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13 Oct. 2016

Dear Friends and Patriots,

            If you’ve been paying attention today you’ll know all the news is bad.  Whether we like it or not this battle may well be lost.

            Those of you who know realize “the battle” in this case references the title of my first book, The Battle For America’s Soul.  Yes, it’s that battle that may be over.

            We had predictions of doom early this year, yet our native (or possibly naive) optimism compelled many of us to ignore it.  We looked at the political spectrum and determined there was little real choice in our direction.  We had the obvious progressive, big government, New World Order-loving Democratic Party option.  We had the neo-communist, eco-tyranny Green option.  We had the undisciplined, somewhat loopy Libertarian Party option.  We had a Constitution Party option no one has yet heard of.  Then, of course, we had the Republican Party, which professes to something or another, though we’re never quite sure exactly what. 

Most of us whose political tendencies are mostly conservative were certain of what we didn’t want, but not so certain what we did.  The primary down-selection process made that decision for us, and we ended up with a Republican candidate who managed to excite millions with his promises and blustery populist rhetoric.  Unfortunately for us, most voters didn’t focus past the promises and bluster; they forgot to look at the candidate himself.

For my own part, I’ve steadfastly maintained that I would vote for the Republican Party candidate no matter what.  I’m a party member.  I’m bound by a sworn oath.  But, today that oath hangs on me like Coleridge’s slain albatross around the ancient mariner’s neck, and it’s beginning to reek.

During the second presidential candidate debate I found myself wondering in amazement why Hillary Clinton kept smiling.  Donald Trump didn’t smile once through the entire 90 minutes, but Hillary adopted her version of a kewpie doll smile and for at least half of the debate it was pasted on her face.  What was that about?  As of today I think I finally get it.  She was smiling because she thinks she knows something most Americans don’t.   It doesn’t matter.  The debate didn’t matter.  Donald Trump’s insults and truthful accusations don’t matter.  None of it matters.  The debate was just a 90 minute endurance trial.  The election is nothing more than a waiting game; waiting on coronation day.  Queen Hillary will take her throne.  Folks, she believes this election is solidly in the bag.  Her bag, that is.

I’ve long predicted the election would be stolen by the Democrats.  Now, I’m beginning to believe they really don’t need to.  They’re poised to do it if need be, but it seems like it might not be necessary now.  They’ve stacked the deck of political playing cards so much in their favor it seems not only risky, but pointless to resort to election night chicanery now.  They have things pretty much sewn up.  Election night will be nothing but a formality.  The Queen will be acknowledged at last.  If that event comes to pass, America’s soul will surely be lost, never to be recovered.

I’m sure you’re wondering what has my morale in such a sorry state.  I’ve already indicated it, though.  It’s in the news.  Just listen and pay attention.  You’ll hear evidence of the reason Hillary felt confident enough to smile through her 90 minutes with The Donald on Sunday night.  She and Bill have known Donald Trump for decades.  They know his history.  They know there’s so much obvious dirt on him that bringing it out into the wider public arena was only a matter of time and a little set-up here, and a little more there.  The Democrats understand most of the public can’t discriminate between official corruption and personal corruption.  In fact, they understand a significant segment of our society considers personal corruption to be the worst kind.  Democrats have never spent much time cultivating them; after all, those folks seem to always back Republicans, which is why we are where we are today.

Donald Trump is being revealed.  He’s a dog.  He always was.  He may be as big a dog as Bill Cosby and even “the big dog,” Bill Clinton.  Even if he’s just 80% of the dog either Bill is, it really doesn’t matter.  This isn’t a contest between dogs, it’s one that has evolved into a contest between a dog and a lying, incompetent, and completely untrustworthy hack politician.   In 2015 that’s a problem.  The dog, our dog, is poised to lose.  He wouldn’t if he were running against an average white male Democrat dog, but against a female Democrat or a minority Democrat, he stands a lesser chance.  Even when that female candidate is as widely reviled as Hillary Clinton, the dog named Donald struggles.  As time goes by and more of his venal sins are revealed in the press, his chances of winning ebb steadily away.  The chances of America reviving its soul ebbs steadily away as well.

