comes over the eastern horizon every morning, Folgers is still mighty good coffee, and cats and dogs still need to be fed by their owners.  In other words, most peoples’ lives will just keep going on. 

          As odd as it may seem, there are millions of people in America who know so little about our government they can’t tell you who their congressman is, or name either one of their senators.  Those same people can’t name more than one state official, don’t have a clue who sits on their city councils, and can’t begin to tell you how many amendments the Constitution has.  And, yet, many of those same people will get overwrought about something like Donald Trump’s election because they’re willing to buy into election season propaganda put out by the party they identify with.   It’s really too bad, but we do have a largely ignorant electorate, don’t we?  That first lady I was talking about above, the black author . . . she’s putting out propaganda.  Expect to hear much more of the same.  When you do, you’ll understand, even if the willfully ignorant among us won’t.

          A lot of damage has been done to our nation in the past 20 years.  There is a lot to be undone.  My hope is the Trump administration sets about the undoing from the first day and continues throughout his time in office.  In many, many ways we need to run the nation’s clock backward for a while.  In other ways, we need to ensure we preserve what’s good and what works.  Like Obamacare.  There may be a thing or two about it that are good ideas.  We should ensure those get saved and brought into any replacement plan the next Congress writes.

          A couple of weeks ago I told someone that I wanted to change the orientation of my articles.  I noted a trend that was becoming bothersome to me and I wanted to lighten it up a bit.  But events of the past 24 hours have changed my thoughts.  I want to continue in the political vein for the next few posts.  What you’ll see for at least the next three notes are my thoughts of how a Trump administration should tackle the problems we face.  I’ll be as specific as I can, while being general enough not to lose anyone in the weeds and minutia of the world of governmental policy making.

          I have a favor to ask of all of you, my readers.  Read my next three posts carefully, then forward them on to those you correspond with.  Request they keep them moving on.  If my next few articles get forwarded enough, there is a chance they’ll end up in another In-Box that truly matters (like yours).  There’s a long-shot chance they might reach one of those chosen few individuals who are actually involved in making governmental policy.  If that happens, perhaps together we can have some minor influence on the future direction of the soon-to-be Trump administration.

          We have to try.   We all have to try.  This is our country.  It was meant for us to run, and having our say is how we tell our representatives our expectations.  All I ask is your help.  If you have thoughts in addition to my own, append them and let whoever you’re forwarding them to know that you’re doing more than singing backup.  We need a revolution in America.  But, we should want it to be bloodless.  We should wage a war of ideas, suggestions, and recommendations.  The way to defeat bad ideology is to put forth superior ideology, with superior ideas.  We can do that, can’t we?

In Liberty,