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25 Oct. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          I won’t linger today.  There are a few things cooking that need your thoughts and attention.

          TIM KAINE THROWS DOWN ON THE RUSSKIES – Yesterday Tim Kaine, Hillary’s hopeful V.P. sidekick, threw the gauntlet down on Russia and “any other country that wants to meddle in U.S. elections.”  He went on a mini-rant (he’s not a large guy, so mini-rants are all he can muster) or tirade, if you will, about the notion of Russia and “other countries” materially interfering in our elections.  He said, “there will be consequences!”  I just know our old friend Vladimir was shivering in his shoes over that.   So, what’s up with Little Timmy and his little rant?  Methinks it’s a bit of foreshadowing.  Not that there’s anything for Russia to ever worry about from either Hillary or Little Timmy.  No, not that.  It’s foreshadowing of the excuses the Dems might trot out if their world comes crashing down on their heads on Election Day.  They need an excuse to justify their howls of “RIGGED!”  Yes, my friends, the Dems have their excuse for losing this election all warmed up and ready to go.  PUTIN DID IT!  Yes, sir, I’m quite sure the old Russian ground game is in full court press.  I know; just yesterday three Russian FSB agents came by my house to tell me I had to vote for Donald Trump or they would burn me out.  Now, out of abject terror of the consequences of not following Vladimir’s advice, I find myself with little recourse.  Poor Hillary.  First The Donald, now Vladimir.  I just don’t know how she’s going to survive.  Talk about piling on! 

          WAR VETS PUNISHED FOR ACCEPTING FEDERAL MONEY – This is the California National Guard story.  It seems DoD created a really dumb incentive program to encourage people to enlist and reenlist and go to the war zones for vacations, then as many as ten years later . . . the government wants the money back.  Here’s what you need to know about it.  Yes, it’s true the program was offered and not even closely monitored to ensure those who signed up met the criteria for eligibility.   Yes, it’s true that in California almost everyone who raised their hands received a bonus.   Yes, it’s true that several National Guard officers went on trial for fraud because they promoted the deal and signed off on the applications they encouraged their soldiers to fill out.  Even worse, they told their people not to worry, it was okay.  So, here we are with people who aren’t even in the guard now receiving threatening letters from various parts of the government, including the IRS and DoD telling them to pay up or face the music.  This is big-time coercion on the part of our government.  I saw a report on this yesterday where some fool stated President Obama could make the problem go away with a stroke of a pen, relieving all those soldiers of any obligation for repayment.  NOT!  That can’t and won’t happen.  So, you should ask, what really is this about?  In my humble opinion (IMHO) it’s partly just the way business is done by our government today, and those people with letters should worry about prosecution and civil confiscation.  Regardless of the wrongdoings of the Guard officers, those enlisted folks could easily tell whether or not they qualified for a bonus, so they aren’t truly blameless. But, in the end this is also partly the Obama administration’s continuing effort to demoralize our military and render it impotent as a cohesive fighting force.  Yes, I do think so.

          VOTER FRAUD REPORTS ARE FLOODING IN – My friends, I predicted this, and I tried to be specific regarding how the voter fraud would occur.  I’ve seen at least three reports from different states today that describe exactly what I predicted, indicating electronic voting machines have software embedded that misattributes votes.  It’s in Texas, it’s in Florida, it’s in Chicago (isn’t Illinois one of Chicago’s suburbs?).   Expect it in all kinds of places that use electronic voting machines.   Those things are just too easy to rig.  Even I know how it’s done, and I’m a Low-Tech Cro-Magnon.  Keep your eyes open, your ears attuned, and question anything that doesn’t look exactly right when you go to the polls.  If something doesn’t seem right, ask to see the person in charge and make sure they take action.  If they don’t, be ready to document what you encountered and file a written complaint at your county registrar’s office. Individual voters are the best police at the polls.   We can have a clean election, but we have to make it that way. 

