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4 Nov. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          Next week each and every one of you better be at the polls, doing your civic duty.  I won’t try to tell anyone how to vote, and don’t believe I need to.  If you’re a patriot, you know who you won’t vote for, which is good enough.
          In looking back on the past 18 months I’m amazed at the journey we’ve been on, and some of the craziest election season machinations ever.  I predict this election will be the subject of analysis and speculation for many decades.  Writers will spend entire careers doing nothing but dissecting the various and strange happenings of this period.   Below are a few things that strike me as particularly noteworthy.
THE ROLE OF THE RNC – I wrote something on this before, but it’s worth repeating.  What happened in the Republican Party is the fault of the Republican National Committee.   The RNC didn’t have to let Donald Trump run on their ticket, but they wanted attention, ratings, and money.  They gambled, and their gamble resulted in the nomination of Trump.  I’m 100% certain no one on the RNC in the days before the first Republican candidate debate ever thought Trump had a snowball’s chance in Hades.   They miscalculated the amount of distrust people have for . . . the RNC.  In the days leading up to that first debate the buzz was all about Jeb and Marco.  It seemed obvious the RNC would be happy with either of those to carrying their flag.  Trump?  He was thrown in just to generate media excitement.  If they learn one lesson out of this, it should be to never allow anyone on your stage unless you find them in all ways acceptable.  That’s what candidate vetting is supposed to be about.  The RNC’s gamble revealed them for what they are and an open question remains as a result – what is the future of the Party, regardless of who wins the election next week?
THE ROLE OF THE POPULAR MEDIA – I say “popular media” on purpose.  The term encompasses digital as well as broadcast and print media.  Facebook and Twitter played a big role in this election.  The big takeaway of the election period is the role media played in ensuring Donald Trump became the Republican Party nominee.  I hope this doesn’t take too much thought, because it seems very obvious to me that Donald Trump was the Republican of choice for the progressive Democrats.  Early in the campaign season the Clinton camp put out a disinformation story I thought particularly dumb – Marco Rubio was the candidate they feared the most.  Really?  Did any of you buy that?   I knew immediately it was a ruse.  I knew the candidate Hillary wanted to face was the one with the most flawed character and history.  When you surveyed all the potential Republican nominees it should have been obvious their dream candidate was Donald Trump.  After all, he has all the flaws of the other candidates, plus many they don’t.  I could tick off several, but I’ll save you the list and just move on with my point.   The point is all that media attention Donald Trump got in the run-up to the Republican Party Convention was part of an effort to bolster his candidacy.  He was the choice of the Democratic Party.  He was the one they wanted to do battle with, and no one else.  Jeb was someone they were willing to live with because they knew he and Hillary have many of the same political viewpoints.  But, Trump was the best candidate to pave the way for Hillary.  Now, what about all that free media the left kept carping about?  Think about it.  No one made them do it.  It was all a plot to ensure The Donald only grew stronger and could knock off his competition.  Once Jeb was done it was all Trump’s.   He was the popular media’s pick.  Of course once he was nominated and confirmed at the convention most of that media attention turned negative.  After all, his purpose was served.  Their mission was to get Hillary elected.   Next week we’ll see if the media succeeded or failed. 
HILLARY – THE WORLD’S WORST CANDIDATE – If there was ever a weak candidate it’s Hillary R. Clinton.  Running her as the Democratic Party nominee is an extreme example of hubris.  In any other election season she wouldn’t be where she is.  I’ve stated before that she could be beaten by a half-dead, three-legged goat.  But this election season is like no other.  This time she gets to run against Donald Trump.  What should have been a disaster for her has turned into a viable horse race.  If the Republican Party had nominated any one of sixteen other candidates they had to pick from the challenge would have been much harder for Hillary.  The media and Hillary’s eventual competitor seemed to be in collusion at times in their efforts to help buttress Hillary’s support.  The most remarkable thing about the Clinton candidacy is that there still is one.  Events, organizations, and 100+ years of progressive effort combined to keep her campaign viable when it should have died at the very start.  No one should be proud of any aspect of it.  It reflects badly on the American people that we have tolerated both Clintons for the past two decades.  Yes, it’s our collective fault if she is elected next week. 
