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18 Oct. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

          Understand the narrative of the opposition and you will understand how to defeat it.  That’s a tactical truth.  The question of the day is . . . what is that narrative?

          If you listen, you’ll hear it.  You don’t have to listen all that closely.  It’s out there, in several forms.  Most of it is a follow-on to the “basket of deplorables” aspersion by Hillary Clinton.  The narrative also includes statements meant to deflect obviously deserved criticism of Mrs. Clinton and those who surround her.  A lot that part of the narrative are variations of the old and famous “vast right-wing conspiracy” claim Mrs. Clinton made when her husband was trying to convince the people he was telling the truth despite all the obvious evidence to the contrary.

          The Trump campaign beats a drum against Mrs. Clinton with a pattern that signals the range and depth of her personal and professional corruption, as well as the corruption of those who surround her.  I certainly won’t say Mr. Trump and his people are being very smart or sophisticated about their approach, but at least they’re talking about mostly real events and real evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s misdeeds and negative inclinations.

The answers of the Clinton camp include assertions that Trumpists are Neanderthals; barely civilized and violent-prone loons of low intellect and morals.  The narrative of the media now has a focus on the supposed violence at and immediately outside of Trump rallies.  It goes on to suggest the idea of Trumpist riots in the streets when (not if) he loses the election.  How’s that for a get-out-the-vote strategy?  Yes, the threat of violence greater than today’s myths of such is hoped to turn out Clinton supporters in droves.

Meanwhile, more evidence is surfacing that progressive useful idiots and fellow travelers are the actual troublemakers at the Trump rallies.  It appears to be a well-coordinated and well-financed operation using some of the more thuggish tactics of the worst hard-core, Mafia-controlled unionists of previous eras.  The goons show up and push and prod those outside Trump rallies, trying in every way to goad them into violent responses.  In the vast majority of cases the Trump rally attendees just walk away.  In some cases there are responses, but in almost all of those the response is in kind – a punch for a punch.  The potential for escalation to maiming and murder are there.  When progressives get anxious there’s no limit to their provocations.   All Trumpists need to be aware and ensure a strong police presence at any gathering.

The Clinton narrative against Trump himself appears to be headed toward a focus.  He’s a rich, greedy, selfish degenerate and pervert.  The bimbo parade (to steal a phrase from Mrs. Clinton herself) should be expected to continue.  No allegation made in October can be completely refuted.  October is a free-fire month, and the Clintons are bringing out all their cannons.  People with any sense will focus on issue and hard proofs between now and Election Day.  Leave all the allegations, innuendo and unproven claims alone.  Regardless of what they are or where they come from, they’re most likely untrue.  Perhaps we should coin a phrase for every fourth October; we should refer to it as “The Month of Lies.” Remember Harry Reid’s claim that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid any income taxes in over a decade? Okay, he made that claim in August, but it’s exactly the kind of thing that you should ignore if you hear it in October.  If Reid had waited a couple of months his lie might have had a tad more impact.

Another quirky narrative of the Clinton bunch regards how they’ve decided to treat the WikiLeaks-released E-mails.  “Oh, there’s nothing to all that, really.  After all, if one is predisposed to think of Mrs. Clinton in negative terms those E-mails might be misconstrued as confirming many previously held beliefs, but if you’re predisposed to think highly of Mrs. Clinton you understand almost all of those stolen E-mails are highly questionable in authenticity and are easy to misunderstand.  It’s really much ado about nothing.  It’s also, positively, the work of Russian intelligence operatives.  It’s a Russian government smear campaign because everyone knows Putin wants to see Donald Trump in the White House.”  Yeah . . . really?

Mrs. Clinton is being smart.  She’s laying low.  Her surrogates say she’s “preparing” for the last debate.  I hope that means she’s downing Jack Daniels by the gallon, but it probably means she’s driving her staff crazy, hounding them to find a way to put the final nails in Donald Trump’s coffin.  Meanwhile, as she “studies” for the debate she isn’t being asked a bunch of silly questions about E-mails the Russians stole from that poor victim, that John Podesta man.

In a way, the range of Mrs. Clinton’s alleged misdeeds is so vast it works in her favor.  Hers is a Chinese menu of scandals to pick from.  With so much rich food to dine on, how does one choose?  The Clinton camp has decided they will drive the corruption narrative.  They’ve decided it’s better to talk about E-mails than the Clinton Foundation, or Benghazi, or uranium deposit ownership, or the so-called Iranian Deal, or Bimbogate, or . . . , or . . . , or . . . .  Yes, we’ll keep hearing all about those slimy Russians and their attempts to subvert democracy and the will of the American people by involving themselves directly in the course of our election.  We’ll hear more of “Donald Trump - Putin’s man” or some variation of it.

If the Trump people, and especially Donald Trump himself, are wise to the tactics of the Clinton camp they should understand the best way to deal with Mrs. Clinton is to completely ignore anything and everything that comes from her camp.  Just ignore her!  That’s the one thing her ego can’t stand.  It’s also the best way to gain control of the media narrative.  Right now the mainstream media hacks are delighting in the point-counterpoint aspect of the current campaign dialog.  They promote the narrative that Donald Trump is continuously on the defensive.  If Trump wakes up, he’ll realize the best defense is to go on the offense and ignore each and every attack.  Let second-tier surrogates deal with answering any specific allegation; otherwise don’t waste a moment on defense.  Spend all resources remaining on offense.   Use the Georgie Patton strategy – attack, attack, attack!  The attacks need to be a catalog of Hillary Clinton’s proven sins.  There is no good to be gained in isolating any of them for special attention.  The strategy involves burying her under the sheer weight of her lifetime of bad acts and notable failures.  How hard can that be?

Understand the narrative.  Make sure all around you understand, too.  Reach out to see if there are any actual undecided voters in your circle of influence.  Convince them their time is past for getting off the fence.  We are fast running out of time if we’re to pull this election out of the fire.  We have a nation to save or lose.  Let no one tell you differently.

In Liberty,