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MOVING ON TO THE FINAL PHASE 22 Oct. 2016 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


22 Oct. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,


          It would be wrong to act upon my inclination not to comment on the presidential debate this week.  It was a historically significant event; to ignore it would be a bit silly, even though I’m very tired of this campaign.


          You’ve already gotten a belly-full of media opinionating.  This time, a lot more of the media got it mostly right, though even if they’d done their level best they’d have it wrong at some level.  There are a few who got it right.  Too few, which we all know is a big part of what’s wrong in American politics.


          This is the run-down on the debate, followed by a few tangential observations.


          The actual winner of the debate was Chris Wallace, and he’s not running for anything.  Overall he managed to keep the debate flowing in the direction he wanted and didn’t commit the cardinal sins of previous debate moderators by obviously preferring one candidate over another or becoming a debate participant.  He asked a few dumb questions, but he asked them in fairly equal numbers of each candidate, so there’s nothing about his dumb questions that hinted at bias.  They just reflect the fact that even the best news people can sometimes get as caught up in the inane as the rest of us.


          Overall the debate belonged to the Republican candidate, Donald James Trump.  It’s true he didn’t hit any grand slams.  He scored touchdowns, but didn’t blow the other team out.  He scored a few aces, but most of his games were won by his superior volleying skills.  He kicked significantly more goals, but most not as cleanly as he needed to.  Alright, enough with the sports metaphors! I only use them because Americans are so used to communicating that way.  You get the idea.


          Trump’s syntax is a problem.  Even after more than a year on the campaign trail he has problems speaking in complete sentences.  He has a habit of interrupting himself, as if even his best thoughts are so fleeting he can’t fully capture them.  He reads a TelePrompter pretty well; we’ve seen that.  But, on Wednesday night he had to wing it, which is his preferred style.  Some may love his undisciplined extemporaneous blather.  I’m not a fan.  There are too many people out here who need fully developed and articulated thoughts expressed in complete sentences.  When Trump speaks in disjointed clauses there are some who tend to be confused.


          Clinton’s articulation was clearly superior.  This time out she didn’t resort to her odd shrieks or that weird verbal tempo she often uses.  I had few problems with her delivery.  She was clearly very well rehearsed.  She had memorized her lines.  You could tell very little of her delivery was spontaneous by watching her eyes.  When she’s trying to do verbatim recall her gaze becomes fixed on a point in space.  When she’s off her script her eyes tend to shift from side to side, and sometimes she opens them wide, as if in surprise.  No, it wasn’t Mrs. Clinton’s delivery that made her debate performance lesser than Trump’s, it was her obvious diversions and repetition of well-crafted untruths.  It was also because Mrs. Clinton “went low” in a very obvious way.  Instead of pretending she was the high road candidate she went for Trump’s jugular.  Unfortunately for her, she missed.


          Trump could have put the debate in his own bag and walked off the stage as the undisputed master of the night if he had done one thing better and didn’t do another thing at all.  You all know what I mean.  He could have found a much more logical way to express his position regarding acceptance of the outcome of the election.  It was one of those dumb questions Wallace asked, and Trump could have answered it in a way that conveyed his opinion that blind acceptance of an election result in advance might relinquish his legal right of challenge.  But, that’s not what he said, and what he did say was like throwing a meat to a hungry lion.  The media was panting for the meat.  Up to that point there had been little to eat.  That one answer was blown up from a bite to full chuck roast size.  Then, of course, there was his last aside.  One has to wonder how he went through almost the entire debate without chicken-choking Mrs. Clinton, yet felt compelled to dive for the bottom of the pond just that one time.  His “such a nasty woman” comment has been dissected, re-sected, and vivisected to wring out all possible negative connotations.  He’d actually been better off if he’d said “what an absolute bitch,” which is what he actually meant.  Well, it’s best to just leave that alone now.  What’s done is done.


          Now we’re off into the final phase of this terrible campaign.  Everything now is up to words and proofs of allegations.  The surrogates will be all over the place, pitching and spinning for their candidate.  Pop media will be jumping in with tales of scandals, rumors of scandals, and interviews of those who claim they were participants in scandals that remain to be fully told.  It’s a time for many to gain their 15 minutes of fame.  More E-mails will be dumped for our perusal.  More rumors and evidence of corruption and venal sins will come forth.  The incumbent President and First Lady won’t yield the national stage entirely; they’ll be out there trying to get us to focus on what a great pair we’re about to . . . lose.  Yes, folks, this mud wrestling match may be almost over, but the last phase is apt to be as strange, dirty, and hard-fought as any in our history.


          The National Enquirer is ready to release a hit-piece on Mrs. Clinton.  You know they’re trying to help Trump garner the votes of those who get their news while waiting in the grocery store check-out lines.  Maybe that will result in a few.  Meanwhile WikiLeaks will continue to pour out evidence of small and large crimes and plots from their treasure trove of pilfered Podesta E-mails.  Who really cares where they came from?  The fact that all of Clinton’s camp points to the Russians as the thief, yet refutes nothing should inform us those E-mails are truly legitimate.  Just sit back and wait for the 356 books yet to be written, all based on that cache.  Yes, we’ll be reading historical dissections of the Clinton crowd for at least a couple of decades to come, regardless of who wins next month.


          If you watch and listen closely enough you may be catching on to something very strange.  You’ll catch on to another aspect of the corruption of this election.  The media, which is rarely honest these days when the subject is politics, is blatantly lying to us about the polls.  In addition, there are several very sophisticated pieces of disinformation floating around, just in the past week, purporting to be real evidence of the way the country is likely to go.  I’ve seen one so sophisticated I can’t tell which campaign is actually being assisted.  The effect of the disinformation should be minimal, mostly because of the level of sophistication.  Still, it’s all a bit unsettling to think organizations are out there trying to instill fear of violence in the minds of voters.    My recommendation to you all is to be wary of all you see and hear for the next couple of weeks.  A significant part of it will be part of one psy-ops effort or another.  We have to keep our heads on straight and focus on the business at hand.


          The last thought I want to leave you today is one of optimism.  Though Trump is not the candidate I wanted and none of the other candidates are people I can even consider, I am becoming optimistic that he might prevail.  I see evidence that his message about the election being rigged is hitting home.  More and more people are tuned in and will be watching for evidence of vote-buying, voter roll issues, surrogate voting, ballot box stuffing, and other kinds of voter fraud.  Instead of having the most corrupt election process in history, we could well end up with one of the best and cleanest.  Yes, it can happen!  If so, Donald Trump has a good shot at pulling this election out of the fire.  If he does, it will be because of those who will vote for him, yet never, never admit it.  It will be because there are people who might feel peer pressure to vote for someone else, but will have to deal with their own ethics once they’re sitting with ballot in hand.  It will be because sufficient numbers of Americans will gamble on a better American future instead of vote for the certainty of worse.


          Enjoy your next few days, my friends.  While doing so, think about ways you can make a difference in this election.  Once you’ve thought a bit, go out and act.  At this stage we have precious little time for thought.  It’s time to shift into high gear and let our actions speak for us.


In Liberty,