BERNIE’S PART IN ALL THIS – Lots of people speculate that Bernie Sanders’ campaign was something of a hoax.  Was he ever really serious?   In some respects I believe he was, but in others ways, perhaps not.  How nutty does it seem to have an admitted socialist running on the Democratic Party ticket?  How nutty does it seem that a socialist candidate would end up being a viable challenger to an old party stalwart?   Bernie complained the party nomination process was rigged.  Was he right? Of course he was.  That was the entire point of party super-delegates.  It’s the Democratic Party’s mechanism to guarantee the national party people can have the candidate they want, regardless of who party members throughout the country vote for.  The fix was in from the very start.  Bernie seemed to complain loudly about it.  Then, Hillary was nominated and Bernie went off less than two weeks later and bought a $600K house on the water.  Since then he’s done nothing but speak out as an ardent supporter of Clinton’s.  So, what’s the real truth?  Does it even matter?  At this point, probably not.  But, we’re still left with an obvious question – what was that all about?  My own opinion is the DNC understood Hillary was such an unpopular and lackluster candidate they needed to do something dramatic to generate enthusiasm.  Bernie served that purpose.  He almost did it too well.  If not for those super-delegates he might have made it a real competition.   But the fix was in, and once he served his purpose Bernie was paid for his trouble and he lined up, according to the plan.  Yes, Bernie’s role was scripted.   That’s all.
VLAD THE IMPALER – The Clinton campaign has been working overtime, in damage-control mode, trying to frighten people by their continual references to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government’s obvious preference for Donald Trump as America’s next president.  How much of that is true, and how much is fiction?  You should take comfort in knowing most is fiction.  The parts that aren’t fiction shouldn’t really bother you much, either.  The Russians do appear to prefer Trump.  To say they “like” him is a bit much.  But there are valid reasons why they should and do prefer him.   Trump poses as a nationalist.  Russians tend to be nationalists.   Russia will only get in line with the globalist cabal if they’re guaranteed a place in the front rank any new order.   They have no guarantee of that, and their traditional suspicion of the West guides their policies and actions.  Trump seems to believe participation in NATO is unfair to American interests.  Russia likes that.   Trump appears to want us to have a re-invigorated military.  Russia understands and respects that.  Trump appears to be willing to resist Islamic incursions into the West. Russia understands and respects that, too.  The question of how much Russia has been interfering in our election process appears to me to be purposefully histrionic.  Donald Trump is not Putin’s Man.  He’s just someone Putin understands and, perhaps, even admires on some level. Conversely, Putin is someone Donald Trump understands and, perhaps even admires on some level.   Does any of this equate to any actual Russian involvement in our election process?  Not even a smidgen. 
DONALD JAMES TRUMP AND NEW STANDARDS OF INEPTITUDE – If anyone thinks Trump is a genius or a good campaigner you need some help.  I firmly believe what I said about that half-dead, three-legged goat.  The goat wouldn’t have a problem beating Hillary.  Yet Donald has struggled.  Doesn’t that clue you in?  Haven’t the assertions that he was put into the race to guarantee a Clinton win bothered you on some level?  Don’t you wonder why Trump keeps oscillating in the polls, as he goes from one flub to another in a seemingly unending series?  It’s all revealing, and it all reveals problems yet to come, should Trump win the election.  But, let’s not get into that yet.  Let’s just deal with the period from June of last year to now.  Let’s just ask ourselves why anyone wouldn’t have stopped Tweeting insults to adversaries as soon as it was obvious the media would be watching and reporting it.  Let’s ask ourselves why anyone would defend bad acts and statements from years ago instead of just apologizing and moving on.  Let’s ask ourselves why anyone would continue to repeat things proven to be untrue, even when fact-checked on them and watching polls dip in response.   Let’s just ask ourselves if we’ve ever seen a candidate go so many months without listening to good advice from anyone and insisting on doing “stupid stuff” and trying to make it all look cool.  In the biggest way, if Donald Trump prevails at the polls next week it won’t be any thanks to him.  He’s done just about everything possible to guarantee a loss.   He seems to do well when he’s far behind; then he behaves for a while until he catches up.  It appears he wants the appearance of a close race, but it has just as often appears he isn’t willing to do the things necessary to guarantee an outright blowout, which is what this election should be.  By this time, Jeb would have had this race put away.  Of course, Jeb is “Hillary light,” so who wants that?  I’m just pointing out the ineptitude of Donald Trump as a politician.