          PAT CADDELL, DEMOCRAT AND AMERICAN PATRIOT – I was tipped off by an old submarine Shipmate to seek a video of Pat Caddell speaking before a student and faculty assembly at Hillsdale College.  The speech took place on 15 Oct.   It was breathtaking.   Caddell needs to have a lot of security around him.  Breitbart was taken out for less than Caddell has now done.   It was a presentation just over an hour long, including the Q&A session.  Caddell reviewed the history of the Democratic Party and noted factors material to its evolution from a legitimate party of concerned citizens to its current state as a totally corrupt action arm of the socialist-progressive movement.  It was something, I tell you.  Check it out on YouTube at: or just Google “Pat Caddell Hillsdale” and you’ll find it.  It’s well worth your time, but you’ll find yourself asking, “So, what’s up with Pat?  If he believes all he says, why in heck would he still call himself a Democrat?”  I suspect Caddell is one of those “true believers” who thinks the only way to get the party back on track is to stay on the inside and work against those who are now in control.   I hope he’s right, but don’t believe it.  He’s outnumbered 50 to 1.  He needs to worry about making it to next week.   He’s far safer hanging out with Republicans.  Good Luck, Pat!


          OBAMACARE COSTS SPIKE – Oh, really?  Who would have thought it?  Obamacare costs are escalating?  No need to worry, the Obama administration assures us that, even though the average cost increase is around 22%, there will be tax credits and refunds that will drive costs for many individuals back down.  Translated, that means if you are under a certain income and don’t pay much at all for your health care, you still won’t.  But, for those who do pay, don’t expect to pay an increase of 22%.  No, remember, that’s the average, which head-counts payers and those who don’t.  That means to those who have a policy through a government exchange, your costs will escalate in proportion to the payer-vs-non-payer ratio and will increase somewhere in the 40%-60% range.   And, for all you smart-alecks who say, “We knew this was gonna happen even before the ink was dry on that monstrosity,” yes, you did say that, and you were correct, and you were correct because your pencil-marks-on-the-back-of-envelopes common sense told you, all administration and Pelosi/Reed babble to the contrary, Obamacare never at any time made a single bit of economic sense.  (How’s that for a run-on sentence?)  But, it was never intended to be anything more than a way-station on the road to universal government sponsored single-payer health care; as Hillary said in the second debate – something like those Canadians have.  My, my, ain’t that special?

          THE UNITED NATIONS CAMPAIGN TO ELECT HILLARY – All of you are going to love this one.  I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or scream at the absurdity of what I’m going to tell you.  The United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights weighed in on our nation’s presidential race today.  He stated “Electing Donald Trump would be an international disaster” in an interview this a.m. on National Public Radio.  So, what’s the High Commish’s name?  Surely everyone in the world knows it, but for those ten or so of you out there in that basket of deplorables who don’t, it’s Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.  He’s described by the U.N. as an Asian, Muslim and Arab.  I’m not at all sure how he can be an Asian and an Arab unless his mother was Asian, but let’s just defer that question to a later time and deal with a couple of things that should strike you as really, truly wrong.  I’m not talking about the guy’s heritage, either.   Al Hussein is a Jordanian (I still don’t get that Asian part), so he’s not nearly as suspect as he would be if he were a Saudi, an Iranian, or a Bahraini.  Jordanians are our friends, aren’t they?  Al Hussein was Jordan’s ambassador to the U.N. for year before getting voted into the Human Rights chair, so I know he’s been hanging out in New York City for a long, long time.  That means he should be able to vote in our elections as well as register his U.N.-sanctioned opinion, right?  But, what the heck is a Muslim of good standing doing in that job?  How can someone who is sworn to adhere to Sharia be the world’s top cop on the whole subject of human rights?  I just don’t get it, but then there’s not much about the U.N. I get, other than it’s the premier lobbying center for all that spells New World Order today.  So, why is Mr. Al Hussein so down on Donald Trump?  It’s because he’s said some things that aren’t nice about poor refugees and immigrants and if elected he might do something that might harm them.  Isn’t that an interesting perspective?  Mr. Al Hussein states that rationale as his justification for having any say at all regarding our elections.  He seems not to realize that doing nothing to aid someone isn’t the same thing as doing harm to them.  That’s almost the same as saying a doctor who refuses to treat a sick person is responsible not only for their malady, but anything that happens to them subsequent to his refusal.  Do you see the lack of logic there?  Is it just me, or is Mr. Al Hussein speaking as just another tool of the global order crowd who believes the U.N. should have a say in everything?  Isn’t he part of the mechanisms of Agenda 2030?  Isn’t he part of the crowd that is overtly and covertly trying to subvert all national governments?  Why, I think he is!  What do you think?

          I sort of like this ‘errata’ thing.  It’s a bit cumbersome and stylistically very bad, and sort of short on exploration, but at least it’s quick and dirty.  I hope you don’t mind.

In Liberty,