If Donald Trump won the election and kept only a third of his promises our nation could continue to hope.  But, he was always the wrong candidate.  It’s hard to say he was the most flawed of the original Republican candidates, but he’s hard to beat in that regard.  In looking back, it should be obvious that Ted, Rand, Mike, Carly, or Rick might have been better candidates to take to the general election.  They all have their flaws, too, but none so deep as Trump’s.  Their problem in the primaries was in their failure to excite to the extent Trump did.  Each of them tried to sound a warning.  Each of them pointed to Trump’s lack of substance, but the voters insisted on a Republican version of “Hope and Change” and they would not be denied. 

Who is to blame for this potential debacle?  I blame the Republican National Committee (RNC).  The RNC should have told Donald Trump they didn’t want him competing to carry the party standard.   The Republican Party is a private organization.  They didn’t have to let Trump in.  They could have just said “No!”  But, they didn’t.  They knew Trump would be good for ratings, and they wanted to generate excitement for their primary debates.  And, they got it.  But a funny thing happened they didn’t expect.  The Donald managed to kill off all the other candidates, the real ones, by ones and by twos.  In the end, when Ted Cruz could take it no longer, The Donald stood alone.  The party was his.  The RNC realized it miscalculated and there was obvious dissention in their ranks, but they decided to try a Democratic Party tactic and close ranks around their candidate.  The peace treaty they forged could not hold.  Obvious mistakes by Trump and now revelations in the press of decades of bad personal behavior are taking their toll.  Republicans don’t know which way to run.

As hard as I try to keep my faith, my own political sense tell me there’s only one hope left.  If something comes to the public’s attention that makes Hillary Clinton’s true character so glaringly obvious that even her closest cohorts question their loyalty, perhaps the ebb will cease and the flow of Trump’s campaign will return.  What are the chances of that, though?  With almost all of the media in the progressive camp, this is a snowball in Hell.

I want to pivot a bit in this message to predict the outcome of the failure of the Republican Party to offer America any hope of salvation.  I want to tell you what another Clinton administration, the third Obama term, will mean to some of you. 

We already know there will be increased confiscation of wealth and property.  We should already understand the size and power of the federal government will continue to grow.  Those who have paid attention understand the progressive agenda will take a great leap forward toward globalization and the realization of the New World Order template now referred to as Agenda 2030.  We should know the embattled middle class is targeted to disappear entirely.  We should expect the Tea Party movement to die.  Most peaceful dissent in the country will diminish.  There will be many actions by our government specifically intended to dishearten dissenters.  There will be massive propaganda campaigns aimed at convincing us what we suspect is happening isn’t, and that our lives are actually getting better, even though we will clearly see they aren’t.  Expect opposition in the media (e.g. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, etc.) to be suppressed, if not forcefully eliminated.

Glen Beck has railed against Trump for quite a while now.  He’s done a lot of damage to his brand in doing so.  But now he’s openly declared he only has one principled act left.  He’s going to vote for the Constitution Party.  My recommendation to all of you is to understand and act on Ted Cruz’s admonition – vote your conscience.  Beck is voting his.  I don’t fault him for it.

We can get down on our knees and pray for a political miracle, but I’m one who believes God cares little to nothing about politics.  After all, governments are constructs of men, not of our deity.  God cares for us and for our souls, but has little stake in our pedestrian affairs and the laws of men.  We created our mess.  We need to solve it, while praying to God for enough strength and wisdom to do so.

My friends and fellow patriots, my concern is for all of you.  If the Clinton regime comes to power and is as bad as I believe it will be, you need to ensure your own safety, security and financial well-being.  If you haven’t already done that, please start today.  While hope for an American revival and return to founding principles may well be lost, that doesn’t mean each of us as individuals are equally lost.  America was founded on the idea that its citizens are sovereign and government is their servant.  We have to continue to press toward regaining that ideal.  We have to continue to work to regain America’s soul.  To do otherwise is unthinkable.

In Liberty,

P.S. Having said all this, allow me to add one bit of positive feedback.  Today I heard Donald Trump give a speech that’s worthy of the office of President.  It was something I would have written for him.  His comments regarding his opponent were precise and accurate.  His assessment of the state of our nation was also precise and accurate.  It does give me hope that he may have decided to listen to those who know how to guide him.  I don’t for a moment think he wrote that speech.  It was far too full of facts and references to principles.  Whoever did write it is someone we all need to know.  If Trump continues to make speeches like that and deliver them as well as he did today, perhaps he can recover some of what he's lost.  It’s all about message discipline.