THE FBI – IS IT RIDING TO THE RESCUE? – The recent re-opening of Clinton investigations does put things in a new light doesn’t it?  Do you find it curious the pretext for this event is finding over 600 thousand E-mails on the Weiner/Abedin laptop that was confiscated as part of the Weiner sexting investigation?  No?  I do.  I find it curious that nothing revealed by WikiLeaks seemed to matter, but the Weiner/Abedin find does.  Is that because the FBI is willing to pursue information they uncover, but don’t want to share any credit with Julian Assange?  Maybe it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is the FBI appears to be re-engaged.  They may have saved the entire agency by doing so.  The stench of the Comey announcement in July wasn’t abating, and something needed to be done.  Most FBI agents are true to their chosen profession and were having all kinds of morale problems dealing with the apparent level of politicization of their beloved organization.  It’s odd that the chance to resurrect the FBI came as an unexpected result of another Weiner-wagging episode, but sometimes it isn’t smart to worry much about such things.  It’s a gift-horse, for gosh sakes!   Now, the FBI needs to find out if that horse can run, and they need to ride it for all its worth.
JULIAN ASSANGE – THE SAVIOR OF OUR REPUBLIC? – Folks, if there’s anyone who has helped the cause of Donald Trump and the conservative movement in America it is Julian Assange and his organization, WikiLeaks.  Never doubt that.   Assange and his people got hold of all John Podesta’s E-mail archives, thanks to an unnamed insider who finally realized how sick and sorry everything has become.  WikiLeaks has been releasing Podesta’s files in batches which have incrementally weakened the Clinton campaign.  If any one person is responsible for the currently close race that is the campaign for the presidency, it’s Julian Assange.  Without his actions and the WikiLeaks team The Donald would have completely blown the race and Hillary’s coronation would be a foregone conclusion.  Assange’s motivations are to shed light on the level of institutionalized corruption within our government.  So far, I’d say he’s succeeded magnificently.  Just think about it for a moment.  We may owe the future of our nation to a guy who hides out in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition on a Swedish charge of sex with a minor.  What part of The Twilight Zone are we living in?
A WARNING OR TWO – Pay attention to what’s going on in Great Britain.  Remember Brexit?  Keep it foremost in your minds as we go forward the next few months.  If Hillary ends up our president, she’ll side with the government of Great Britain against their people, and campaign against Brexit, while she reneges on her assertions against TPP and TTIP.  If Trump is elected, perhaps we’ll see the opposite.  Regardless, the saga of Brexit looks to be protracted and divisive.   Will the government win in Great Britain, or will the sovereignty of the people be upheld.  The end result should be instructive to us.  It may be a portent of our own future.  And, while you’re watching the Brexit thing, keep a close eye on everything George Soros touches.  Now that there is confirmatory evidence of the influence Soros has within our government he bears continual scrutiny.  Actually he’s always merited continual scrutiny, but now that we have clear and convincing proof that previous allegations weren’t just conspiracy theories, more and more people should be willing to spend the time it takes to bird-dog everything he does and says.   If not, he’ll just keep causing us trouble.  Soros wants One World, and he’ll spare nothing to get his way.
          That is all I have for you now.  We just have a few hours left before the fate of our nation is determined.  Even in the best outcome we face enormous uncertainties.   But, if we all pull together and work toward a common vision of a re-invigorated America with a renewed sense of national purpose, maybe we’ll pull our country off that ledge we’re on.  Maybe we’ll even figure out how to pull it from the edge of the cliff.  I don’t know about you, but I’m very tired of all the angst and uncertainty.  I’d like to see some actual good times again, instead of having to live with constant lies.

In Liberty,